Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wii Bii Having Fun

Wallene received a Wii for Christmas. Although we have never been parents that jump on the latest fad or must have [I refuse to stand in line at 4 am or to reserve something just so my kids can have something] - we figured it looked pretty neat, they were in abundance this year and they are cheap [well, cheaper] than years past. So we went for it. She was really surprised because she hadn't asked for it. It was awesome when she opened it. I think she screamed almost as loud as when she opened up her new copy of "JAWS" [yes, I caved. she got the damn movie. heehee]

I have to say this game is fun! Right now we have the sports package that comes with it [bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing and golf] and we have spent every night since Christmas playing against one another. It is actually something I can participate in because I can sit down between turns and I am not actually holding a real bowling ball [which I know I couldn't do] or a real bat and have to actually run the bases during a baseball game. [Me? Run? Like that would happen.]

Does anyone have any suggestions for other games to get? I know she is going to purchase Mario Cart with her Christmas money, but I know absolutely nothing else about what would be a good game. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

My Sims Racing is what we got our 9 yr old. We had a blast yesterday. Of course they all had to point out how "old ladyish" I drove. My eye had is well shot to shit huh. Anyway, I kinda expected it to be dumb but it is a really fun game with lots of options. I love the bowling cuz like you I could never go real bowling again. We also (SM & I) got WII fit and it has so many things to do. It is helping my knee and also my stamina so.....
The word is ginvalu...oh come on that's just to easy. I haven't had a gin value since I quit drinkin'. Oh no that's a sloe gin fizz.
Have a super one.

SkippyMom said...

Thanks Linda! My kids are pooling their money to get the Wii Fit [yay!]

The kids did the word verification = it is spego, which they said are "Spanish Legos" heehee [great now you have my kids playing this game LOL!]

Anonymous said...

We got Guitar hero for Christmas, it looks fun but have not had time to try it yet...will keep you posted.