Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seems I am Not the Only One Who Loves My Car

Oscarz is quite popular out here in the sticks [sticks being said with as much love as I can muster right now].

Yeppers! On Friday of last week a homeless guy [Should that say residentially challenged? What are we calling the homeless these days?] stopped me to tell me my car was super fun and it made him smile. I agreed with him because seeing, being in and driving Oscarz makes me happy too.

Then, last weekend, while driving Squirrel over the mountain back to college [yes, it is literally OVER a mountain] we stopped for gas and the Pete the cashier offered Pooldad free gas if he would let him drive my car. He told him he would ask me.

HA! If we weren't so pressed for time I would've have let him drive Oscarz for free. As it is I will go back one day and find him to let him tool around in it too.

We do pass a Chevrolet dealership on our way home, and this car is perfect for living so far out because the gas mileage is so good, but so far I have yet to see another jalapeno green Chevrolet Spark in the tri county area. Let's just say I am pretty recognizable "in town".

It's 11:41 pm and Pooldad and Wallene should be walking in the door in about an hour. YAY!

[Told you we lived waaaaaaaaaaay out]

Have a wonderful weekend Tadpoles.  If my internet holds out I will do my best to visit y'all, otherwise we'll see ya' on the flipside!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Best Internet Reception. . .

I have had in 10 days was when I knocked my MiFi jetpack off the coffee table and it skittered under the recliner in the great room.

Alas I eventually needed a recharge so I dug it out later and y'know? It just hasn't been the same since.

I am actually considering chucking it under there again.

I wonder if I could get 3 bars if I tossed it under the futon?

Better yet - why don't I attach it to Spot's collar and then I would have truly mobile WiFi.

Hmmm. . .

In other news. . . it might actually get above freezing tonight.
Plant those tomatoes and put the flower pots back on the porch Ma', Spring may actually be here.
How special Virginia.
It IS only May after all.

Good thing it's a pretty State ::ahem::Commonwealth:: to live in, otherwise it doesn't have a whole lot going for it. Certainly not weather that follows any normal calendar.

[I could hear the global warming doomsdayers as I typed that.  "It's global warming Skippy, not you're State. Gosh, don't you know anything?" hee]

Ah well, I guess it's back to twiddling my thumbs and hoping this post shows up.

Take care Tadpoles. We'll see ya' on the flipside.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Know You Live In Central Virginia When. . .

. . .the internet sucks.

Much to tell, not enough bandwith to do it. 

So I suppose we'll see ya' on some sort of flipside or whenever we make it back to civilization.

Take care.  Belated Happy Mother's Day to y'all.
Miss you bunches.

xo Skippy