Sunday, January 31, 2010

Save Me...My Family Is Crazy

Crazy for music, I think. [Well, I have always known they were]

We are watching the Grammys. Really fun I have to say - but everytime a song or an album wins the girls and Pooldad bust out in song and dance.

Serious dance and song.

It is really fun - but tadpoles? They are scaring the dogs. And me.

And still the dancing comes the Black Eyed Peas.

Save me. I think I am too old for this. Hee.

I wish you guys were here to see this. It is hysterical.

ETA: Okay? - Andre' Bocelli singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" in Italian? Skippy is in a puddle. Prettiest thing I have heard in for so long.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will Someone Please Remind Me....

...Not to watch Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies?


Between the actual movie and the [all Hallmark, all the time] commercials I am finished. Thank goodness for the aloe vera tissues, eh?

Obviously I Am Wordy Today

And quite Pictur-y too!

Yes! We have more snow! We are at about six inches with more coming until about midnight.
It is a light fluffy snow so the van took minutes to clean off.
Pooldad went to the store shortly after this was taken.

It all looks like the last storm, doesn't it?
Well I am not going out it in so my picture taking opportunities are a bit limited.
Still, isn't it beautiful?
I wish everyone would stop trying to wish the winter away. It is still only January. It seems like Christmas ends and everyone wants Spring here.

[Pooldad just got back from the store and he DID buy me the dang aloe vera tissues. Ahhhhh]

Don't. Just Don't. And Stop Laughing at Me!

I grew up with the mentholyptus goodness that is Vick's Vapor Rub. My mother swore by this gunk and I have to admit when we had a cold nothing was better than being rubbed down on our chest with a thick layer and then putting one of Daddy's t-shirts on backwards. Afterwards we would be tucked in under our comforts in a dark room and snuggle down to sleep away our hacking cold.

It really seemed to make us feel better. So it goes to reason that I have a jar of this in our home.

This week I have had the never ending cold it seems. It never moved into my chest [much] but my head has been snarfy and my nose has been runny. Which led me to experience something I have never had before: "Tissue nose". [I just made that up, but I bet you know what I mean.] I have wiped my nose so many times with cheapy, generic tissues that my nose is now sore. Sore and red and dry and it hurts. I honestly don't know if the aloe vera tissues work to avoid this problem but I am not plunking down $3.50 for them simply to blow my nose. I am cheap and you are going to discover stupid too. You're welcome. ;)

Sitting here, feeling a wee bit sorry for myself I started to brainstorm what I could put on my nose [the outside] to make it feel better. My face cream? No. It is too perfumey and not quite right. Petroleum jelly? Hey! that might work, except we don't have any. So Squirrel pointed out that the base for Vicks IS petroleum jelly and it smells good so why didn't I give that a go?

Obviously my daughter has never put Vick's Vapor Rub on dry, cracked skin. Nor will she after witnessing Mom's upcoming little fiasco.

DO.NOT.DO.THIS. Holy Goodness!!! My skin was instantly on fire. Ow, ow, ow, ow...get it off, get it off. get it off.

Do you remember how hard this stuff is to wash off? Well, let me remind you. It is almost impossible without strong [firehose type] water pressure. Okay?

I wiped off as much as I could but my nose is still all tingly because [did I mention?] it is hard to get off.

This is your public service announcement for today - not that you all needed it because I am sure I am the only one in the pond that didn't know not to do this, aren't I?

Aren't I?

I know I am. Now stop laughing at me. It isn't funny. Well, okay it is. Kind of. Ouch.

PS I am still going to post about the snow. It is so pretty and we have a lot of it! YAY!

I Love My Menu

Homemade mushroom pizza. Oh so good. Individual sized.
I am going to post about the snow, but I must say. I love my new menu.

No more dreaded "What's for dinner". No questions about what to put on the grocery list. It is so nice. The one thing I find is I keep remembering more dinners I forgot to put on the menus so we have even more exciting stuff to eat - also, I have found a lot of good ideas and recipes while reading blogs.
Another huge bonus is there is absolutely no desire to skip the whole dinner process and order out, which is something we had a high tendency to do. Yum Yucky wrote about something we did all the time - you have a bunch of groceries in the house, but you still order out! Yep, that was us.
I know it sounds completely anal retentive to have a whole year's worth of menus, but honestly? It seems to be working for us. I did have to tweak it a bit because somethings made awesome leftovers [um, beans? pork bbq? yeah, those!] and I know that we now have a trip out of town in March - things like that - but all the menus are in PDF form and I can change with a click.
It has only been a week - but my pantry is getting stocked by sales for future meals and I see the one trip a week for fresh vegs and fruits to supplement.
The past 9 days have looked like this:
Thu: Ghoulash
Fri: Crockpot pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and corn on the cob
Sat: Leftovers
Sun: Tuna Casserole
Mon: Crockpot Beans and cornbread
Tue: Leftovers with rice and cornbread
Wed: Spaghetti, garlic bread and cucumber salad
Thu: Baked chicken, brown rice and green beans
Fri: Salmon Cakes, mac & cheese and peas
Sat: Homemade, individual pizzas [make your own] Movie night
I tried to make Friday or Saturday nights something similar to what we would otherwise order out. I have the homemade pizzas, deli subs [think Subway], Chinese, Big Macs etc.
Our menus/dinners may not be for everyone but they sure do work for us. Besides I had a fun time doing this.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dude...It is 26 Degrees F with a 7 Degree Windchill

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap [shoot the ball already] tap tap tap tap
tap tap tap tap tap tap tap [shoot it!] tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

ETA: No these are not my kids. And this kid doesn't move around the court or play. He simply stands stationary and bounces the ball for hours. Hours. Even on frigid days. I don't mind so much when the weather is decent - I know I moved in behind a school playground. I get that. But in this weather? GO HOME. NOW.

ETA2: And no he isn't ADD, ADHD or Austistic. Nor is he lonely. It is just no one is silly enough to come out to play with him on a day like today.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Her First!!!

The Squirrel received her first College acceptance letter today!!

WOOHOO! It is an in state school with the program she wants, an intership [for 4 years] in science she has applied for and a awesome band she is auditioning for in a month.

Whippy Dippy Do! This is so exciting!

The Boy Is Back in Town

Look who showed up on my doorstep today!
YAY! Pooldad is home.
He stayed up to 4:30 am playing music trivia at the hotel bar last night so he is suffering just a bit this afternoon. Heehee. Nothing like getting out of the house for a few days and hanging with coworkers to remember what your 20's were like, eh?

I will be lucky to keep the old man up through dinner. No worries tho' - I am just glad he is back. Safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Is Coming For Dinner For a Week!

Egads! The pot o' beans I made yesterday? The really simple, thank you Cuisinart, crockpot full of yummy beans?

Yeilded 27 cups of cooked bean goodnesss. Yikes! We are a family of 4 now. Um....bean overload?

I have never made anything like this before - I have made bean soup and split pea - but never beans. I have been having a hankering for a big pot o' beans after reading several blogs where they were making them and I was intrigued. I gathered hints from each of the blogs and threw together what I thought would taste good.

And oh yeah, they are gooood. But there are a lot leftover. Especially since Pooldad is on a business trip.

I am going to freeze a lot of this in tupperware [is that possible? can you freeze cooked beans?] and I will make this again - but I am having a whole bunch of guests over the next time I do.


Presoak 1 bag of navy beans and 1 bag of kidney beans [it is what I had, but you can use whatever you want I am sure] Drain after soaking.
Place beans in crockpot with 1 diced onion, 4 stalks of diced celery, 2 large carrots diced, 1 can of diced tomato and a ham hock or ham bone.
**I tweaked the recipe because I thought I had too many carrots and diced tomatoes are easier in the winter - but you can dice your own [2 cups]
Cover with water to one inch over.
Place on low and cook 10 hours.
Remove cover and taste for any additional spice you might want to put in - I used chili powder and diced garlic - salt isn't necessary and my ham hock was peppered so I didn't add any of that either
Also remove the ham hock/bone and remove the meat; chop it and place back in the beans, stirring in your spices and the meat.
Cook one additional hour.
Enjoy with cornbread.
Some people even put cheese and sour cream on top - but this doesn't really taste like chili as you really only get a hint of the chili powder.

**There is no picture because Pooldad has my camera with him Atlantic City. I will try to get one tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

And Where Have You Been All My Life?

Skippy has a new toy. Actually I received it a few months ago but today was the first time I used it.

A Cuisinart Food Processor and oh, tadpoles this is one sweet appliance.

I have beans and cornbread on the menu tonight and since all of my little choppers are either out of town or at school I was facing some pretty serious vegetable dicing to do. No worries. I like to stand and chop, chop, chop - I find it relaxing. But today? Not so much.

And then I spied it, sitting on the counter.

A quick perusal of the owners manual and within 5 minutes I had finely sliced a whole onion, a bunch of celery, 4 carrots and diced a couple of tomatoes. Awesome! Dumped all of that in with the presoaked beans [kidney & navy], a ham hock, some spices, water and viola!

Crockpot beans. With yummy, buttery cornbread. Nothing like it on a rainy Monday.

Additional bonus to this appliance is that the three pieces come apart easily and pop right into the dishwasher. WOOT! My kind of clean up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girlie? You Seriously Need to Work on Your Analogies....

I love when the kidlets rub my back. I can guilt them into it in a minute [I am a good Mommy that way] and lately I have been getting a lot of backrubs.

Mmmm. Backrubs.

Today the Squirrel needed to go change so she could go to the store with Pooldad, but she was rubbing my back and I didn't want her to go. So I pulled out THE LINE.

She attempted to leave and I responded with:

THE LINE: "You don't love me."
Squirrel: "Yes I do."
Skippy: "No, if you loved me you would stay and rub my back."
Squirrel: "Mom I love you like...uh, like...CHEESE LIKES TO MOLD."


Whatthehell does that mean? We laughed our behinds off.

Da' Face

I really should call it "Da' Head" - Scooby's head is huge! Check out his gorgeous amber eyes. I love that about Chessies.
I love this picture of Scooby. This was taken while I was on bedrest and although he isn't technically allowed in our bed...well Mama made an exception because he was missing me during the day. What you can't see from this picture is that the bed holds Scooby, Mama, Pooldad, Wallene and Spot [plus my little table with laptop]. It was cozy!
This is a typical evening at our home. The doggies seem to think that the loveseat is their [$600] dogbed and don't really care to share. So if one of the kids decides to sit/lay down the dogs will begrudgingly give an inch or two to allow the kids on the edge of the couch. Nice, huh?
I really adored that loveseat. It was the very first official piece of grown up furniture I ever bought. In fact my whole decorating scheme ended up based on it. But now? It is one big, slobbery, stained dog bed.
But who am I kidding? They love it and that is good enough for me.
Although I think I may have to learn upholstery. They have classes for that right?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh It Makes Sense. Now.

I finally made it downstairs, out of bed and I am all happy to be in the middle of the chaos that is our home. Love it!

Now the middle floor is a bit cooler then the upstairs [bedrooms] because, as we all know, heat rises. I was suitably prepared for my foray into the middle regions [Don't kid yourselves Tadpoles I won't go into the basement until May. THAT is cold.]

I was all gussied up in my long johns [check] sleep pants [check] leg warmers [hush up, but check] slippers and a bathrobe [matching! check & check] I was styling, let me just say.


I wasn't staying warm. I checked the heat. 68 degrees - and it is working, so.....why was I so cold?

I was becoming colder as the minutes ticked by. I told Pooldad that I thought my fever had come back [chills] and I snapped "Oh great I am going to end up back in bed and I don't want to because I have things to do and I like my printer and real cable TV and the proximity to food and :: sniff, sniff :: don't make me go back...because noooooooo....I won't"

Two weeks of bedrest can do that to a woman.

It wasn't until Pooldad decided to visit our lovely little bathroom [located in our foyer] that he noticed that Wallene had arrived home from school and .....LEFT THE FRONT DOOR OPEN.

In January. In 30 degree weather. For over 45 minutes.

Yep. It's official. We live in a barn.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Number One Question Not to Ask In Our House

click if you want a bigger view
What's for Dinner?
We hate this question. We all love to cook, will all happily clean up but ask us to pick what is for dinner? Just don't. The only time this is a welcome question is when we have leftovers. Which is not often.
Today I was watching GMA and I saw a woman who planned a YEAR'S worth of meals for her family. Her method was simple - She went to the family and had them write down their favorite meals. She then planned 12 months worth of meals based on what they liked to eat. Instead of shopping every week based on sales she stocks up when the basics come on sale [stocking her pantry and freezer] and then cooks based on her menu.
We eat pretty healthy and have several favorite meals with common ingredients and I thought I could do this.
So I did.
Hey, get me off bedrest and stick me close to my printer and I am good to go! [I think the taxes inspired me. :)] I really missed the heck out of my printer when I was upstairs. The kids kept trying to bring it to me but I really had nowhere to put it.
Thus far I am through April without a repeat meal. I realized that we really do cook a lot of different stuff, don't we? But, admittedly, we are going to have to start repeating. With no worries...because not having Ghoulash for 3 months? It is a good thing.
Pooldad went shopping yesterday as we have an ice storm coming in so we are good to go until he returns from his Pool Symposium in Atlantic City on Wednesday and then we will start stocking up next week for the month ahead.
I don't know if anyone wants to try this - but I have to tell you - everyone is so thrilled that there are no decisions to be made in the future about "What's for dinner?" YAY!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! [Limping slightly]

YAY! Our taxes our done. YAY! And we get a refund! YAY! Weird this year tho' because we didn't get to claim the Squirrel for the Child Tax Credit because she is [gasp!] 17.

I thought 18 was the age that they were denied that? Cost us a $1,000.00 but I don't care we are still getting a nice refund. I'll take what I can get.

I totally cannot believe I have our taxes done in January. Scary! [Truth be told I am usually an April 15th, at midnight kind of gal!]

Go me! WOOT!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Bit Too Much

Maybe I am old. Or perhaps I am a bit squeamish, but honestly? What passes for acceptable on regular TV these days [NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX] is starting to make me wonder if I should even allow my kids to watch anything.

The Squirrel is a huge fan of the show "Law and Order SVU". She has a cute lil' crush on the Elliot character. I have always been fine with her watching it - most times we even watch it together. Tonight was an exception because she has so much Calculus homework.

Thank goodness. [Not that she had a lot of homework, but that she missed this episode.]

The final scene showed the errant father being allowed out of handcuffs to hug his daughter, who was now charged with the murder of said father's girlfriend, and as he embraces her she reaches behind herself, grabs a pair of scissors and STABS HIM right in the neck. [Guess she was a little miffed Daddy couldn't keep her out of jail? Hmm?]

Now - there are several ways they could've filmed this scene - I am sure the audience could've figured it out if they had simply alluded to it and then shown the father on the floor bleeding to death. But NO - This was a full on, watch the scissors fly, slam right into his neck and the gratuitous long shot of the father, stunned, for a good five, six seconds until he falls to the floor, scissors protruding, with the daughter screaming "You won't disappoint me again."


Final shot is of the father on the floor - absolutely covered in blood, dead. She obviously hit the jugular tadpoles.

I call foul. Really. This is prime time television and it really was an unnecessary scene - although I will admit it made for an interesting ending! - I just really didn't need to see THAT.

And I am really glad the Squirrel didn't.

Spoot the Doot

Nicknames abound at Chez' Skippy and Spot, our double dapple piebald dachshund, is no exception. We call her Spoot the Doot, Creepy Eye [check out her left eye - it IS creepy], Eva Braun, Clueless [personal fav']. You get the idea. I always find it fascinating that you can call a dog anything besides their given name [including but not limited to names containing vulgarities - I mean, not like WE would do anything like that ] and as long as you say it sweetly they will come running to you. Why bother to even name them?

She is a good puppy. We have had her for 4 years and she is 4 years old. We got her as a puppy and although we have had dachshunds before we had never encountered this particular "mix" [piebald and dapple] - Turns out she is a weeeeee bit overbred? inbred? As such she has a few health problems that may cause her problems in the future. We had only had her one day when I noticed her back legs were weak. The Vet confirmed she was a bone deformity in each leg and although her legs would strengthen in time her back would always have a funny curve and we would have to watch out for her. No problem. When I called the gentleman I received her from I told him the Vet's concerns and he said "No problem. Bring her on back then." When I asked what he would do he replied "Aw hell, I'll just put her down. She ain't worth nothing now." Um. NO.

She is truly the last dog I will ever buy from a breeder. Pooldad and I have rescued a lot of dogs in our life together, but we lost our beloved dachshund Boomer and wanted another dachshund. We went the Dachshund rescue route - but the Rescue in our area is, well...not quite as honest as we needed them to be regarding the condition of the dogs. For example - one we adopted was a biter but they neglected to tell us when we had small children [Thanks! VADR!] so after three trials we just gave up.

Spot is a real sweetie, but as her breed is wont to do - she is a barker. She thinks she is going to protect us all from intruders. Bark!bark!bark!bark! I eat you! Bark! Most of the time it is endearing, but it sure does scare the crap out delivery people. :) We always pen her up when we are expecting something but it doesn't assuage their fear. Then when we open the door they hear the frantic barking [from Spot] and see the gentle giant [Scooby - who just wants to love them] and they freak out.

The funniest part about having these two is that Spot is definitely the alpha doggie. Poor Scooby. He just takes it [like when she decides to chew on him] and looks at me forlornly as if to say "Really Mamas? I has to puts up wit' dis?" But they are great pals and spend a lot time sleeping together.

If you can't tell - hasn't been a whole lot going on here in Skippyland - but since I found that cute pic' of Spot on my camera I thought a post would be fun.

Thanks again for all your kind wishes - I am finally off bedrest [YAY] but seems I picked up the flu in my travels [not bad, just bleech kind of flu] so I have been lazing around even more waiting for my throat to feel better. :)

Also thanks for the explanations about Comment Moderation. I now understand why and really appreciate it - I just wondered why I never got spammed, y'know? But I did take the post down because I didn't want a spammer to find it. But really thanks so much!

Have a great Wednesday! Hugs.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes

Lemon pepper salmon, green beans and baked potato with sour cream and butter pats

  • YES! - Above is my dinner from Friday evening. I admit it is not the best pic', but please cut me some slack. I received a mild complaint from a tadpole that I wasn't posting food pictures of all the goodies the family makes for me but it just seemed so silly to take pictures of food while IN BED. I mean - look at that pic' - those are my feet [under the quilt] whatev'. Then again? I know y'all are geeking on my snowmen salt & pepper shakers, aren't you? $1 - brand new - at the Goodwill store.
  • YES! - I have been craving a poppy seed bagel with salmon spread, onion and lettuce from the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery. It is what I always ordered growing up [ah, childhood memories] and although it is a local chain it isn't quite local enough for us to visit and pick up a quick nosh. And did you know that not one of our grocery stores sells the salmon spread? I was a bit crestfallen. I really want one of those bagels tadpoles. Guess what? WALLENE to the rescue! While I was napping yesterday she looked up a recipe for it online and used our leftover salmon from Friday night and whipped me up a fresh batch of salmon spread. Addictive? Much? Tastes even better then CBB's version. I am not kidding.
  • NO! - Look, I am sorry the Dallas Cowboys lost and are now out of the playoffs, but I am seriously getting tired of your little tantrums when your beloved team loses. It is getting old and I have been dreading Sundays this entire season. You are 99.9% of the time pretty mild and easy going, but heaven forbid they don't make it to the Super Bowl! We are tired of you yelling at us on Sunday nights when their record goes negative. Give this much attention and concern to the IRS and we can talk.
  • NO! - Son I am sorry you chose to quit your job but unfortunately I am not giving you the money that was saved for college to pay your bills. You just quit it yesterday and your February rent is paid, but in light of some of the fines/etc. you have incurred that Dad and I have had to give you money for we won't be dipping into the fund. No, you don't need a $7,000.00 used Lincoln Continental. Try a $3,000.00 used Honda [which will last longer] instead - You know - like we did when we were 19.
  • YES! - Pooldad was on call for the past two weekends. He wears his work cellphone for 16 hours a weekend and he is paid the handsome sum of $100 [sweet!] extra in his paycheck. [Double sweet - no one ever calls :)] The only problem is the bosses usually forget to pay him [small no!] - And yes they did forget on this paycheck. Again. But! They gave Pooldad a $100 giftcard to our local grocery store and I can use this to buy dinner for the next two weeks! Woohoo! [This is a definite yes because once the $100 goes on his paycheck they have to take out taxes and it works out to about $65 total.] So it is a true $100 I would've spent anyway. YAY!

And how was your week?

Oh, and do you think I have become food obsessed since I have been on bedrest? Hmmmm?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Baby, Please Don't Go....

There is actually a lot a Momma can get done with the internet while in bed for two weeks [with no end in sight, tyvm. shit] The biggest thing I have been doing is organizing and following up on are the Squirrel's college applications and financial forms. Seems everyone has a different deadline, a different piece of paper they require or they must have a sample of her DNA. It is ridiculous. I can't tell you. I have numbers coming out of my ears at this point - SAT, ACT, SSN, Height, Weight, number of fingers, toes, brothers, sisters - you get the idea.

There is a downfall to this busy-work tho'. It makes me realize that in less than 9 months my beauty is leaving. Me. Daddy. Wallene. And it makes me so sad. I am excited for her. I want her to succeed and fulfill her lifetime dreams, but...well, I want her to stay. With me.

I don't want to miss coffee with her every morning. I want to see her fly in the door every afternoon with, yet another, geeky school story. I want to be there when she forgets, again, that a paper has to be signed and turned in [OMG] right then. I want to continue to live in "Squirrelland" - which is pretty much her land of the clueless, with a heart of gold.

I have sat [laid? lain?] here for the last few days in tears, thinking about the emptiness coming. I KNOW it is months away and YES, I KNOW to make the most of the remaining months. I don't need the obvious pointed out to me [thank you MOM]. I guess this is a stupid thing to complain whine about, but it's my life and my blog. And I am out of paperwork. Work with me here tadpoles.

I know what it is to be without our kids. Natalie is no longer with us. We lost Dee and Tee to their tyranical mother and JR was allowed to move because he wanted to - these were all devastating losses at the time and took me many days, weeks, months [years?] to recover from. In the case of Dee, Tee and JR that was out of our control and we had to deal, but at least we had them for some time. And I guess that is why Squirrel leaving is hitting me so hard. I know where the others are - and they are thriving, as I will know where Squirrel will be, but it is not the same as having them home. To love, cherish, spoil, and laugh with.

I wish everyone understood. I have nice kids. Really nice kids. Kids I want to be around and want to be around their Dad and me. They're fun. They don't give us trouble. They are hard workers - I don't know how else to explain. When I see others having such problems with their kids I never wonder why or think they should be doing something different - I just figure everyone is different and things will work out. It just isn't that way in our home.

Is it because I have been a Stay at Home Mom for practically their whole lives? Do I feel like I am being "aged" out of my position? Not forgetting Wallene, of course, still have a few years on her. But, I really don't think that is it.

[Funny sidenote: Wallene was the BIGGEST surprise of our lives when I found out I was pregnant with her. We were already raising 4 kids - it was before their mother moved to NC with Dee/Tee and years before JR moved. And we were shocked that all of a sudden with the 5,6,7 and 8 year olds we were going to have an infant. Wow. I honestly thank God for her everyday, but when ever she screws up [Running into a wall? Anyone?] I get to look at Pooldad and say "You had to have her." Hee. I take the good and he pays the emergency room bills. giggle]

Anyway - perhaps it is because I LIKE my life. I LIKE the routine - and I can't imagine what it is going to be like come August. Maybe it is because I am scared to let her go because I don't think she can handle it without Mom and Dad? I don't want to hold her hand [really, I don't], but when I send her to her room to put on her shoes because she is in danger of missing the bus and I find her 5 minutes later trying on belts - well, there is a certain amount of parenting that is required to get her going, y'know?

[How rambly can I get? Take bets.]

I know the school work part of her college education is going to go well. It is the rest of it that scares the beehoohoo out of me. I am afraid she is going to be lonely. That no one is going to help her. She will be left out. That she is going to lose her keys and get locked out of her dorm and the fees are going to bankrupt Pooldad and me. [This is a great possiblity, trust me] With the exception of one school [Stanford] she will be within 3.5 hours from us wherever she is accepted. A quick cartrip and that calms me - a bit.

But really? Can't I homeschool her for College? I am up for it. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Step Away From the Butter And No One Gets Hurt

Seriously Tadpoles.
This has to stop.
Bedrest is one thing, but if my kids don't stop baking "THE LOVE" as I call it, I am going to get fat.
Today's treat? Maple pecan scones courtesty of Wallene.
Commence the drooling and the jealousy now.
You're Welcome.
Now, admittedly I am not the most active person due to the Lupus but being a slug in bed for the last week has me at the mercy of what my family will bring me to eat. They always bring what I ask [Salmon? Chicken and Dumplings? Homemade Big Macs? Ham and Bean Soup? All made for our culinary pleasure and consumed in the bedroom at my bequest] BUT they seem to have a problem with the little add ons.
In that - they keep adding on. Some examples:
Yes, thank you, a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of juice is wonderful for breakfast - um, but a homemade muffin and bacon? How sweet Squirrel - thank you. [Then she sits and watches me eat it. So there is no chance to pawn it off on the dogs - that is A LOT of breakfast for me.]
For lunch may you please make me a bologna sandwich with an orange? Oh, you added cookies, chips with dip AND brownie bites? Thank you darling Wallene - but, uh....oh heck I am bored. Thanks, I'll eat it. [Then she checks to make sure I ate it all - with the dogs, once again, standing forlorn. No chips for YOU!]
And then Pooldad shows up with dinner. For a Marine. Very nice honey but 32 oz. of Chicken and dumplings in a SOUP TUREEN is a bit much. I have to say. Oh, yes, yes...I love it, but did you forget who you are married to? [Funnily enough I actually fell asleep attempting to eat all of it.] And my lovely husband added in ice cream for dessert. With homemade chocolate cookies.
It makes me tired thinking of it. Actually it makes me feel fat. Or fatter. Glutonous? I don't know what the word is, but I don't eat like this normally and is where I need to be careful. I can see that I am exacerbating this problem.
To wit:
I made the mistake of telling the kids that I love cranberry walnut muffins - I do. My sister used to make them for me as a treat and I haven't had them homemade in years. You don't suppose those puppies showed up in my bedroom a few hours later now, do you? HA. [Those are some good muffins, let me just say.] So yeah, I should probably keep my mouth shut. But? YOU don't have muffins or scones do you? Uh huh. Thought so. :)
I will add if you are still jonesing for more holiday type baked goods or a delicious hot meal [served in a really BIG bowl] most of you know where to find me. You are welcome to join me.
Just be warned - it will be more than you ask for and you have to eat it propped in bed on pillows. Bring your pajamas. And an appetite.
Yeah. I know. It just doesn't suck to be me. ;) heehee

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Night was ALLLLLLLright!

This was our Saturday night.
It was pretty awesome.
[click the pic' to read the captions]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's Hear it For the Right to Bear Arms

Again...and again...and again....but please let's all abuse the Second Admendment so Americans can have the Right to Bear Arms so anyone in America can SHOOT CO WORKERS.

Seems someone else has decided an automatic weapon was a good choice, along with a shotgun and two handguns to kill three of his coworkers and wound five.

I am weary that this keeps happening. Stupid NRA. Happy? How many more deaths will it take?

I Am Probably The Only Person....

...who could break a nail while on bed rest. [yes, I am bored. deal.]

Seriously though - I am on bed rest. I do nothing but lie here, watch TV, peruse the internet and eat [more on that in a second] - and I broke a nail. Not on the computer or changing the channel - I just clipped it on a blanket. I have some pretty strong nails. I am still trying to figure it out.

As to the food? You WANT to be me. You do. I have consumed, in no particular order, the following:

  • Homemade banana nut muffins, brownie bites and chocolate peanut butter & white chip cookies, maple pecan scones and corn muffins
  • Yummy bologna and PB&J sandwiches on wheat bread with clementines for lunch
  • Baked salmon, sauteed zucchini & squash with brown rice
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Senate bean soup

The last three meals put me in a coma I was so full. Something about eating in bed that just makes me eat more [boredom?] and then all of a sudden I am asleep. I actually fell asleep last night half way through Chicken & Dumplings. When I woke up I was sad it was gone [I have elves that clean up after me too!]. But the lemon sorbet was a nice palate cleanser at 11:30 pm.

I have to say bedrest does suck - and I am really tired of being in pain [True story: I have a converstation with myself everytime I get up to go to the potty - "Do you REALLY have to pee Skippy, because you know this is going to hurt walking, right?" It is amazing how often I don't get up. If that is TMI I apologize but I really don't want to stand up, hee...but it is only a couple of steps, so okay. I just can't wait to get back to bed and lie flat]

I don't want sympathy, honestly - life happens and we deal, right? And I have to admit I have it pretty damn good - the room service is amazing - I name it and it magically appears - I have all the company and entertainment I need. In fact I wish the dogs didn't want to keep me company so much - Spot has to touch me at all times [which annoys me and it hurts] and there is nothing conducive to a 110 lb Chessie wanting to snuggle, which he does, in my bed - my poor pups - they miss their Mommy. "Where'd da Momma go and why'd she in da' bed witout us?" This is the conversation I know is going on outside my door between those two.

Did I mention how bored I am?

There ya' go Tadpoles - my tales of bed rest. Monday can't come soon enough.

Oh, and Amy? We [yeah, we! HA! right...I mean they] are making Sarah's favorite dish tomorrow - the Pasta Fagiole - click the link for Amy's cute pics and an AWESOME recipe - mmmmmmmm.

PS: Thanks for the comments on the last post - I knew I wasn't the only one who is just fed up with her and the whole circus surrounding them. When is TLC/People magazine going to get a clue?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is Kate Gosselin's Hair Really News?

Here I am. Trapped in bed, watching the 11 o'clock news and at 11:16 pm my local news team saw fit to report on the story that Kate Gosselin [previously of the dead possum haircut] has spent 20 hours of her precious life adding extentions to her hair [and $1,000s of her kids' money] so she can have a whole new look for the new year.

THIS is news? Really?

I didn't post pics because everyone is going to have this narcissitic shrew shoved down their throats in the morning - it will be all over the news and internet.

Just consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On Bed Rest....

...and being cranky.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Light The Candles Folks!

Brrrrrrrr! It is cold here. Now, I am not going to wax poetic about how cold it is except to say it has been in the teens all day with a negative windchill [Hello Mr. -1 F, please go back to Alaska].

This kind of cold isn't a problem, really, because we are inside - wearing our layers, with heat and yummy soup to eat. There are no complaints until.....

The power decides to go out. This is not a good thing as our heater, stove and fireplace [which we don't use] all are electric or have electric starters. Not good.

It has popped off twice so far and we have lit our candles in anticipation of it going out again. Very romantic I must say [and thank goodness for the gazillion Christmas candles I haven't put away yet. I am still holding on Tadpoles. Tight. :)] But it is going to be one cold ass night if we lose power again.

Time to go on a blanket raid in the armoire I think.

PS - It might so snow tomorrow - how awesome would that be? WishWishWish!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifted With A Cookbook And Watch What Happens

My lovely husband Pooldad gave me Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks for Christmas. He knows I love to read cookbooks like novels and I collect them. Plus, Pioneer Woman is pretty neat.

I enjoy her cookbook more for the writing and the pictures then the actual recipes - but oh my goodness the food looks delicious.

Seems the kidlets agree and have absconded with my copy. And Pooldad and me? We are reaping the rewards. Heehee

Two recipes we have had so far are the cinnamon rolls and the french breakfast puffs. Mmmmm.....too good. Plus the Squirrel has gifted a few of our friends with the decandent puffs for the New Year.

The best part? The have decided to name the days of the week in regard to breakfast. They know that they are not leaving our home without a good breakfast everyday - no excuses. I am a staunch advocate of a healthy breakfast when school is in session - I truly believe they need the nutrition breakfast provides and makes for a better balanced diet which, in turn, keeps weight gain at bay and their energy up until lunch - which in some instances isn't until 1:30 pm.

They have named the days of the week as follows:
  • Muffin Monday
  • [Mom] Toast Tuesdays [no, I will never escape this. hee]
  • Waffle Wednesday [best, free appliance we ever owned]
  • Tip it [the Box] Thursdays [cereals and oatmeal]
  • Flippin' Fridays [over easy eggs, bacon - y'know - stuff that has to be flipped] or Fruity Friday [fruit, yogurt, smoothies]

All inspired by a muffin recipe from the cookbook. Although I never set a schedule like this I think it will be nice to know "what's next" in the scheme of things.

Squirrel is already helping out by stocking the freezer with premade muffins, waffles, bacon that can be reheated easily during the week.

I am as excited as they are. I love this idea. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Funny Things Happened Today

Today we made [yet again] turkey and all the fixins'. Bored yet? The difference is the eldest asked to roast the turkey. The video is what transpired while she was rinsing it off. [And Linda? THAT is the love seat in my kitchen. Hush up.]

ETA: Pooldad just reminded me - when he told the Squirrel that the turkey needed to be patted dry - before he could get to the word "dry" she started to, I swear, pat the turkey with her bare hands. What, for therapy? Was she burping it. Never a dull moment.

Also today we were wrapping presents for all our friends and family that have birthdays in January that need to be mailed tomorrow and while helping Wallene had this [brilliant?] observation:

Wallene: "Mom wouldn't it be awful if the person who invented wrapping paper didn't know how to wrap a present?"

Yeah, I had no words either.

My kids.

Happy New Year Tadpoles!

All the best wishes from the Skippy family to you and yours.
Thank you for everything this year!
We appreciate all the support and love.
We adore you all!
2010 is going to ROCK - We just know it! :)