Friday, July 31, 2009

Nope, Doesn't Suck!

Happy to be on vacation! We are at the lighthouse [see it in the background?]
A very poor attempt at taking a pic of the sunset from over my laptop at 5:35 am

Our campsite - loving that screened in porch!

Wallene makes a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs. The girl can rock some scrambled eggs y'all.

The tourist shot of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Yep! I have to say being on vacation at the beach is highly underrated. It just can't be beat. We are having such a good time we are staying an extra day. Heck, we would stay an extra week if Pooldad was Bee, ahem...I mean if Pooldad could take his other week of vacation now. :)
We have the nicest site neighbors [on both sides]. One family comes from Canada every year and stays 6 weeks. We have already booked to be next to them for two weeks next year - YAY! The girls and I will stay the extra week if Pooldad has to go back to work [which is a year away - so no worries now, right?]
The only bad thing about this vacation is we are sorely missing our pups. It is doggie wonderland down here and it stinks that we couldn't bring them since we are in tents [too hot]. We will rectify this by next year - I have promised the kids that we will have [at least] a pop up trailer so we can bring the dogs. It isn't really a family vacation without them, y'know?
Onto other stuff -....let's see....oh! They make the best unsweet iced tea here in Hatteras. I don't know if it is the water or what, but I found a source that opens at 7 am and sells a 72 oz cup for $2.00. It's my version of coffee I guess. So good.
We went to Uncle Pauly's restaurant for dinner the other night and had Rodanthe Spicy Tomato Crab Soup. I could mainline this stuff and not get enough ;) Dang - it is so good. We are going back for more tonight. [The portions are huge and all the food was delicious!]
Yesterday was "Pirate Day" - we walked around dressed as pirates all day and said "Argh" and "Matey" a lot. Did some piratey things - too fun.
Today we are going to the pier to fish - this is Wallene's pick of the week. Tomorrow the girls are going horseback riding on the beach - well, simply too much to tell/write about right now.
I have to go and get dressed - it is almost time to go and get my 3/4 gallon of ice tea.
Have a great day. We wish y'all were here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Quick ~ Wish You Were Here

ooooh! I have so much to tell and it is only Monday! :)
  • Beer bottle bag windchime [not ours, but pretty cool]
  • Minivan Nascar Race
  • Stalker [this is toooo good, can't wait to explain]
  • Beautiful weather, sleeping is divine
  • Miss Lizzie ROCKS!
  • So does the cute little thrift Store Lady - who wasn't at the thrift store
  • Nicest site neighbors - but a lot of them left this morning :(
  • It is absolute Pug-a-Palooza down here...I have never seen so many, so cute
  • We forgot towels. Who does that? lol [Pooldad owns this, he admits]
  • The produce is sublime - mmmmmmmmmm

Okay' I am going back to my beer. Hope everyone is having a great week. Talk to you in a few.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho...A Camping We Will Go!

...and we are outta' here! We are leaving at around 4 in the morning and today is checklists and packing the car. Might be checking in, might not...have to see what the week holds. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week - see ya' later.

[I have disabled comments while I am gone. :) ]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Two Women Shape Your World Part I

This is a letter from my Ma.
When I was growing up in a nice subdivision kind of life, with a pool and a good school I had a lot of friends. My very, very best friend was a boy named Paul. He didn't live in our little enclave, but on a farm on the outskirts of it. He had 5 brothers and a sister. Growing up through elementary school and junior high school he had a Mom and Dad.
By High School his Dad had ditched the family and left Ma to raise the youngest 4 boys. Paul was 3 rd in line. We were still best friends. And I adored his family, but especially his mother. My Ma.
She was the hardest working woman I ever met. She was [at most] 4'11 and the most amazing person. She raised those boys on a salary as a clerk at 7-11. At one point the ex Dad refused to pay the taxes on the land they lived on and Mary lost the house, the boys' home and they had to move. Mary simply smiled and made the move.
I am getting ahead of myself.
The thing about Mary was she was [is] everyone's Mom. If you needed a sleepover - her home. A place to stay for a few months - her couch. You needed help getting back on your feet - go to Mary. I can't explain it. She didn't condone bad behavior or whatnot, she saw the good in her childrens' friends and welcomed them when their parents were abusive or hurtful or neglectful. She never stepped in when she wasn't needed. She could see right through you if you were lying because you wanted to just hang out - she would corral one of the boys and you had a quick ride home. But she knew if you needed to step out of what was going home when it wasn't right. She always made sure your parents knew where you were, so they wouldn't worry, but she had a knack for making sure that your parents didn't come get you. They let you stay with Mary, no questions.
As I said her 3rd son, Paul, was my very best friend. He always was. Our typical Friday night was to watch Dallas with Mary and then go out to pizza and a movie. Our last "date" we went to see "White Nights" and I told Paul that I loved him. He asked me why I was always saying that to him and I replied that I was afraid that something would happen to me and if it did I didn't want to be gone and he didn't know that I did truly love him. It makes me smile to write that because next to Pooldad I don't think I have ever loved anyone like I loved Pauly. But, for reasons or details I won't go into now - he died six days later.
He was my one, great true friend. As inconsolable as I was Mary stayed fast through her grief and held us all together. I have no idea how she did it. My parents refused me anytime to grieve Paul and I was to get back to GU and no matter what...graduate. I was so physically ill that I stopped eating. At 5'8 I went from 130 lbs to 95 lbs. I was a size 10 previously and when I started school that year all my clothes were a zero. My parents didn't care - I would eat eventually they said. The doctor told them I wouldn't. Arguments ensued. Mary stepped in, subtley...she assigned her eldest son, Andrew, to make sure I was okay - to follow me - to feed me. Andrew was just as tore up as the rest of us, but he agreed.
I remember the first meal I ate in the 3 weeks since Paul's death. I will take no argument on whether I ate in 3 weeks. I didn't. Anyway, Andrew was going somewhere and I wanted to go. He swore he would not take me unless I ate 3 bites of a simple salad he had prepared. I can still picture that salad on my lap, on a little tray, with french dressing. I remember him counting. It was so hard. My body didn't want food anymore. I chewed that salad because I wanted to go with Andrew. So desperately. Andrew was my link to Paul. If my best friend wasn't going to be around then his brother was going to be the next best thing. In hindsight I was the closest link, next to the family, that Andrew had to Paul, so we suited eachothers' needs well.
At the beginning of my junior year my parents decided I wasn't going to live on campus [read: They didn't want to pay for it] so I was to live with them. I refused. I got a job and moved in with Mary and the boys. I was all the way out in the suburbs, but I had Metro and I didn't care. I wasn't living with my parents. Mary agreed because she knew my parents and knew it was going to be unteneable for me if I stayed with them. Besides I was 20 years old and my parents weren't paying for my college education - just the room/board if they chose to, which they didn't.
I was on my own. My best friend may be gone but I had [have] a family that loved and cared for me while I continued my education.
Mary is now in her late 80's and I call her often, but especially every Mother's Day. She wasn't home this past Mother's Day and instead sent the note you see above.
I haven't done justice to our story or to Mary herself, but this simple notecard is worth more than a winning lottery ticket. You will realize that if you read the bottom left hand corner:
"I always thought how lucky I would be if you were my daughter"
I know exactly how you feel Ma. I wish you would've been my Mom.
Then again. I know you truly are.
Next Part II

Winging It, Bringing It and Oh, Just Bite My Behind

Yeah. That.

Who knew vacation could be this stressful. Add in Lupus and Oh Joy. Jeesh.

I have to make lists. Lots o' lists. Lists I am usually good at, but don't want to bother with now and oh, hell. What to do? Am I going to remember the cutting board? Better yet - bug spray? Shampoo? Tent stakes? Is my tent going to blow away? Chairs? Do we have 4? Where the heck is the tablecloth? Do we need the tablecloth? Oh yeah...seagull poop...needed. many pots? Where is the metal filter for the coffee pot? What meals are we eating at the campground and eating out? Where DO we eat out? Does lunch meat keep in a watery cooler?

Questions, questions, questions and lists, lists, lists.

I have a confession. You have to understand that since my diagnosis in January 2008 I have pretty much imprisoned myself in our home. I can count on two hands how many times I have been out of the house in 20 months. If you read through my archives you will seems more than it is but it really isn't much. I have developed an irrational fear of my disease and the public and now it is manifesting itself in my inability to plan, work, do ANYTHING for this vacation. Well, except order really cool stuff online for it!

Now I am whining. How nice. Which comes to the "winging it" part ....

How dangerous do y'all think it is if I just wing this trip? I mean how bad can it be if I forget the camp stove? Right? Or the sleeping bags? It can't be that bad in NC at this time of year, correct? So we don't have the broom to get the sand out of the tent, so what? Can't I cook everything on the Coleman mini grill? No? Pajamas? Can't we sleep in bathing suits? No? Who are y'all the fashion police and food patrol? [That is inner monologue Tadpoles/my split personality, no offense] Don't question my choices. Because? I am winging it. I think. [Nice commitment Skippy!] Well, I can admit to one thing -the coffee is already in the van. It has been in the van for a week because, dude, you do not want to wake up to a non -caffeinated Eldest. Ever.

As for the "bringing it" - I think I can manage two tents, four beds, two lanterns, a cooler, 3 of my family members [bonus! 'specially since the big guy drives ;)] and uh...chairs with flip flops? The rest of shit better pack itself. I don't want to deal with dishes, pots, knives, fishing poles, towels, sheets, lanterns, food, drinks, ice, ziploc bags, spices, reservation papers or anything.

In addition? I don't want to have an hour tutorial with my neighbors on the intricacies of how to take care of a 110 lb lap dog with a bladder/shedding problem and a 25 lb Hitler youth. These poor people. There isn't enough cash or gift cards that are going to make up for how much pain they are in for next week. Ha. I will be adopting Doohicky before this trip is over.

I swear I am not a control freak - but I can't escape the feeling if I don't oversee the last tent stake we are going to arrive in NC without ...I don't know. Wallene? I can see this happening.

This vacation can just...well... bite my behind. It may be the last one I take and I think that is the onus that is bearing on me, but I am tired and it hasn't even started.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Helicopter Just Landed in My Backyard

No, I am not kidding.

It is 3:20 am and I was awake anyway. Insomnia. Now I am just scared.

I know I have mentioned that I live with an Elementary School abutting our property. I have mentioned the kids/adults that choose to play/goof off/light fireworks/etc. on this property after it is dark - 9 pm, 10 pm all the way to the wee hours of the morning.

Additionally, we have had two hostage situations in our area lately. Actually, two in the past two days. One was less then 15 minutes from us. A guy robbed a jewelry store and held an elderly couple for over 8 hours, at gunpoint, until he surrendered.

I was sitting here perusing the 'net and I suddenly see, out the window straight ahead, overlooking the playgrounds and ballfield, a police car, lights blaring, but no sound. My attention was peaked. I stepped out on the deck and sure enough the policeman gets out of the car and searchlights the area. Suddenly a helicopter [HELICOPTER?!] came into view. I freaked out and ran inside - thinking robber, hostage taker, etc. I woke up Pooldad and we locked up tight. Scooby has given us a false sense of security I think.

I sat. Watching out the window. The helicopter landed in the field. I was thinking that someone was hurt - perhaps an Emergency helicopter? 10 minutes passed and the helicopter took off. Police cars left.

I wish my heart would stop beating so fast. I hope if someone is hurt they will be okay. If it was a person out to hurt my neighbors I hope the cops caught them.

Damn. What the hell is going on?

[My apologies for the tenses - I am a bit wigged out right now.]

ETA: Pooldad went to the grocery store this afternoon [Sunday] and the store was all abuzz about the cops/helicopter. It appears as tho' there was a homicide in our neighborhood last night. Oh joy. :( Here is the article:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

OH! Do You Remember the Teletubbies?

They looked like this, circa 1999:
And at Halloween the littlest one, Po, looked like this:
The youngest, Halloween 1999.

This is one of my favorite costumes I made. Pooldad found the pic' tonight while digging through other stuff.
Memories are so great. :)

Does This Seem Right to You?

Tomorrow the Eldest is having her Senior portraits taken. She will be draped [tuxes for the guys] and in her cap and gown. We also have the option of casual shots too.

Here is the ruse, tho'. We have to pay [at minimum] a $30.00 sitting fee. This is to take the pics - no problem if I was going to purchase from this company. I do understand sitting fees. My problem is if you DON'T use this company your child's picture will not be in the yearbook.


Why do I have to pay $30.00 to assure my daughter is going to be in a yearbook I will then pay $100.00 for later this year?

Does that seem fair? I think there should be an option for parents that just want the drape/cap and gown in the yearbook that doesn't cost a penny. Don't the upcoming Seniors have a right to be in the yearbook for free?

Someone correct me if I am wrong about this, but seriously? It just feels like extortion.

Monday, July 13, 2009

There is a Kentuckian Tadpole Who is a.....

And it is GIZMO! YAY! Thank you so much.
So the following is now superfluous:
Can you please reveal yourself? I received these LOVELY potholders in the mail today and there is no note, no return address ....sniff, sniff, NO NOTHING in which I can thank you.
Please contact me via comments or email so I can give you great kudos and many thanks for completely making my day.
I could not have been more thrilled with these and love them. Please allow me to thank you.
Fess' up. :)
THANK YOU AGAIN. I am so happy :)

Who Doesn't Like Free Food?

Okay - I admit it - I have spent my weekend reading food blogs. Yes, I am a foodie wannabe. What is so funny is I have been reading blogs that basically review fast food. Nothing is better for my insomnia then to see food porn of the greasy, not so good for you pics of the fast food industry.

But! We can all admit to indulging once and awhile in a fast food fix, right? Well, if you crave the decandence of Arby's, McD's, Dunkin Donuts et al then why not get it for free, right?

The blog I have spent the last few hours devouring [hee ;) ] is GrubGrade. It reviews a lot of fast food, but also local places recommended by readers and others. But, the best part? They frequently blog about free food give-a-ways weekly. It is awesome. Go to Arby's buy a drink and get a sandwich? B-O-N-U-S! They posted about National Donut Day [which I missed - sadly] and did you know that Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme both had free donuts that day? Yes! These are the kind of deals you can read about!

If you like fast food and a good deal you should bookmark the site and find out when your next fix is going to be free!

PS - They also have a cute feature written by BearSilber called "RememBear" where he details food loves of his childhood - it is a great read and brings back a lot of memories for me. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is 8 AM Do You Know Where My Kids Are?

No worries...I do. But it just feels as tho' I haven't seen them in days.

After the Eldest returned home from her mini vacation in Rhode Island she immediately jumped into her volunteer gig at the local Girl Scout Camp. Long days in the heat led to early bedtimes all week, so we didn't see her much and last night she spent the night at a friend's house.

Wallene went to work with Dad on Friday for the Annual Yard Party while I stayed home and [it seemed] spent all day answering the phone for the litany of friends that called for her. By the time she arrived home she had not one, but two sleepovers scheduled for this weekend. She, too, is not at home at the moment.

You would think that Pooldad and I did something fun last night, wouldn't you? Nah....we spent all day yesterday watching the "Harry Potter" marathon on TV and I read blogs. Boring! We didn't even have something fun for dinner :( It was a complete waste of a day without children.

I did find an interesting blog tho'. I love reading food/restaurant review blogs [my fav' is FeistyFoodie] and eventhough I will never make it to the restaurants mentioned [Yvo is in NYC for example] I love the food porn. The blog I found is called Would I buy it again? The two gentlemen that write it live in Indiapolis and review local joints and a lot of fast food. What peaked my interest and kept me reading is the amount of food one of the writers eats. OMG - Although he has lost 150 lbs [yay him!] he still writes that he can eat a 8 piece bucket of KFC chicken. Wow. At a pizza buffet he ate 10 pieces of pizza! Really? I don't doubt him but isn't that a little extreme? Even Pooldad, who I consider a big guy and healthy eater, cannot eat like that, nor would he want to. :)

ETA: I had to change the # of pieces - it was 8, not 10. :) Still, wicked impressive.

Friday, July 10, 2009

There Are Simply No Words to Explain Why

I am sitting here, crying. Why does this happen?

Christmas in July

I am DONE! Yay! I signed up for a swap called the MEGA Christmas Ornament Swap. I had to send 10 handmade ornaments to 10 different people. Most were in the US but I also had Australia, Malaysia, Sweden and Canada [Is it me or does the postal system suck in CAN? No offense, but I think it does]. They weren't due until November but we were allowed to send early. I was in the mood for a little Christmas in July.

Anyway - above is an example of one of the ornaments I sent. It is a hand poured, glazed porcelain base with a Christmas themed rub-on. I kept this one because we have snowmen on our tree.

Last night I wrapped them all up in pretty Christmas paper, tagged 'em and packaged them to be mailed. I even decorated the envelopes with Christmas stickers. It was fun!

I hope everyone likes them. And with this swap I am completely finished with swap-bot.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't Call Me a Liar

And expect me not to blog about it.

I have already posted about this but at the time did not name the roofing company on my blog.

I do, however, have an account at and posted about it there, giving them one star. Imagine my surprise when the owner of Pond Roofing left a comment on my review basically calling me a liar. She was nice about it tho' and said, instead, I was "factually incorrect."

Sorry Ms. Pond but you need to check with your employees. I couldn't have made this up if I tried.

First is my review [which I updated yesterday] and then is her comment. Please notice it is a one line disclaimer and then she goes on about how wonderful and steadfast her company is. I did email her but have yet to hear back regarding how I am factually incorrect **cough** lying.


Be warned - if you set up an estimate they will neglect to tell you that the estimate will START at $625 and escalate from there.
The will give you an estimate for free but to come fix the roof the initial cost is $625 to begin work.
We were not told this when setting up an appointment for an estimate [thanks Heather] and when the gentleman came out and informed us - without even looking at our roof - that the estimate would start at $625 we kindly asked him to return his ladder to his truck and move along.
We need a few shingles replaced - the roof is only 12 years old. This is not a high dollar fix - but the company insists on a "trip charge" that is astronomical.
Don't bother.

ETA July 7, 2009: Yes it happened EXACTLY as I described. When I phoned the office after the roofer left I asked "Why weren't we told about the $625 charge" The reply was UNEQUIVOCALLY "You should have been." It was stated EXACTLY in those words.
Betsy? You need to check your employees - those that set up appointments, those that come out for estimates and the person that answers the phone when I call back to inquire about the charge.
This happened EXACTLY as I stated and I resent being called a liar.

Comment from Betsy P. of Pond Roofing Co Inc 7/7/2009 The reviewer is factually incorrect. The events did not happen as described. Pond Roofing has never offered a minimum of $675. We have served Northern Virginia since 1964 and have been recognized as one of the top roofing companies by CheckBook Magazine and the online consumer List. We welcome any and all comments and questions about our services.
Betsy Pond, President

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Neat Give A Way!

I found a neat give-a-way at Sewmeow while reading lovely Leta's blog. If you sew or quilt or know someone that does it is a pretty nice gift. Go check it out!

Scooby - 4 Wallene's Homemade Yummies - 0

You would think we would learn, wouldn't you? Nope.

I have written about our Chessie's pechant for baked goods. Seems he is now a houdini. In addition to the two plates of cinnamon rolls he consumed he has now added not one, but two apple pies .

He snagged one plate of cinnamon rolls off of the back of the stove. The second pan he got off the toaster which we thought was too high for him. Then we decided we would be smart and put Daddy's birthday pie in the pantry. Nope. He broke the door handle and managed to eat his first pie. Off Wallene went the next day to make another pie for Daddy.

This pie went on a higher shelf in the pantry. Ha! The dog laughed at us. He ate that one too. I have no idea how because that shelf is as high as my head and I am 5'8.

We have decided that the pie we are making tonight is going to be a chocolate mousse pie, which we can put in the refrigerator.

With a lock on it. :D heehee

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

Yes he died. Yes he had great songs. Did he change the course of music? Did he cross the line between black and white and join the world? No he didn't.

He didn't change my life nor did he cross the chasm of racism. He sang and danced. And sold more records then anyone.


Give me a break.

So the flip what?

There were several people that didn't belong there... but I will point out the one that was the biggest mistake, IN MY OPINION.

His 11 year old daughter.

Who the heck puts an 11 year old on the stage to tout her Father when she has no Mother that exists in the picture? A Mother to comfort and love her, to be there.

Sure. She has Aunts and Uncles that were more concerned that she "speak up" [did you see how many hands shot out to adjust the mike for the poor kid?] Her "family" was too concerned that she was heard...she said two lines and broke down. Horrible and didn't belong there. But boy the Jackson Family looked awesome!!! While their lil' niece wept for her Father. How nice.

What a stunning end that was orchestrated by the Jackson family to show "OH MY what a loving Father" Michael Jackson was. [Which I don't doubt for a minute, but it shouldn't have been orchestrated this way with his poor daughter.]

His kids were never taken away from him through all his tribulations so I am sure they were well taken care of - but I call BULL on the Jacksons for forcing her to do this.

You never put a small child - and that is what she is - up in front of a crowd to say a few words about her father. It made me so sad for her.

RIDICULOUS. But boy won't it sell the video.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh No You Di'int

Before I get to how much fun [and interesting] yesterday was I would be remiss if I didn't wish the Mr. a Big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is 53 years old today and after yesterday's funfest? Feeling every one of those years - aren't you honey? Love you! Hurry home so we can party :)

Okay - yesderday - a couple of observations:

  1. I know amusement parks are expensive. I understand that. But I find it ridiculous that Six Flags charges the following fees: To purchase your tickets online, at their website, they charge an extra $5. Upon arriving parking is $15 for regular or $20 for preferred - this surprised me. The highest fee, though? $15 for a locker so your wallet and cellphone don't get wet on the rides or stolen from your car. [We took the chance on hiding them in the car.] Otherwise the food and games cost what I thought they would and why we packed a lunch and only splurged on an order of fries and an ice cream to share.
  2. Did you know they serve beer at the park? We didn't purchase any, but I thought it was a fun idea if you wanted a cold one. Bonus to know if we ever go without the kids. [Surprisingly there weren't any drunk people running around.]
  3. The park was really clean and all the employees were so sweet and nice. They really added to the overall fun of the day. Bravo Six Flags employees!
  4. Some roller coasters are just too scary to ride. Really. Superman? No. Not even Wallene wanted to try that one and she is fearless.
  5. There are some people that forgot to look at themselves in the full length mirror before they left home. Or someone is lying to them when they ask "How do I look in this bikini?" When you are tipping the scales at over 200 lbs on your 5'4 frame a thong bikini is just not the look you want. Honest.

But - the winner of the day - and made us giggle like little kids was a tattoo we saw. As a disclaimer I will say I like tattoos - on other people. I think they are works of art [in most cases] but would never have one myself.

We were standing in line behind a group of 20 somethings. Everyone was in bathing suits so we could clearly see the ornate tattoo on the young girl in front of us. It was a large oval of delicate roses with the words [I am not kidding] "MY TAT" written in a curlicue font. That struck us as kind of funny - but we didn't laugh or anything just looked at eachother as in "Seriously? You have to write MY TAT to announce your tattoo? Really?"

No - what was funny was when she began yelling to get her [we assume] boyfriend's attention:

"YO TAT! TAT! Get yo' ass ova heah now. TATTTTTTTTT!

What are the odds?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mr. Ben -

-Gay is my friend.
I really shouldn't use this medication so much to make myself comfortable.

It is a no-no when you have a chronic condition - but I don't use it as much for it's warming, beautiful, tingly sensation. [okay, you can all STOP it now :P ha!].

I don't slather it on- instead I dab a bit here and there.


It is the SMELL that does me good. Have y'all smelled Ben-Gay lately?

It smells like Christmas. Really.

Or as Wallene likes to say "Oh goody, Mom smells like peppermints this morning."

Thanks Wallene.

Okay, back on subject:

I don't know. I have a hard enough time sleeping, but the smell of Christmas/peppermints makes it easier somehow.

The smell is just something that lulls me to sleep.

Just a dab will do me. :)

Unless Pooldad is snoring his ass off next to me and then it is a half -a -tube night.

I am kidding y'all.

Sort of.
I have receipts.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Raise Your Hand if You are Happy This Idiot Wasn't Elected

Forget about me not posting about politics.

I find this woman to be an insufferable bore and an embarrassment to my sex.

Here is a link detailing Sarah Palin's announcement that she is stepping down from the Govenorship of Alaska.

Way to hang in there Sarah. I am sure your constituents appreciate it.

And the Repubs named her their hope for a presidential candidate in 2012.

If elected, what is she going to do a few years into her term? Drop out because she can make a difference somewhere else?

[I am still Happy!Happy! but I had to post this because, seriously? It annoys me.]

More Happy! Happy!

This weekend is getting better and better! :D

Tonight we are going to have Salad night - sounds boring, but it is so yummy - we make 5 salads - egg, chicken and tuna with potato and pasta salad and serve with tomato flowers and romaine lettuce. Afterwards we are going to a FIREWORKS display at a local golf club - who knew there are fireworks on July 3rd? YAY!

Then tomorrow is the fried chicken feast at our local park and more fireworks in the sky at night. Then there is the added bonus of our neighborhood firework extravaganza. DOUBLE YAY! If someone knows how to ship fried chicken can you please let me know? I have had a few requests - and mine is so good! ;)

But the best? Have y'all seen the ads on TV for Six Flags Amusement Park [if you have one by you?] We do!!! It is buy one / get one free ticket weekend. We are going to pack a lunch [to eat out in the car, on a break, because no food/drink allowed inside] and our tickets will only be $25.00 per person for the amusement park and the water park. TRIPLE YAY!

Wallene is beside herself with glee. I think she figures the Eldest should go out of town more often. :) [sidenote: The Eldest has called. She is having a great time in RI, but was a bit confused as to why it was still foggy at 11 am and they couldn't go in the ocean. Hee!]

Hopefully my silly computer will allow me to download pics after all is done - I promise I will if I can.

I am feeling so good - I hope this weekend comes off as planned. :D

Happy 4th everyone!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've Been Dumped!

Some family I have. They abandoned me.

The Eldest has been whisked away to Rhode Island by her best friend and her family for a 4th of July celebration.

Pooldad took Wallene AND my faithful Scooby to work today.

So here I sit with Spot. All by my lonely. sniff, sniff....


Actually, it's not so bad. It just feels like a school day and they will be home early from work so we can start our 3 day holiday weekend. YAY!

What is everyone doing for the 4th? We are going to make fried chicken and go to the park and watch the fireworks. Then come home and have our annual neighborhood fireworks show. This is always a lot of fun. All the neighbors purchase their own fireworks and then we line up along the street and spend an hour setting them all off. It is always neat to see what everyone else picks out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wish I Had the Internet Back Then

When I was applying to college my parents informed me "Skippymom you can apply at colleges 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are our choices. And you may have one pick."

Okay. I applied at 5 schools without knowing that my parents had already decided that my one and only choice was going to be Georgetown University. I had no idea they were blowing off the other four [including MY choice] but I went along with it and acquiesed when they decided that UPenn, Syracuse, UVA and VATech [my choice] were not for me, although I had applied and been accepted.

I was miserable for four years - but HEY! GU! How can you go wrong with THAT diploma? BAH!

I have [subsequently] taken great pleasure in being a stay at home Mom in lieu of using my Linguistic knowledge. Let's just say being a SAHM has definitely had it's rewards these past 20 some odd years.

Now comes the time for the Eldest [in the house] to start applying to colleges. Pooldad and I refuse to do what my parents did and will support her in any choice she makes in regard to which school she wishes to attend.

We have found the coolest sites on the 'net where you can input her stats [GPA, class rank, SATs and extracurriculars] and it will allow you to see if she has a chance of acceptance.

We had fun this afternoon because the Eldest's report card [with GPA/class rank] and her SATs arrived this weekend. We used the info on different websites and found out her top 5 picks are absolutely accepting based on her performance. She has an awesome chance to attend any of her top picks.

They are:

  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • College of William and Mary
  • Vanderbilt University

To say we are proud is an understatement. We want what she wants. It is no secret to all the tadpoles that she has wanted to be a Veternarian since she was a little girl and she [alone] has worked towards this goal. She has not lost sight of it and her energy goes to making it happen with no prodding, cajoling or harrassment from us. We don't need to. She just does.

I just wish I had this technology back then. I don't think I could've swayed my parents away from GU, but at least I would've had a fighting chance of a bus out of town.

To Blacksburg.