Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh No You Di'int

Before I get to how much fun [and interesting] yesterday was I would be remiss if I didn't wish the Mr. a Big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is 53 years old today and after yesterday's funfest? Feeling every one of those years - aren't you honey? Love you! Hurry home so we can party :)

Okay - yesderday - a couple of observations:

  1. I know amusement parks are expensive. I understand that. But I find it ridiculous that Six Flags charges the following fees: To purchase your tickets online, at their website, they charge an extra $5. Upon arriving parking is $15 for regular or $20 for preferred - this surprised me. The highest fee, though? $15 for a locker so your wallet and cellphone don't get wet on the rides or stolen from your car. [We took the chance on hiding them in the car.] Otherwise the food and games cost what I thought they would and why we packed a lunch and only splurged on an order of fries and an ice cream to share.
  2. Did you know they serve beer at the park? We didn't purchase any, but I thought it was a fun idea if you wanted a cold one. Bonus to know if we ever go without the kids. [Surprisingly there weren't any drunk people running around.]
  3. The park was really clean and all the employees were so sweet and nice. They really added to the overall fun of the day. Bravo Six Flags employees!
  4. Some roller coasters are just too scary to ride. Really. Superman? No. Not even Wallene wanted to try that one and she is fearless.
  5. There are some people that forgot to look at themselves in the full length mirror before they left home. Or someone is lying to them when they ask "How do I look in this bikini?" When you are tipping the scales at over 200 lbs on your 5'4 frame a thong bikini is just not the look you want. Honest.

But - the winner of the day - and made us giggle like little kids was a tattoo we saw. As a disclaimer I will say I like tattoos - on other people. I think they are works of art [in most cases] but would never have one myself.

We were standing in line behind a group of 20 somethings. Everyone was in bathing suits so we could clearly see the ornate tattoo on the young girl in front of us. It was a large oval of delicate roses with the words [I am not kidding] "MY TAT" written in a curlicue font. That struck us as kind of funny - but we didn't laugh or anything just looked at eachother as in "Seriously? You have to write MY TAT to announce your tattoo? Really?"

No - what was funny was when she began yelling to get her [we assume] boyfriend's attention:

"YO TAT! TAT! Get yo' ass ova heah now. TATTTTTTTTT!

What are the odds?


Gail said...

Sounds like a bundle of fun! Maybe the operators of the rides were that's just plain scary.

Glad you had a good time.

Marni said...

Superman is a BLAST. I guarantee you would have loved it.

I love going to public places and people watching... some folks just do not have a clue.

Yvo Sin said...

Is this in MD? I went there just to go on Superman, it was new that year and closed most of the day we were there because of bad weather (something about the ride not being safe when it's wet). It was AWESOME though too short but I say that about nearly all coasters I like. Kingda Ka same deal - had to wait 3 hours in line because it was rainy and part of the ride is not juiced so it can't be wet. Was the best 26 seconds of my life! lol no jokes please :P

Speaking of people watching, when I first started gaining weight and had a lil pudge, I would spend literally an hour before going clubbing tucking, hiding, pulling, pushing my chub (negligible in hindsight!) until it wasn't what I considered offensive anymore. Then I'd get to the club and there'd be the same b*tch every week I SWEAR wearing the tightest tank top - like too small for my 110 lbs on 5'8 - and pants evuhhh with all her fat hanging out and making me feel ill looking at her. Part of me thinks "Good for her for being so comfortable and happy with herself to be able to let it all hang out, LITERALLY" but then the other part is "Damn why did I obsess over hiding my tiny bit of chub then if this girl is going to make us all look good???"

I know, I'm a terrible person.

PS I had to look into what you said about Nationals Park and you're mostly right, though it says clearly you can bring in one bottle of water per person, up to 1 liter, sealed/unopened, and food in single-serving sizes, sealed. I was amused by that because some people who sit near me at Citi Field often bring in giant bags of chips and eat them during the game. But I guess that means no McDonald's or whatever, which sometimes people also bring to Citi Field (and I wonder why because our food is so much better... and not that much more expensive, a Big Mac meal supersized is like $7 I think - haven't bought one in ages now - and you can get some yummy stuff for $7 at Citi Field...)

Rudee said...

Happy Birthday to your honey.

I miss riding roller coasters. I haven't been able to do that because of my herniated discs. Dammit. Now I have to live vicariously through other people's descriptions of fun at the parks.