Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

Yes he died. Yes he had great songs. Did he change the course of music? Did he cross the line between black and white and join the world? No he didn't.

He didn't change my life nor did he cross the chasm of racism. He sang and danced. And sold more records then anyone.


Give me a break.

So the flip what?

There were several people that didn't belong there... but I will point out the one that was the biggest mistake, IN MY OPINION.

His 11 year old daughter.

Who the heck puts an 11 year old on the stage to tout her Father when she has no Mother that exists in the picture? A Mother to comfort and love her, to be there.

Sure. She has Aunts and Uncles that were more concerned that she "speak up" [did you see how many hands shot out to adjust the mike for the poor kid?] Her "family" was too concerned that she was heard...she said two lines and broke down. Horrible and didn't belong there. But boy the Jackson Family looked awesome!!! While their lil' niece wept for her Father. How nice.

What a stunning end that was orchestrated by the Jackson family to show "OH MY what a loving Father" Michael Jackson was. [Which I don't doubt for a minute, but it shouldn't have been orchestrated this way with his poor daughter.]

His kids were never taken away from him through all his tribulations so I am sure they were well taken care of - but I call BULL on the Jacksons for forcing her to do this.

You never put a small child - and that is what she is - up in front of a crowd to say a few words about her father. It made me so sad for her.

RIDICULOUS. But boy won't it sell the video.


Gail said...

I agree!

Yvo Sin said...

You know what really bothers me? Okay, no one thinks it's really great that the kids had to wear masks, fine, and I'm not exactly pro-that for them, either, but the fact is, that's what they did, right? But why, of all places, would they let the kids go maskless at the funeral? The man who wanted them to wear the masks is being celebrated, shouldn't his wishes continue to be honored at least through his funeral???

And yea, what she said was sweet, but unnecessary.

Amy said...

I think the coverage was way too much. I kept the TV off ALL DAY. I just saw the clip of his daughter on my homepage - so sad.