Friday, December 31, 2010

What Don't I Tell You Guys?

One of the most positive and happy Tadpoles I know, Colenic, at A Smile a Day was nice enough to bestow the
award to me!  
Except I am having a little problem....
The rules state that I have to share 5 random facts about myself that you all don't already know.
Uh-huh.  Do you see?  THAT is a problem because, honestly - what have I not shared that you guys don't know?  I have a colonoscopy post for goodness sakes.  I even have posts written under the influence of prescription drugs.  What else is there?

In the interest of being a good blog friend and graciously accepting this award I turned to my wonderful husband and asked him to come up with things to tell you.  He wasn't so wonderful [in my eyes] after he listed  off a bunch of stuff.  In fact, he got the ol' stink eye for about an hour - but he made the kids laugh. :)

So, here you go: [only number 1 is Pooldad's suggestion]
1.  I never put the toilet paper on the dispenser when the old one runs out.  Pooldad says we never argue about which way it should hang [do people really have this argument? seriously?] because I never manage to get a roll on there.  In my defense - one bathroom is only used by me, so who cares? And we don't even have  a contraption to put the dang toilet paper on it in the Master bath.  Evidently, tho', I have been doing this for years.
2.  I used to bite my nails.  I did it until I was 43.  Any pictures you see of me up until then when I had nails? They are fake.  I stopped biting them when I became ill due to dental issues and now I have nice, long nails of my own.
3.  I was nominated "Most Mischievous" by my high school senior class.  My parents were not impressed.  I think they assumed I was goofing off in class.  They preferred that I be nominated "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Smartest".  Yeah, like THAT was going to happen.  Secretly I was tickled my classmates thought I was funny because I have never thought that I am.
4.  I have not had a professional haircut in over 7 years.  I used to cut it myself, but now I let Squirrel cut it.  She does a really good job - even tho' she is a little nervous when doing it.  I tell her not to worry because my theory with hair is "It grows back" and "Ponytails are always an option."  Right?
5.  I have different perfumes for the fall/winter and for spring/summer months.  Does anyone else do this?  I wear Shalimar in the warmer months and Red Door when it is cold.

There you go.  Boring, huh?  Here's the best part tho' - I get to give this award to five other bloggers!  I know  a lot of you have already received it - we are an honest bunch - so if I repeat, my apologies.

Kathy at kathy's kampground kapers - She and he who is married to her run a campground.  Her daily adventures are entertaining and sometimes I wonder how she puts up the public with the grace and patience she does.  I would trip 'em with my cane.

A Hick in California - I don't know if she does awards but I love her blog.  She is so, so funny and incredibly honest so she gets one too!

Yart at My Adventures in Sustainable Living - I love how she calls her husband "Grim" and their kids "the monsters".  Her blog is chock full of tips, ideas and ways to live a self sustaining life.

My pal Jeannie at Going Incognito - No one is more honest than Jeannie.  That is a great thing.  I love reading Jeannie's blog even tho' it IS purple. ;D Her artwork on the sidebar is worth it tho'.

And Leo's Mistress aka Rudee at The Knitting Nurse - life, work, family and knitting at it's finest.  Just reading her greatest hits regarding her in-laws will have you in stitches. Get it?  Stitches? HA!  Okay, okay...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve.  Hope 2011 is a great year for y'all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Middle Side of Life

One of my beloved Tadpoles and also one of my oldest blog friends [I don't mean age there] Teresa over at "The Middle Side of Life" is, once again, back with her husband Ron at the hospital.

Ron was admitted last night for suspected Hepatitis C.*  In addition to his other health problems this is quite the precarious situation.

Could you all please pop over and leave Tee a bit of encouragement and love, let her know we are thinking of her.

She is such an inspiration and one of the best friends a woman could hope for - she could use our thoughts and prayers Tadpoles.

Thank you.

*UPDATE:  Ron does not have Hepatitis C - YAY!  They will do more tests this evening hoping to find the cause of his most recent illness.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Southhamsdarling!

Look! The Panda Hat!
 Told ya!
And mittens too!
"This" has a wonderful post today wishing her granddaughter [Hi Ruby!] a happy birthday and posted a pic' of her eldest granddaughter wearing the same hat that Wallene received for Christmas.

It was neat to see a beautiful young lady in France sporting the same chapeau as our Wallene in the US.

How fun is that!

Happy Holiday Hump Day Tadpoles!  Hugs and love.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

Whew!  Squirrel is going to be fine.  After tests, including an EKG! [on an 18 year old!] she was prescribed medicine for an infection to make her better.  It wasn't an ear infection tho' - Mom's bad - hee.  We take her back later this week for a check up.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.  Truly - y'all get me through the day when I worry.

We couldn't raise them without you! :)  I mean that.

Love and hugs Tadpoles!

[Back] To the Doctors Today

'Cause I like the pic'.
My sweetie.
Thanks for all the good thoughts yesterday.
Pooldad is taking Squirrel to the doctors today at 9:00.  I have no idea what is going to happen today - but will be back later with an update.
Have to go rouse the troops and make coffee.
Thanks again.  See you on the flip side Tadpoles.

Monday, December 27, 2010

They'll Be None of That Missy!

I have had a bad habit this past week of just randomly laying down anywhere in the early evening and falling fast asleep.  I have been so tired around 6 or 7 I just plop down and conk out - instantly.  Not a very attractive or fun thing for my family - they wander the house looking for me - but it was fortuitous early this morning since my choice of bed-for-the-night was the living room couch.

Squirrel has been a bit under the weather since she came home from school.  She has had a sore throat but she always has a scratchy throat during this time of year [dryness in the house] so we told her we would take her to the doctor after Christmas.  No problem.

Or so we thought.

Early this morning I heard her come down the stairs.  I asked her why she was awake [from my perch in the living room] and she sleepily replied that she wanted more medicine and to go back to bed.  I said okay and continued to lay there while she disappeared into the kitchen.  Then I heard a bang, as tho' she had walked into the cabinet in the dark, and told her to turn on a light so she had more light than just the glow from the television. [Wallene was on the love seat, asleep, while cartoons played.]  No light came on so I just assumed she had enough illumination.  She came walking out of the kitchen into the den and I could see her silhouette moving toward the love seat when suddenly she fainted.  WHAM!  Down she went onto the hardwood - thankfully missing the table and the armoire, but still - SHE FAINTED!

I have never seen one of my kids faint before and it scared the heck out of me and Wallene.  We both jumped up and by the time we reached Squirrel she was coming around but wasn't really talking.  Wallene ran upstairs to get Pooldad while I held Squirrel's hands and talked to her.

She explained that she had woken up and blew her nose.  She said that after she was done she felt light headed and her vision was a little blurry so she decided to come downstairs.  It was obvious that she had become disoriented when she got down to the middle floor and was trying to make it to the love seat to lie down.

We went through the litany of questions - yes she has eaten, yes she has had sweets [no low blood sugar], no drugs, no alcohol [duh & duh]no her head didn't hurt from hitting the floor, etc. - so near as I can tell she has an inner ear infection that is throwing off her equilibrium and we ARE going to the doctor at 9 am  4 pm.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of hanging a sign in the kitchen saying "No fainting in the kitchen at 4 am."

Here's hoping I am right about the inner ear infection and it isn't something else.  Right?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Needs a Gravy Boat

When you have an ingenious 18 year old.

While preparing Christmas dinner we found ourselves short of a bowl to put the gravy in since all of the bowls I usually use were dirty or already in use.  Hard to imagine considering since my beloved in laws downsized [read: gave all of their housewares to us] we have enough serving ware to entertain the 7th fleet.

Enter the lovely Squirrel.  She looked around the kitchen and spied our snowman fondue pot.  Awesome.  Not only is it the perfect size for gravy and a ladle but with the addition of a tea light [or sterno] the gravy stayed hot all during dinner.  Bonus!  It's festive too. hee

I love this idea.*

Just as must fun is we started a tradition this year of wearing our pajamas to dinner.  I figured since it was just the immediate family and the girls had new pjs to wear what the heck.  Stylin' and comfortable - plus elastic waist pajama pants allow for more turkey and gravy. ;)

*Raise your hand if you know I am going to be scouring the interwebs to find either a pilgrim head or a turkey fondue pot for our next Thanksgiving.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Tadpoles!

Merry Christmas to you and yours Tadpoles.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Hugs and love!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Am I Weird?

Don't answer that.  And you can stop nodding your head now.

I think I may be a little strange because even though the cable guy came today [Verizon for the win!] and we now have internet and cable TV I have yet to turn the TV on since I woke up this morning.

In fact, I forgot we even had it.

I am a girl who likes her some television Tadpoles but we have not had it for six months. That has been a long time to go without news, football, SNL and Ellen :) - let me tell you. Still,  I think I might like the quiet even more.  I have been sitting here for a few hours reading blogs, surfing and whatnot while contemplating whether or not I should turn it on.

It just seems like "Must see TV" isn't such a must anymore.  To me anyway.

Anything I missed these past six months?  Any suggestions on new shows I should watch?  I have over 200 channels that I don't even know where to begin.

Perhaps that is the reason I don't turn it on - the intimidation factor. :D

Happy Christmas Eve gang!  See you on the flip side.  Hugs and love!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Play Our Game

Wallene and I have a game we often play called "You are...."

It is a game we just randomly started playing one day [probably because we were bored] but it is to show the person you are playing with how much you love them and how important they are to you.

The idea is to name off something that hinges on the existence of something else.  For example:

"You are the air in my tires."
"You are peach in my cobbler."
"You are the skip in my step." [Hi Josie!]
"You are the Santa in my Claus."

They can be serious - such as "You are the beat in my heart." and "You are the breath to my life"  or silly stupid, like "You are the elastic in my underwear." [<---credit: Wallene, but only after I said "You are the boob in my bra." Hey - I didn't SAY they had to be tasteful.  Jeesh.  It is Wallene and me playing after all.]

This is a great game to play with anybody, but I think it would be especially fun with young kids - hence why I play it with Wallene.  The possibilities are endless.

Try it while you are just hanging around with your kids, spouse or friend. It can be a lot of fun - and a lot of laughter. Believe me - the word condom* came up one time while playing with Pooldad [just me and him] and before he could even finish the sentence I needed oxygen therapy.

*"You're the condom in my wallet" - was going to be his response before I almost passed out laughing.

Cheers! And Happy Thursday Tadpoles.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Don't Get It

One sentence and your whole day is ruined.

My Vacuum Cleaner Has Two "Attack the Dog" Buttons

No kidding.  Check this out:

The buttons read "Power", "Spot", "Clean" and "Max".

How much fun that we have one of these:
Noes da' Mommas.  Not dat.
And my Mom had one of those:
My Mom's beloved Max

Heehee.  We bought the Rhoomba for my Mom seven years ago to help out because we knew she couldn't vacuum.  Now that Mom has passed my sister thought it would be a nice thing to return it because I [duh] can't vacuum.

While it was running tonight Pooldad mentioned  to me that "Hey did you know this thing has a Spot button?" which made me laugh because it does seem to target the dog and then I realized it also had a Max button which made me laugh harder.  It's a twofer!

I love this little guy.  It works like a charm especially with the shedding machine that is Scooby.

The best part tho'? It chases Spot as it used to chase Max.  Scooby?  Well it simply bumps into him and moves on.  I am not kidding.  He just moans and rolls over.

True story - Maxie used to climb on it [when he was an 8 oz puppy] and ride around while it cleaned.

No - I have never claimed doxies are normal.  You know better.

Entertainment while your house is being cleaned.  What more could a woman ask for?

How much fun have you had vacuuming lately?

Have a great Wednesday Tadpoles.  Only 3 days 'til Christmas! Squeeeee

Monday, December 20, 2010

Somehow Thanksgiving Involved Hats

Who knew he was Amish.
I think I am going to call him Jeb.
That is La, my sister, behind me.  She was laughing so hard.
I still don't understand the hat thing.
Perhaps it was the complete lack of sleep we were all experiencing.
Goofy is as goofy does.
I don't know either.
Don't ask.
We didn't make it to the parade - but before anyone says "Awwww" it is only because it was raining here and in New York.  It wasn't fair to ask the family to cart me around in cold, inclement weather in a wheelchair so we made the command decision to just stay home and enjoy my sister who drove overnight to be with us for the holiday.  It was so great.  I will have to tell you the turkey story one day tho' - but in the meantime - here is our table:

I know it is dark.
We ate really late.
It had to do with the turkey situation. hee
Thanksgiving weekend was awesome. :D

Scooby fell absolutely, head over heels, in love with La.  He couldn't get enough of her - nor she of him.  She is quite the Dog Whisperer:
Unfortunately she refused to take him home.

She'll kill me if she ever finds out I posted that picture.  She is still marveling over how Scooby can fold himself up in order to lay with her on the love seat.  Pure love my friends.  Pure love.

Oh and did I mention I have this one home for almost a month:
Yep - life is good.

No....Life is grand.

I was able to see my sis, my family is home and the best yet is I am back among my friends.

I can't express how much I missed you - and it is so much fun to see you all again.

I am thankful.
Very thankful.

[All pics posted today were taken the day of Thanksgiving.  No we did not wear hats, Dallas Cowboys' apparel or sweatshirts advertising a pub to the table.  We did have a boatload of fun tho'!]

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peek A Boo!

We see you!

Hey Tadpoles.  I am back.  Sort of, kind of....

Tenuous at best, I suppose.  Right now I am using a Virgin Mobile Mi-Fi device [thank you Vicki/Linda for the idea] but it took us 14 hours to get it hooked up correctly.  Don't ask.  Just know it involved India and my name was mispelled "Skitty" and they had my passcode wrong by a digit. Who in the hell writes a 5 instead of a 4 I want to know.  I know darn well what my daughter's birthday is and I don't stutter. Jeesh.

Okay...before today....I do not even know where begin.  Considering my only means of communication has been my nifty cellphone most of you don't know what has been going on in my drama with Comc*st.  I am not writing out the whole name because I don't want any of their stupid minions contacting me. EVER.AGAIN.  Those stupid son of a b*tches have been beyond pale when it comes to failing.  EPIC FAILING.  You have no idea.

Let me just add that it included losing my dog for a few hours today. That was fun.  I apologize to my neighborhood for all the people Scooby terrorized by being big.  It honestly wasn't our fault.  Blame ComcASS.

Hate.  That is all I have to say.  Hate.

Okay.....Onto the funner stuff. :)

YAY!  I am here and I am posting.  YAY AGAIN!  And I get to read all your great blogs. I may not sleep for days - considering what I have to catch up on, eh.  Still, I have to thank y' all, from the bottom of my heart for hanging in and hanging out - leaving me comments and emails -  letting me know that you were still there.  It is a strange land - this internet blogdom, but never doubt that I have thought of all of you constantly.  I have worried what has been going on, curious about what your Thanksgivings were like, what your preps are shaping up for Christmas.  How are your KIDS - I need to know.  heehee  I am so antsy to go and find out.

I am rambling here, obviously, because I think I forgot how to coherently blog.  Yep.  Same ol' Skippy.

Oh, who cares.
I can't wait to get back to being with you all.

Hugs and love Tadpoles.
Thank you again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Yes Virginia...There is a Skippy

I am still among the living (yay!) but still w/o the net & on my phone. I miss you all terribly and appreciate the wonderful emails & comments I am able to read via my phone . Hopefully I will get to Bux soon & explain my internet fiascos.

I wish you all the best! So much to many comments to make!
Love & Hugs!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well...This is a New Way to Post :)

From my phone - Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss blogdom and y'all very much.

Hugs and love from the pond.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starb*ck's Hostage Situation: Day 3

What's a girl to do?
I mean, except embarrass herself taking pictures in front of her local 'Bux, right?
Here we are again. :)  

Day 3.

I have to say as cranky as I am at our internet provider this is turning out to be a blessing in disguise.  It still takes me a good part of the day to feel up to moving, but I now have the motivation to get dressed, purty up and go out.  Plus, I get to spend time outside of those same four walls - and the tea is pretty darn good.  I could live without the caffeine - but it energizes me to the point I am up for hours and doing stuff.  Stuff!  It is awesome.  I have avoided caffeine since April because I was told that it would cause water retention in my lungs but, so far, one cup of black tea a day is working out sweet.  If anything it makes me feel better.  So thank you 'Bux for your yummy [cheap!] tea and free wi-fi.

For those who are counting [ Hi Mynx and Tina!] I am wearing a sweater [#2] in that pic'- [it is the white cardigan underneath the jacket] but what I really wanted to show you are my shoes.  

I love these shoes:

So comfy.  So cute.  Sooooo old. hee
Thank you, again, for all your great comments.  It makes it all worth it to get ready and come out here to know there are wishes from you guys.  It helps immensely that I have the motivation of friends like you Tadpoles to get me moving. Thanks.

In other news - Pooldad, bless his heart, had to go to English class with Wallene today and take a test. Heehee :)  Her teacher came up with a unique way in which the kids can earn extra credit.  They are asked to help their parents study for a test covering the same things that the students are learning.  The parents then go in and take the same version of the test along side their child.  If both the parent and student score within five points of eachother the kid is given five extra credit points.  [If the parent is unable to go in the student is given a chance to earn five points on their own.]

Wallene and her Dad had the best time doing this.  They learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves. Pooldad is certain he aced the test. I knew he was nervous this morning but when he came home afterwards he was just giddy telling me all about it.  Pretty cool gang, I have to tell you.  I thought the teacher was pretty inventive with this exercise.  He is a nice guy too.  Always a bonus.

Well I am off to catch up on y'all.  I won't be around tomorrow because my ride is on his way to get Squirrel [YAY! - and yes, you are all right.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow] but I know the child is going to beg to come here on Saturday, so until then...See ya' on the flip side Tadpoles.

Love and hugs!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Am Still There/Here

Sweater #1
[I am kidding - I am not doing that! lol]

Still no wi-fi - so Starbucks again. :)  I could get used to this.  Heehee.  Pooldad broke his cardinal rule and  bought a coffee from the 'Bux.  Amazing.  He said he was surprised it was so good [just a black drip.] I had tea tonight because that pumpkin latte kept me up all night.  Yum, but wow! What a sugar caffeine rush.  I really want a caramel salt hot chocolate now.  I will have to save my salt tomorrow, eh?  I do wish DQ had wi fi tho' [thanks Linda!] but now that I know McDonald's does I may be popping in there instead.  Much cheaper [but with more salt. ha!]

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday.  You guys are so much fun. :) I miss you!  I hate not having internet, but it did give a reason to get out of the house two days in a row.  Yay!  

I tried to get around to everyone's blogs - but Pooldad was late home tonight and the 'Bux closes at 9:00 - so if I didn't get there, know I am thinking about you and will be back to comment very soon or back here earlier tomorrow. heehee

We pick Squirrel up in TWO days.  I can't wait - The Porcupine just Skyped her [not talking, but with pictures and text] and it brought tears to my eyes.  I miss her so, so much.  YAY! Two days.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.  Hope to see you tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday In Pictures [Sort of]

When you are without this:
You tend to do this:
So, then you ask a nice fella like this:
To take you here:
Free wifi!
With a partner in crime [who may or may not have French homework]:

Where a very nice [and handsome] barista may recommend one of these:

Amazingly oh my goodness good!
And you enjoy your evening before you're off, back home, with a really good caffeine buzz and a craving for another Pumpkin Spice Latte.

See you on the flip side Tadpoles.  Don't know when it will be - but no worries - all is good in the pond [sans internet.]

Hugs and love.

Monday, November 15, 2010

And I Thought I Had A Lot of Shoes

Yeah, right.

Seems I can now be officially crowned "The Sweater Queen of the United States".  [I was going to say North America but I know my Canadian Tadpoles have me all beat there.]

I will wear my sash with [ahem] pride but, I haven't counted them.  In actuality I am afraid to count them, but I am guessing I have enough sweaters to last until now and the new year.

There's something not right about that.

I am not complaining - it is just that I have a tendency to hold onto my clothes forever.  Unless something is ripped or stained then it becomes a keeper.  I must be very, very kind to my sweaters or not eat while wearing them because I have what seems to be a gross of them in my armoire, closet and drawers. [Next stop - the linen closet.  No. I am not kidding.]

I think the problem is because sweaters are too forgiving. They fit no matter what.  When I can gain weight they'll grow with me.  Now that I have lost weight they bulk me up to hide it and still look okay.  They aren't like jeans, dresses or shorts that have to be switched out when you grow/shrink. Sweaters have accommodated any and all fluctuations in my body for the past...oh.....20 years?  [Yes, I do actually still have sweaters from college and my first marriage.]

Here's another thing - sweaters don't really go out of style if you go the classic route, which I tend to do.  [I didn't say classy - puhleese - just classic - think boring.] I don't own any of those fun, holiday, jingly sweaters - I think the closest I have come to cutesy in a sweater is the one with snowflakes - so it appears my sweaters are lasting the test of time and fashion. [Notice I don't have any from the eighties tho'. Too bad.  They would go great with Sandra's hair. heehee]

Besides the lack of storage space ["Sorry honey I need that drawer for my sweaters.  Your socks are going to have to be kept in the bathroom cabinet. k'thanks."] I don't want to get rid of any of them.  They were either gifts, bought for a special occasion or are attached to a fond memory.

So what's a girl to do?  I was thinking of taking a nod from an awesome blogger "30 dresses in 30 days" [so cute!] and doing my own "30 sweaters in 30 days", but I am too dang lazy for that.

Besides, I like you guys too much to bore you with my lack of fashion sense.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holy Sodium Batman!

Did you know these:

Have only 30 milligrams of sodium per slice?  I did not. 
Now I do.

This makes Skippy a very happy girl.


Yes, I know this is Superman.
This is the image I found.
Just work with the title, please. hee
Hee hee....happy day!

Have a spectacular Saturday Tadpoles! WOOT!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin

At her high school graduation, as co-valedictorian of her graduating class, she had this to say:

"Life is a fragile chain of experiences held together by love. If there could be only one thing in life to learn, it would be to love.
"If only you can love enough, you will be the happiest and most powerful person in the world."

She wasn't sick when she said those words.  Perhaps I am late to this story [2005] but this puts life into perspective in so many ways.  As sad as it is - it does bring hope.

I feel like I could conquer the world ... if just for a moment.
Thank you Mrs. Godwin.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Questions

Tess over at Dance Like There's No Tomorrow tagged me for a simple 4 question survey.  Here are my answers to her questions:

1.  How did you meet the first love of your life and how old were you?  I met [who I thought was] the love of my life when I was 16.  We worked at McDonald's.  I walked everywhere then [no car] and he was always offering to give me rides.  He turned out to be a jerk.  He cheated on me with half the night crew. 

2.  If you won a lottery, for say 10 million dollars, what would be the first thing you would do? Share a portion of it with my beloved in laws, have a big party and distribute a portion to many of my friends.  Bank the rest and live off the interest, in retirement, with Pooldad.

3.  If you had a chance to meet someone you have never met before, who would it be and why? Benjamin Franklin.  I love reading biographies about him.  He was such a fascinating man in so many ways.  I think he would be fun to hang out with and learn from. 

4.  If you could be a circus performer, what would you be?  I would be a lion tamer.  I was Gunther Goerbel Williams biggest fan as a child.  He always amazed me, but being the scaredy-cat that I am - I would settle for the pretty lady with the big headdress that rides the elephant around the arena.

Now I am tasked with picking 4 new people and writing my own questions.  

I tag these four Tadpoles:
hed - hed down under
Khadra -  Crab Goggles
Thisisme - Southamsdarling
colenic - A Smile a Day

My questions are:
1.  You are having a dinner party for 10 people - who would have [living or dead]?
2.  Have you ever had something  bad happen that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?
3.  What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
4.  What is the best part of your day?

After you answer the questions you are welcome to pick 4 of your blog friends and write 4 new questions.  Have fun!

Sodium for 11/10/10
Breakfast:        0 mg
Lunch:          310 mg
Dinner:         700 mg
Beverages:   125 mg
Total:           1135 mg 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen:  Someone or something you could live without.

I can, and do, live without avocados.

I hate avocados.  The texture, the smell.  Everything about them just makes me think "ick."  I want to run away when I see them sliced on a salad or in guacamole.  Don't dollop that green goo on my nachos, thankyouverymuch.  It makes me laugh that they charge extra in restaurants for a small serving of that nasty.  Ewww.

It is sad really - because they have great nutritional value and they add such pretty color to a meal but, no.  Just no.  Squirrel loves them in any of their incantations but I can't and won't be around when she eats them. [Thank god my other kids love me more.] They just remind me of a baby's diaper after you have introduced them to Gerber's strained peas, y'know? Think about it.  ::shudder::

Don't hate.

Hey, I was going for something light hearted, but I really and truly hate avocados. So there. :P

Sodium 11/9/10
Breakfast:     0 mg
Lunch:      310 mg
Dinner:     300 mg
Beverages: 90 mg
Total:       700 mg

My dinner:

It was tasty.  I couldn't quite finish it all.
Pooldad's version:

There is something so inherently wrong and unfair here. hee.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Have Been Remiss.... all things lately.  I feel like I have so much to do and to remember and people to talk to and places to go and stuff to put away and just argh.  Do you ever feel like this and you just want to go and read a good book or watch a marathon of "Unsolved Mysteries" curled up on the couch or just something other than what you really have to do?  Yeah - well I don't have cable and I haven't been to the library [another thing I have to do] in weeks, so.....

....if you don't mind - I am going to try and clean up some of my mess in a blog post.

I need to start by thanking all of you for your kind, heartfelt comments - especially regarding my Dad, my husband and the post "Bringing my A Game".  If there is one thing the "30 Days of Truth" has shown me is that I have really amazing friends and that I am an incredibly lucky woman.  Thank you Tadpoles for always being here for me.  You guys truly get me through.

Onto my sodium intake- [::waving at Tessa and Barbara:: hi guys!] - I haven't been posting this for two reasons and don't anyone yell at me [for the second reason] because I am not in the mood cranky. heehee.  First reason is it didn't seem appropriate on my last couple of posts, especially Dad's, so I didn't - but I did email Tessa, so she knows.  It's important I don't let my buddies down - they are doing awesome! SO AWESOME!  You need to go check out their awesomeness.  I am not kidding.  Second - there was no reason to post my sodium because, to be honest, I haven't eaten anything of substance in a few days.  [Move your fingers away from that comment button now.]  I have been feeling like crap.  I know I need to eat and I do have stuff in the house but besides some grapes [no sodium] there hasn't been anything that sits well in my stomach.  In fact - Pooldad even made me corned beef and cabbage and that didn't taste good even after I saved up all day to enjoy it. What's a girl to do?

I have been meaning to post these pics of the wonderfulness I was gifted by my best pal Olde Bagg.  Wallene and I received a surprise Halloween box in the mail from her.  Just fabulous! Look!:


See the sign above our wreath - she MADE that.
That is some talent Tadpoles, let me tell ya'.
Also in the box was a handmade spider that Wallene used on her costume, some Halloween clips that Bagg made herself and a Pumpkin Pez.  It was such a wonderful, heartfelt surprise.  Thank you again.

What else?  Oh! I know I probably shouldn't post this because - might not come to fruition, but....eek! so excited! Pooldad has promised to take me to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in two weeks.  How cool is that going to be?  He and I both decided if not now, then when? We are going to order one those Thanksgiving meals that you get at your local grocery store to have when we get home Thursday evening - we figure the day is going to be more about the parade and enjoying New York with the kids then about the food.

Finally - my family is working so hard to get the house in order.  We have slacked off for the past few months because of a lot of stuff but now it is all coming together.  We are even [gasp!] decorating.  I swear - and I think it looks kind of good.  We still have to wait on probate in SC before we can pick up all of the stuff from my Mom's estate :( - but Pooldad wants to be ready and it looks as tho' we are going to be.  This is also very exciting.  Squirrel is going to come home in two weeks [YAY!] and wonder where her old house went and who has possessed her family.  Finally, after 4 years, it looks as tho' we actually live here. Sweet.  [I do have to add that we are still actively looking for a single story home to better accommodate me but so far no luck.] We just thought we might as well start hanging up stuff if we were ever going to look like we didn't just move in, y'know?  Although - I don't think I am done with this because now I need to take pictures and post them so you guys can see all their great efforts.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday.  Thanks again for everything Tadpoles.  You rock my world!

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen:  Someone or something you couldn't live without.

Love puts the music in laughter
the beauty in song,
the warmth in a shoulder,
the gentle in strong...

Love puts the magic in memories,
the sunshine in skies,
the gladness in giving,
the starlight in eyes...

Love puts the fun in together, 
the sad in apart,
the hope in tomorrow,
the joy in our heart.

Pooldad, I love you.  So much more than I think you will ever know.  It has been a heck of a ride these past 16 years, eh Bud?

I have no idea where I would be all these years later without you. I know we talk about us not meeting sooner, but I don't think you would've been able to take a 3rd grader to your HS Senior Prom. Additionally I think we agreed that my Dad might've frowned a weeeeee little bit at the idea of someone who was getting ready to celebrate 3 decades escorting his college freshman daughter to the Governor's Ball. [For those unable to do super, quick math - ME! - We are 10 years apart in age.  He is the old one. I got the trophy wife status. ::wink::]

We met at the right time.  The right time for us.

It has been interesting, no doubt.  Do I regret any of it?  Not much, but I would be remiss if I didn't say sure to some of it - SR and Deb weren't exactly the packages we needed to carry along with our new marriage, four kids and a new baby - but we weathered that.  The court, the child support, the moving, the taxes, the family turmoil.  We got through, didn't we?  I think back and sometimes realize the best thing I can say is "Well, at least neither one of us ended up in jail."  Hee.  

Our happiness is thanks to you.  Pooldad - you have always taken care of me.  You made me strong.  Showed me what real happiness is.  You taught me how to laugh.  Oh, hoo boy - can you make me laugh sweetheart.  No one in the world makes me laugh like you do. I like that you are the one person in the whole, wide world that doesn't think my laugh is scary or heinous - you love to make me laugh.  Best gift, next to Wallene, I think, you have ever given me.

I love to laugh and you give me that in buckets.

The last few years have been our hardest - but I don't grieve about them. I am just scared.  Scared if I don't have you.  You do everything for me.  Everything.  It will sound silly to list all of the things, but I want everyone to know what it is you do for me.  First - you go to work everyday - same career for 33 years and you rock at it.  I am so proud of you.  You never cease to amaze me that you love your job - after all this time.  After working all the hours you do, you come home and shop, cook, clean, wash clothes, walk the dogs and love on me.  You change schedules to accommodate my desires, the childrens' needs or your parents' requests.  You never fail any of us. Any one of us.

I am SO proud of you.

I don't know how you do it, but you do.  I am afraid if I ever lost you I couldn't do any of it without you here.   

I can't say I couldn't live without you, as the question asked.  I have our children to think of, but I know, without a doubt, I wouldn't want to live without you. Ever.

You are my hero, my best friend and the very love of my life.  There was never anyone like you before and there will not be anyone after you.

God made one of you and he gifted me.  I feel like the luckiest woman in the world - of that there is no question.

Thank you S.  I could say that a thousand times and it will never be enough for everything you have ever given me.

Let's goof with the wedding band again, shall we?
I promise I am not trying to lose it.
It's a concept.
Stop laughing.  You know what I mean.

I love you truly baby.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen:  A hero who has let you down.

That's my Dad!
My Dad is my hero.  He will always be my hero.  And he did let me down, but not in the sense of what most people would think.

My Dad lived his life the way I strive to everyday.  My father was fair.  He was honest - honest to a fault some would say.  He was strong - in his heart, his mind and his abilities to do anything.  He put himself through college, earning two degrees, while working and raising our family.  He was so smart - probably the smartest person I have ever known.  If my father didn't know how to do something he would read about it and teach himself to do it.  Auto repair, computers, bridge, golf. He was amazing.

If my father had a fault it was he smoked.  A lot.  Too much. [I know, I know one cigarette is too much, but the man SMOKED.]

After 40 years my father developed lung cancer.  He was diagnosed shortly after his 65th birthday in 2003.  He had several operations, but the cancer kept spreading.  As he grew weaker he kept telling us "No radiation, no chemo."  He had watched several friends die of this hideous disease and how they struggled through the treatments and he didn't want to suffer like he saw them do.  In September of that year he finally relented and agreed to radiation.  I took him to all his appointments - and as heartbreaking as those memories are - I mean, I was watching my father die - it was some of the best father- daughter time we have ever spent together.  He couldn't speak so well anymore, as the cancer had spread to his brain, but as I drove him around he would hold my hand and every once in a while he would blurt out a funny observation or thought.  I knew he was scared, we all were, but he tried to make it easier by still trying to be himself.

My father died in October of the same year he was diagnosed.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and wish that I could pick up the phone or drive over to the house just to hear his parting words once more.  Each time, as I was leaving, I would kiss him goodbye and say "I love you."  He would reply "Talk to you later." He wasn't big on all the mushy I-love-you kind of stuff, but those "Talk to you laters" meant exactly that - That he loved me and that was his way of telling me so.

Dad, I know you had to go and I am glad that you aren't in anymore pain, but why, why did you have to leave me so soon?

You let me down Dad and I miss you every single day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bring Your A Game

Somehow I found myself asked many questions by several Tadpoles today via email.

I appreciate that anyone...ANYONE...thinks enough of my opinion to ask me anything.

I am actually quite flattered.

I don't feel flattered very often.

Flattened? Yeah, life has thrown me on my ass this year so - absolutely, but rarely do I experience the other word with the R in it.  See how close they are?

Yeah, I am not so special.

I am going to be honest. I thought the "30 Days of Truth" would pull it out of me - but I realized in responding to all of the wonderful emails today you guys don't realize what a day for me is like. You are getting the "Good Skippy", the "Happy Skippy" - the "Breathing Skippy".  [The last one is my favorite if you didn't know.] Breathing trumps good and happy all day long.

It isn't always the case.  Life can suck.

Anyone care to know what my day is actually like?  Well - regardless of who wants to know - here goes.

5:00 am - I have slept tilted up because I can't breathe lying down. I can't roll over this morning because the pain in my shoulders, elbows, hands and knees keep me motionless for a few minutes. I start to count "1, 2, 3..." and flip over until I think I can sit up. I make it almost to the edge of the bed.  I am trying to be quiet because my husband doesn't have to be up for a few more hours, nor does my daughter who is asleep across the hall.

5:15 - I manage to swing my legs off the bed, still counting because I figure if I can count to a 5 I am good. 10 would be bad and I try to move faster.  I think it hurts less to do it in 5 instead of 10.  I play mind games with myself.

5:20 - I stand up.  Three steps in front of me is our Master Bathroom.  I can lean towards the door and grasp the handle and hold on.  Then the huffing starts.  I need to get into the bathroom for - well potty - but my lungs are so filled I have to huff for air to do this.  I actually make the noise.  I say the words, out loud  "Huff, huff, huff" just to get the air in my lungs.  I am quiet though.  Not because it would bother Pooldad but because there is nothing he can do if I wake him up.  He can't clear my lungs or help me with my stumbling - I have to do those things. Better he sleeps.

5:30 - I come back to the bed and I have to decide.  I am so thirsty I want to be in the kitchen now, but do I go downstairs in my pajamas or do I attempt to get dressed in clothes for the day.  If I go downstairs in my pajamas there is a good chance I won't get another trip up the stairs to actually be in day clothing, but if I decide to get dressed I might end up back in bed because I can't breathe.  Leaning over a dresser or walking into the closet and grabbing something exhausts me.

I have to decide quick. I need a glass of water.  I pick blue jeans and a sweatshirt.  Pulling off my pajamas makes me yelp because my left side is so tender.  I am still huffing out loud and then there comes the coughing. Cough, cough, cough.  I need to get downstairs now.

5:40 - I try and navigate my left leg into my jeans and stumble to the left almost hitting the nightstand. Curse. Cough. Huff, huff, huff...breath Skippy.  Get that foot in and sit down.  Breathe. Hard. Stick the right leg in. Stand up.  Sit back down.  Cough. Breath. Cough. Breath.  Stand up and pull my jeans up.  Look at the sweatshirt I considered - I think "Bad idea" because my arm hurts too bad and grab an oversized button up shirt of Pooldad's that is draped over the end of our bed. I can do the buttons in the kitchen when I get down there.  I sit back down and start to cough.  Now I know I am going to be sick and I have to get downstairs.  I grab a handful of tissues and spit out what is in my  mouth.  The congestion is suffocating, but I need to get downstairs.  I have to sit. Huff, huff, huff. Cough.

6:00 - Yes that took me 20 minutes to put on clothes.  There are 18 steps to navigate to the middle floor.  Going down is no better than coming up, my pain and the fact my hands are incapable of holding on requires me to use balance I don't have.  The stairs are my greatest nemesis. They scare me the most.  I put my right hand onto the wall and take one step at a time. Huff, huff, huff...and the pain is there - so in between a huff I am saying "1, 2, 3....."

I need to get to the kitchen NOW.  Keep walking.

6:10 - I am in the kitchen and shuffling to the kitchen sink.  My nose is full, my chest is screaming and I am heaving.  Dry heaves. I don't get my drink of water because I am bent over the stainless steel sink heaving, nothing, into the sink.  I turn the water on to drown out the sound that I make while vomitting into the sink [It doesn't work, ask my family, but it is the best I can do.]  After a few tries I am able to cough or blow out the congestion. It is all the water that has settled in my lungs during the night.  My ribcage is tender, my throat is killing me and I am considering whether that glass of water I wanted is a good idea.  Is that going to come back up too.  I decide against it.  I wash my face and go sit in front of my computer.

6:45 - I have been awake for an hour and 45 minutes and want to go back to my bed, except that requires stairs and my baby is getting ready for school.  She needs company and a lunch. Right.

I sit for a good while.  Check my email and then finally rise to make her lunch.  She doesn't expect it and she will do it gladly, but it is the one thing I can do.  So I do. I have learned some tricks though that would've surprised me a few years back.  I leave the fridge door open the whole time [gasp! the energy waste!] because  it is a huge effort to open and close it. It wears me out.  How weird is that.  No one points out my hypocrisy - they just let me be. If it is easier for Mom then they are fine with it.

It takes me 25 minutes to make her lunch.  I have to stop constantly to hold onto the counter or lean over and breathe.  The whole time I am saying "huff, huff, huff" under my breath. I sound like the lame ass train in the room. The one that isn't making it over the mountain.  I sometimes wonder if this is what my kids and Pooldad are going to remember. I can't really care.  It helps me breathe. So be it.

My girl leaves at 7:45 and I collapse into my chair.  And sit. Sometimes I cry.  Because I hurt, or I am so tired of throwing up.  Or that I couldn't breathe.

Around 10 or 11 am:  Now comes the better part of my day.  Having cleared the congestion I get the benefit of actually being able to breathe [almost] normally.  I have an occasional huff, but nothing like what the first part of my morning brings me.

I have a few hours of this.  I get to play on the computer [Hey! Tadpoles!] but I am incapable to do much else.  That drives me nuts.

 [Things that I have done in the past - laundry, walking the dogs have fallen to the wayside.  Most of my days are what I have just described.  It takes a great amount of effort, time and coddling of me to get me to JMU or the movies.  When I am able to do that I will brag about it.  Seems simple to everyone else, but it is the entire world to me.  I do pay the price to have those joys in my life though.  I have just never told you all.  I am now.]

So back to my day - Around noon or 1 pm I need a nap.  Here comes the quandry.  If I go to take a nap I will have to go back up the stairs.  18 stairs. Up.  Once there I will be huffing for about an hour to clear the congestion that my heart has conjured up because it worked so hard to get me to my bed.  I do take naps, I do go up there.  Here is the backside though - if I sleep for any amount of time [one hour or more] I am so congested I am repeating the morning.  I have to cough out everything that settles in my lungs.  I am dry heaving to clear the congestion. But I am so tired I need that nap.  When my daughter and husband come home I might be awake, but I will coughing, huffing and in pain, just like the morning.

My greatest fear is the nighttime. Everyone has gone to bed and I know when I make my way back up the 18 steps it will be another hour before I can breathe and lay down.  Then I have to figure out how to lay down/propped up because one side of my body hurts more or that hand can't lay this way or I have to be this elevated to be able to breathe.

When I do finally fall asleep I toss, turn and reposition myself.  The crackling in my chest makes me realize at 1 am or 2 am that I need to sit up and cough.  I do.  For 15 minutes.  I lay back down, exhausted, knowing that I will be up again at 3 am doing the same thing.  And 5 am is just a short time from then.  Sometimes I just choose not to go to sleep because I won't feel the suffocation and pain. Tonight [this morning] is one of those times.

I just realized I started this blog two years ago yesterday.  Little did I know that life was going to throw these things at me in such a short period of time.  I have always been Skippy - I will always be Skippy - but sometimes I can't bring my A game. I suck.

I am trying here Tadpoles but there are some days even I can't do it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: A band that got you through some rough times

I didn't do the whole teen angst, emo thing growing up.  In fact emo wasn't even a Sesame Street character or state of being when I was in my teens, but I do get the point of this question.

It just doesn't fit into my life or my tough times.  Don't misunderstand me - I love music.  All kinds of music, but I am probably a hair metal band kind of girl first and foremost.  Surprise you?  Well, it shouldn't  hee- I came of age in the mid eighties and bands like Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Def Lepard were all the rage.  Besides enjoying their music [and annoying the heck out of my father - "SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPY! You can't study while that crap is playing!"] they were seriously easy on the eyes.  Especially Eddie Van Halen and Jon Bon Jovi.

oh my

oh my my my
But I didn't use music to escape - or get through tough times -  I just enjoyed it.  I loved it because it made me happy to be in the moment, excited for the next Rolling Stone or Creem magazine to come out, giddy at the thought of going to a concert.  I equate music to happy stuff.

When times got tough, and I suppose they did, I don't think it occurred to me to turn to "Bad Medicine" or "Eruption" to get me through.  Music was for fun and games - not to mend a broken heart or make me forget the lousy customers at my job.  To equate it with bad memories would've have sullied it for me.

I like it just they way it was.  Loud, fast and fun.  No tough times attached - just sweet, sweet memories.

[This post is entirely gratuitous.  I posted it just to be able to look at my high school boyfriends, Eddie and Jon, for a few days.  You're welcome.]

Sodium for Thursday 11/4/2010
Breakfast:     0 mg
Lunch:          500 mg [I finished the oreos.  No more.]
Dinner:         238 mg <-----Progresso Vegetable soup - 1 cup - who knew it was so low.  I am achy, so this is what we had.
Beverages:      48 mg [slept most of the day]
Total:            796 mg

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Twelve

Day Twelve:  Something you are never complimented on.

This question confounded me a bit. After reading it a few time I came to the conclusion that it should read "Something that sucks about you but you think you ought to be complimented on" or "A skill or attribute you lack."


I have absolutely no ability to decorate.  Anything. Ever.  No one has ever come into my home and complimented me on my paint colors, furniture placement or [lack of] wall hangings.  [And no I don't want to be complimented lied to about it either.]

I like to think of our house as a home, and I suppose it is, but it really looks like a furniture store with hairballs, day old newspapers and random shoes tossed around.  I don't do area rugs or carpets, I couldn't place a few knick knacks on a table in a eye pleasing arrangement if I tried and you can best forget curtains, throw pillows or candles.

Curtains, throw pillows and candles, oh my!

The thing is I have a lot of stuff.  I have been on this planet a pretty long time [as has my husband] and we have accumulated bunches.  Besides what we pick up here and there we keep inheriting things.  Cool things.  Things of which I have no clue what do with them.  Case in point: The painting "Custer's Last Fight".  Remember that whole diatribe?  Well, yeah - ol' "I am no Martha" Skippy finally hung it in the kitchen. Yes you read that right.  The kitchen. ::shame::

See what I mean?  I am just BAD at this.

I am so bad at it that Wallene took it upon herself to rearrange the living/dining room combo, place flowers and candles about "just so" to make the house more homey for her sister's prom date.  Her exact words "No Mom. No. [steering me to a safe place in the kitchen]  Let me do this. Please.  PLEASE."  The child was begging to do housework and heavy lifting.  That has to tell you something.  Like perhaps she didn't want me to embarrass her sister with my oh-so-not mad skillz?  I am still convinced I saw Squirrel slip Wallene a 10 spot when they thought I wasn't looking.  sigh.

You know you really suck at something when your kids conspire to keep you from doing it.  Yep!

My sodium for Tuesday 11/2 & Wednesday 11/3
Breakfast:  36 mg                        0 mg
Lunch:  0 mg                            630 mg*
Dinner:  335 mg                       310 mg*
Beverages: 75 mg                       48 mg
Total:  446 mg                         1038 mg

[*Keep the turkey slices out of the house Pooldad! But no Oreos!]

Have a great day!