Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun on A Saturday...For a Great Cause!

Wonderful Phelan of Homesteading Neophyte fame is participating in a blogathon to help raise awareness and funds for the Downed Biker's Association.

She is blogathoning on her other blog Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

She is blogging twice an hour for twenty four hours - and for the blogathon she is writing a story! So far she has five posts - and you get to help write the story.

You should definitely check it out. It is a lot of fun and for a very good cause.

ETA: Phelan mentioned in comments [I forgot to add!] She is giving away prizes too! COOL! Go support and win something.

Or buy a koozie! :) [I learned what a koozie is today. :)]

Hope you all have a happy Saturday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

somebody really doesn't want me to have that hotdog

or the fates are just conspiring against me. who knows. but a second trip into d.c. and i still haven't gotten my long sought after, mustard only, vendor hotdog.

but? i have pictures :) yay!

Give my kid a camera and a moving car and she can manage some pretty nice shots. This first one is while we were on the george washington parkway headed into town. It is of my alma mater - georgetown university. i always loved the older buildings on campus - you can see the towers in the middle. but the building to the right? with the cut out looking things on top? [obviously architecture was not my major. hee] that nasty piece of work is lauinger library - ugliest building on campus. completely ruins the beauty of the original buildings. oh well. it was the 70's when that monstosity was erected - what can you do?

this truck just cracked me up. yes. i want some giant men please. just call 1-800-giant-men. heehee.
now here is where the day got pretty good. see the pretty ballpark? that is national's stadium. seems pooldad's boss couldn't go to the game so he gifted us with 4 free tickets and a free parking pass [retail? $240! - out of our league. get it? league? ha!] we would never dream of budgeting that kind of money for a few hours of fun so it was a really nice of his boss to give them to us. he also had to give pooldad half a day off to go! bonus.
we settled in to watch the game and i noticed [yet another] funny sign [well, funny to me.] can one of those objects be ryan zimmerman please? please?
oh and if he is carrying my hotdog? all the better. mustard only mr. zimmerman. thanks. :) we had watched approximately one and half innings when the ushers announced that a thunderstorm was imminent and we were to leave our seats to go inside. grrrr. we did and that is where we ran into marge. grrr x2....30 minutes and a beer [or six*] later we decided the game was probably going to be called because it was torrential. but i still wanted my hot dog. seems everyone else wanted my hot dog too because the lines were 40-50 deep since all the fans were inside with nothing to do but eat and drink. so - i gave up.
and we drove home. in the rain.
i have to say that wallene is a good little trouper because this is the second foray into d.c. that has been cut short for her [washington post hunt anyone?] but we still had a good time and laughed practically the entire day. we did get to ride in a bicycle rickshaw - in the rain - for approximately a half a block - which was pretty neat.
all in all a nice way to spend a free afternoon. even if it did rain. and i didn't get my darn hotdog.
*i am kidding.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

did you seriously just say that? really?

we ran into a friend of pooldad's today.
she is the ex-wife of his best friend.
his best friend was the guy he was living with when i met him.
he had separated from her and moved in with pooldad before he and i ever met.

got all that? goodie.

so, this friend? - let's call her marge- recognized pooldad from a distance and came over to say hi.

she more than said hi.

oh - side note - pooldad is 54 years old. marge is 50. their friendship was over 30 years ago. and when i say friendship that is exactly what it was - she was always the best friend's girl until he left her.

okay....just to set a little more background. - we haven't seen marge for over 14 years.

today ... in the course of one of the most torturous 30 minutes of small talk i have ever endured i actually heard this woman say to my almost 13 year old daughter:

"oh you don't know me but your father and i used to do all those things that your parents warn you not to do." wink::wink::nudge::nudge

to say wallene looked like a deer in headlights would not be exaggerating. she has been raised to be polite and respectful of adults - but i thought the poor kid was going to choke on a french fry while imagining her mother smacking marge unconciousness with her cane. she couldn't figure out who to look to - me? pooldad? marge? god?

the child was sucking air at that point.

to be honest? i could [almost] handle marge saying "so, pooldad's grandma, she dead yet?" [i replied "no, she is 98 and just fine." tyvm.] and that was just an early question before i realized how drunk she was...but....then we got her query of: "yeah, heard pooldad's ex wife died...what's up with that?" [losing my patience a bit i answered: "you already know all the details marge, why, exactly, are you asking?"] i could even tolerate her hanging off of pooldad like a clinging vine for a half an hour.


i really do have a cane and i will absolutely use it.

upside your head.*

[*thank you amy. seemed more appropriate than what i originally wrote. hee]

give me a break....

...and i go and feel a bit better. not up to snuff yet [hence the lack of shift keys :) - enjoy! believe me it annoys me more than you - but it helps my hands.]

i am going to use my late night energy on visiting blogs and saying hi! instead of posting anything of substance here [example: we made soup today. do you really care?] anyway - thanks for the positive thoughts. not out of the woods for the long run and i do have to pace myself - but i miss you guys and couldn't be happier than to be able to click through your blogs and catch up.


Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Back....

...and it sucks.

See you guys in a few days...a month?

God doesn't seem to want to give Skip the day off.

Don't worry.

As Uncle Rich says "It's all good."

[notice the not too chatty posts. I have been doing my best but have to bow out now.]

Okay...I Rock!

I was just offered a $50 gift card to make my husband's boss fried chicken.

No sides, just fried chicken.

Seems he had a whiff of Pooldad's lunch today and would like his own. :)

Yay! Go me!

[Sorry if this sounds all braggy - but it totally made my day!]

This Is Fun

How to entertain your husband while he is at work. Via email.

I told him we were having something great for dinner - one of his favs - and he keeps emailing me with his guesses.

So far we have skirt steak with mushroom gravy and 7 layer dip [this isn't even a meal! ha].

ETA: He has now guessed meatball soup, pork and sauerkraut and meatloaf. Nope, nope, nope.

But I am not telling. Yet. Rest assured it is the yum - and I will give one hint:

It is actually a cold weather meal.

But we are in the mood and haven't had it in forever.

Any guesses?

ETA: 3:00pm - We have a Winner! He finally guessed - Pot Roast. I know, thrilling? Right? heehee...but now I want 7 layer dip instead.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Don't Promote This Kind of Thing, But.....

I sent Squirrel and Wallene to the store today to buy some chicken for our fried chicken dinner tonight. I asked for a pack of thighs, a pack of legs and one chicken breast [bone in, skin on]. I explained to Squirrel that the chicken breasts usually come in packs of three but since the butcher is a good guy just to ask for one and he could repackage it.

Or not.

Turns out that when she asked he said NO - and was snotty about it - he asked "What would I do with a pack of two chicken breasts, huh?" Oh, I don't know Einstein - there aren't any families of two in our little 'burg? And what is up with the pack of three anyway - is everyone a family of three around here? Jeesh.

She left with a package of three. Chicken salad anyone?

Okay...moving on.

The girls skipped over to Dunkin' Donuts for a walk-home 'nosh and while there Squirrel was gifted with a free donut by the young man working the counter. He said it was his employee discount for the day and he would like her to have it. ???


Squirrel: I was all flirty today Mom!

[Imagine giggles and big smiles during this conversation]

Skippy: Really? You?

[Now understand - this child doesn't date. She went to prom with a friend and has never had an honest-to-goodness date in her life. Flirting is a foreign concept to her.]

Squirrel: Yep! And I met the cutest guy at Dunkin' Donuts. He is going into the Air Force in August.

[TMI for buying a donut? Hmm]

Skippy: That's wonderful [meaning going into the service]. Did you tell him both your Grandfathers were Air Force men?

[ You know - build a little comraderie, what not?]

Squirrel: Um no. But, but...he gave me a free donut - he said it was his employee discount for the day.

Skippy: Squirrel - he didn't give you a free donut because it was his discount - um, he gave it to you because...well he thought you were cute.

Squirrel: [eyes wide] Oh. Really? Oh - giggle- Really? That's cool.

Skippy: [I swear my mouth moved before my brain could stop it] Don't you think you could've flirted your way into 1 chicken breast for me?

Squirrel: ............

I still don't think she gets it.

Thank goodness.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If You Have My Phone Number....

....Please don't bother trying to call me on my [new] number. Long story. won't be able to get a hold of me....


Now...Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cookies, A Rainbow and A Puppy

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
12:45 am Monday Morning
[and they managed the self portrait aspect of the camera just swell!]
If you look really hard to the right of the pic' you can see the rainbow.
We have been having some wicked storms.
This was nice.
Dis' is how I sleep when I am the hots Mama.

The Hilton Sisters?

Nope! The Skippy Sisters!
She walks on water.....
.....and she flies!
Don't ask.
It's Wallene.
What else can I say?
It IS Wallene. hee
This is what happens when your kids take a camera to the pool.

I am still trying to figure out the mushroom. :/

Sunday, July 18, 2010

When I Said Surprise Me I Didn't Mean to the Tune of $36!

In the never ending quest to answer the question "What's for dinner" Pooldad went off to the grocery store to buy groceries for the weekend. His choices for dinner were pork chops or fried chicken [yes, I know we eat a lot of fried chicken, what can I say?] When he asked which I preferred I said "Surprise me."

Whoooboy - I got a surprise alright. A $36 surprise to be exact.

It is no secret that I adore Thanksgiving dinner and we usually start our practice run to the big day in September. I could eat turkey, oyster dressing, mashed 'taters, etc. anytime, anywhere - but we usually wait for cooler weather to begin making mock Thanksgiving.

Until Pooldad decided it would be a nice treat to have it yesterday. In July. In 100 degree heat.

Which is fine by me - especially when he agreed to do all the cooking. Bonus! But I almost choked on the grocery receipt when I saw that the turkey was $23 and the oysters were $13. The oysters I understand because they are definitely out of season here thus the higher price to import them - but since when is a turkey considered out of season in VA let alone anywhere in the US? Sorry, but I am used to buying our turkeys for .69 cents - .99 cents a pound - not the $1.69 Pooldad paid yesterday and he barely managed to find the last one. When he inquired as to why there was only one the butcher replied "They are out of season sir." Huh? I understand there isn't a huge demand but really? It is an overgrown chicken. And yes, I realize that heritage turkeys cost so much more and do have a season [completely different scenario] - but if they can grow and process chickens all year, why not turkeys?

No worries tho' because it was good. No, honestly? It was great! Pooldad made the entire dinner and Squirrel made the sweet potatoe pie - oh, there is another thing - has everyone heard that there has been a pumpkin famine[?] drought [?] the past few years and the makers of canned pumpkin have RUN OUT of pumpkins to make it? You cannot find it in the stores - believe me - and before anyone says this is why we should all grow our own food [which in theory would be nice] we don't have the capabilities where we live to have a garden or even a container garden on our deck. Thus we had our first ever sweet potato pie. Yum!

And now on to the pictures:
Pooldad chopping zucchini and squash he bought at the farmers market.
Sliced turkey, steamed veggies, oyster dressing and homemade mashed 'taters
Vat o' gravy
I have always made this but yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and Pooldad stepped in and made it. Some of the best gravy I have ever had. No kidding.

Squirrel's plate
Wallene's plate
["Hurry up Mom. Gosh, take the pic' already we wanna' eat!]
Posterity children. Posterity.
The red, white and blue tablecloth lends a nice bit of contrast to dinner dontcha' think? :)
Dinner was soooooo good and the nice thing about a whole turkey is tonight we are having the leftovers [turkey and gravy over waffles - mmmmmm] tomorrow night will be turkey pot pie and Tuesday will be turkey noodle soup. Plus I get to eat turkey sandwiches, dressing and gravy for lunch this week. Heehee. [I will make this $36 meal stretch - cheapie that I am :)]
**The gravy was made with reduced sodium turkey broth and there is no salt added to the 'taters or the dressing. Most of the sodium in this meal comes from the turkey [because of the additives] and the bread in the dressing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Swimming pool clients are interesting folks. Having worked in the industry I can attest to the fact that they are definitely a breed all their own. There is just something about owning a pool that make people's brain cells die - it's as if for every gallon of chlorinated water they have in their backyard their IQ drops a point. The bigger the pool the more clueless some of them can be.

For example:

Pooldad and I were emailing back and forth while he was at work yesterday when he sent me this:

"Gotta scoot for a bit. Some chunkhead in Falls Run can't get his autocover open. I guess I'm the only person in this part of the free world that can help out. Toodles for now.xoxo"

I started laughing because I knew this was going to be a good story come Happy Hour. And it was.

When Mr. Chunkhead called and said that his autocover wouldn't open Pooldad told him to press the GFI switch [raise your hand if you know what this is - if you have a blowdryer you know what this is, trust me] Anyway - the client said that he had pressed the GFI switch but, no, the cover still wouldn't open.

Oh woe is he! What ever was he going to do?

So off went Pooldad to see what was what. [Cue the super hero music.]

When Pooldad arrived the very first thing he did was check the GFI switch. One button tadpoles, just one. And wouldn't you know? It had been tripped and it hadn't been pushed by the pool owner as he claimed. Pooldad pushed it and viola! A working auto cover. Who knew?

For his oopsie doodle Mr. Chunkhead will now be billed $99.00 so my husband could drive out and push a button he had already told the client to push. Over the phone. Which was free advice. But no - he is being charged $35 for the trip charge and the company standard $64 for a half hour of labor [it is a minimum charge - he was told this before Pooldad left the office.]

The guy was really good natured about it and even tipped Pooldad $5 for his trouble. Honestly? I think he was a bit embarrassed. Wouldn't you be? Because when you talking to a pool man that has been in this business for over 30 years and he tells you what to do, for free, over the phone just admit you don't know what a GFI switch is so my husband can explain it to you and save you $99 - mmmkay?

Disclaimer: Not all pool customers are clueless - I was just in the mood for a sweeping generalization this morning. Hee

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nostalgic Day in the Pond

My beloved in-laws have officially put their home on the market.

[Happy] Sigh.

They raised my husband and his brother in this home - as they have been living there for almost 40 years - and there are a lot of good memories. Heck, I have known them for less than half that time and I have great memories of the place too. Especially "the cave" - yep gotta' love the cave. heehee

But it has to be done. They are in their late 70's now and although incredibly active [and healthy!] they need to slow down and not worry about such a big place with a huge yard. It is the right thing for them now.

They are moving into an adult community down the road a bit - very nice - where they will have access to all manner of doctors and nurses should the need arise - and if they don't feel like cooking they can pop over to one of the restaurants on the grounds. No more house maintenance, no more yard work - although my FIL will still have a small garden at their new location - no more going up and down stairs. It will be nice to see them relax and not worry. For once.

My MIL is excited by the prospect of having just two bedrooms and two bathrooms to take care of instead of the 5/3 they have now and she is busy deciding on what's going and what is being sold. Their new condo is gorgeous - but they need to cull a lot of stuff to downsize into the new place. So the kids and I will be over there this month helping her out.

Well, that's all I got for today - nothing too exciting but a nice end to a nice week.

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend in your lil' pond.
Love ya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've Gone and Done Did It

Don't yawn.

This is going to be really boring....but.... remember I said I wasn't going to obsess about my weight?

Well - I had to share...because.....

I broke 120 lbs this week!

Woot me! I am at 120.6 lbs!


It took me a month to gain a little over 3 pounds, but?

I did it! YAY!

The Adventures of the Travelling Tent

Everyone remembers our camping tent I like to set up in the living room?
Well - it is packed and ready for an adventure.
A bloggyland adventure!
Beginning this weekend Wallene and I will be packaging it up and sending it off to it's first new home. That's right - we are going to "Flat Stanley" the tent. If you are a parent or a grandparent then you know what I am talking about. :) [Please google if you don't know the book or the school assignment attached. It is so cool!]

The deal is this: We will send our tent to it's first recipient who can use it however they like - inside, outside, at the park - etc. We just ask that they take good care of it and blog about their adventures on their homepage and linking to the next blogger family that will receive it. Once they are finished having fun with the tent then they may package it up and send it to one of their bloggy friends - and so on and so on and so on. Eventually [hopefully?] it should make it's way home to us.

Get it? YAY! Wallene and I figured since we couldn't go on vacation this summer why not send our tent and make new friends in the process, right?

The first recipient of the Travelling tent is Linda in New Mexico [Olde Baggs and Stuft Shirts] and her special grandkids GK and Ry.

I am very excited about this! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My A/C Has Magical Powers

Yes, yes it does!

If I want the kidlets to get out of bed all I have to do is turn it off. Eventually their rooms become warm and they wake up to come downstairs where it is cooler.

Evil Mama, aren't I? Muwahahaha!

Actually I am just bored and I want some company. :)

PS: Wallene finally posted on her blog again "I Thunk the Spunk" - and if you want the BEST, most moist chocolate cupcake recipe EVER you must go visit. She made them while I was taking a nap yesterday and I swear I wanted to eat all of them. They are that good [and easy]. [I casually mentioned I was in the mood for a chocolate cupcake yesterday - and TA-DA - she took the challenge, looked up the recipe and made them. Snippity Snap, just like that. And they really, truely are THAT good. Trust.]

Oh, and she isn't kidding about how clean the house is. The kid rocks.

Hugs and happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

You Guys Are Really Good At This!

I have a dear bloggy friend, Teresa, over at of The Middle Side Life and her husband Ron is going into surgery this morning. The surgery was scheduled for Thursday of this week but he became quite ill this weekend and so they moved it up 4 days.

Since I believe so much in the power of your prayers and good thoughts I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going over and visiting Teresa at her blog and wishing her well?

Every little bit helps - I truly believe that and know the benefits of having such wonderful friends pulling for me.

Thanks tadpoles. Hope you have a wonderful Monday in your lil' pond.

UPDATE: YAY! Teresa just called and Ron made it out of surgery sucessfully! Thank you again tadpoles I know all your good thoughts worked. Love ya!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

YAY for Free Slurpees!

Tomorrow is 7-11-2010. So you know what that means right? FREE slurpees at 7-11. YAY! At participating 7-11's you can receive one free 7.11 oz slurpee. YAY!

Thanks for the heads up from the gang at Grubgrade.

What's your favorite flavor? Wallene and I like a mix: Coke on the bottom and cherry on the top. Squirrel and Pooldad like straight Coke.

Slurpee goodness for free. Really, what could be better?

Glad That's Over With

Finally - some relief. We have been experiencing a heat wave here, which normally I would welcome - y'know with my cold aversion and all - but 100 degrees without humidity? No thanks. And once the humidity is added in, which in VA/DC it always is, it hovers around the "feels like" 105 degrees.

That's hot. Damn hot. So hot our A/C couldn't keep up. We had turned it off while we were away and it took almost 8 hours to catch up after we arrived home.

This morning it is raining. A nice, gentle rain that is doing it's best to keep the rest of the Skippy family snoozing away [or faking it to avoid our Saturday chores. hee] And it has cooled off considerably.

Speaking of relief - I woke up this morning feeling so much better. Hardly any pain. You guys are reaaaaaaaally good at this sending good thoughts/prayer thing, y'know? And I thank you. Thank you so much.

I am going to the doctor's office on Monday and asking, nee' demanding, that I be given referrals for 1. a pain specialist and 2. physical therapist [which was an such an excellent idea, thanks Amy!, that I could kick myself for not thinking of it before! ] I know I always feel better after walking with Pooldad and the dogs, although it is a short distance and hurts like heck while doing it. If I could find a p/t that could help me without too much pain during I think it would go a long way to fighting it without [too many] drugs.

I do know as I get into my day [chore day! woot!] that the pain will probably return, but I felt so good when I got out of bed this morning. Go me!

And thank you all again. And again. :)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

That Was Fun!

Squirrel's college orientation was yesterday and it was really neat! [The pic' is a stock photo of a building on campus - all the pics' are in her camera. Waiting on an e-mail here honey!]

She really had a great time and learned a lot. And I have never met such friendly people - well, outside of my tadpoles I mean, hee. It was such a fun experience.

After the initial welcoming ceremony [which was hysterical btw] they seperated the kids from the parents and we each attended our own meetings. She was able to open her account, register for classes - Really Squirrel? That is a boatload of sciences you are taking - but it really makes her happy and excited to pick the classes she loves. She ended up placing high enough in her math entrance exam to be opt out and her AP test scores for Spanish were good enough so she doesn't have to take the required foreign language! This makes her verrrry happy.

Pooldad, Wallene and I parted ways and headed back to the car because I was just too "pooped to pop" as my Grandma used to say. And in pain [duh Skippy] The campus is in the mountains and on a very steeeeeeep hill - in fact the joke around campus is "Is everything uphill?" And the parking was quite a ways from the registration center. So the walking combined with 100 degree heat [and no air conditioning during the welcome - ack] just sapped me out. But he did take me back to the hotel so I could rest and returned to the remaining parent activities. Since we didn't see Squirrel all day she didn't notice I was gone which I appreciated.

The campus is so beautiful I wished I could've stayed the whole day but we go back the day after her birthday [18!] to move her in - oh! and the cool thing about move in day is she gets to do it early because she is in the marching band and they have band camp so it won't be too crowded AND the best part is they have students there that run all her stuff up to her dorm room for us - now you gotta' love that! [One heck of a run on sentence, eh? I am winded just reading it. hee]
Thank you all so very much for your kind words on my last post. Sorry about that post, but I wrote it more out of frustration than anything. I am going to look for a pain specialist but the ones around here have either been indited or are under investigation. I kid - it just feels that way because it seems every week we read about another doctor who is over prescribing narcotics and they are arrested. One thing that worries me though is jumping through the hoops to get a referral from my regular doctor. Maybe [as some of you said] I will get a new doctor.
I did find Jeannie's post interesting! I know that medical marijuana works wonders for those in chronic pain and I have great respect for those that want to use it for that purpose - but I have never smoked it and don't think it would be the right track for me as I have seen my share of people that were stoned and don't want to be that silly all the time - Got enough of that going on around here as it is. I do like the idea of a "sparkly world" tho' :).
And now I am off! To bed. We got home at 9 am this morning and I am a wee bit tired. Love and hugs to y'all. Thank you again and I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hear Me Whine Roar

I would really like to post more substantially, comment on other's blogs more often and email my pals - but I simply cannot kick the constant, intense pain in my fingers, wrists and elbows.

The medication I have received for the joint pain isn't touching it and I am just too whiney tired to even bother with trying to convince the doctor how much pain I am in. To be honest he makes me feel like a drug addict when I only want relief of this pain. It's almost as if my conditions are an illusion ... i.e. not real. Makes me sad.

I am so tired of the pain scale question - y'know the one - "On a scale of one to ten what is your pain?" Well, it is about a 5 BUT by being constant [and worse when I sleep and first wake up] it is a 10. I know that sounds excessive - but I am so weary of this.

I can't pick up a cup because my fingers are too weak to grip it and extending my arm to reach for the cup causes a shooting pain up my arm. And I can forget trying to lift a 1/2 gallon of milk or put a casserole dish on the dinner table.

I have been in pain before but I thought I would at least get a little break ...

Tonight we leave for the University for Squirrel's orientation and I honestly don't know how I am going to make it through a 10 hour day for her. I want so much to be a part of this. Y'know?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to You............

....Happy Birthday to You Dear Pooldad - Happy Birthday to You!
Don't blame me for this picture. You made the face. hee
Just remember:
"You'll do."
[with the requisite wave!]
"I kind of makes you wonder which one I....."
[and I know you are laughing as you finish that sentence in your head]
I love you Pooldad - now and forever.
Thank you for taking care of me.
Now let's get the party started, eh?

Monday, July 5, 2010

.....And How was your 4th of July?

Hope y'all enjoyed your 4th.
Here's ours. Complete with pictures.
Yay for Fireworks!

Not a great pic' - but the firework was awesome.
It took Pooldad and our neighbor almost 2 hours to set off all that we had purchased.
Our annual water ballon fight!
The Skippy Family with our special neighbor Ferdie.
Ferdie made my day by exclaiming at the end of the night "This is the best 4th of July I ever had!!!"

Hugs and love!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Spit It Out Wallene...

Wallene and I were talking tonight about movies. The movie of note was Bambi...and the sequel they eventually made. Haven't seen "Bambi II" - but Wallene was adament that:

Bambi's Father "Nid Dever Died."

Huh? - His father? - um, what?!? Is this a Marlon Brando impersonation with cotton in your mouth? What the heck is "Nid Dever Died?"

I was cracking up and she honestly couldn't get the sentence out correctly even after five attempts.

I guess this sounds funnier on this side of the pond, but I did have to ask her a few times what she was saying. And then we had a full on discussion about whether or not a cartoon deer was killed in a fire. [Yay for boring!]

Yes. Summer vacation has been reduced to bad "Godfather" references and playfully discussing with my twelve year old whether or not an animated buck is dead.

Please share your thoughts.

Do you know? I would like to win this bet. [hee] I vote that Bambi's father was killed off in the original - but knowing Disney they probably reincarnated his furry butt for the second installment. [Ghost of Bambi's father or some such b.s. Disney invariably pulls off?]

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bat Dog, the Scoob and What Do You Do?

Anyone remember Doohicky? AKA Peanut? Well she is back in the Pond and it seems her ears have grown. But not her body. We now call her "Bat Dog" - and the lil' gazelle is all ours for a week. Weeeeeeeee! She is a sweetheart but NEVER, EVER stops moving. Ah, the energy of the young. I think Spot may eat her before the night is over and Scooby is just plain scared. Admit it - this dog scares you. You know it. [Thought I was kidding about the Bat dog thing? Um...No.]
But then again, let's chat about Scooby - who we all know and love. Took our lil' man to the vet today and discovered he weighs 120 lbs. - and he has LOST weight since we adopted him last year. The vet assured us he looks great and isn't overweight - eventhough Chessies are typically in the 60 - 80 lb range [where exactly is this dog hiding one of the Olsen twins I want to know?] so I am not worried. My pup is just big boned. Like a pony. Or a cow. Wondering. hee.

But I walked out of the Vet's asking myself - how is it that my dog weighs more than me?
What do you do? What DO you do? [This is a joke for the family. Anyone watch the movie "SPEED" lately? hee]
Hugs and Love to all.