Friday, July 16, 2010

Nostalgic Day in the Pond

My beloved in-laws have officially put their home on the market.

[Happy] Sigh.

They raised my husband and his brother in this home - as they have been living there for almost 40 years - and there are a lot of good memories. Heck, I have known them for less than half that time and I have great memories of the place too. Especially "the cave" - yep gotta' love the cave. heehee

But it has to be done. They are in their late 70's now and although incredibly active [and healthy!] they need to slow down and not worry about such a big place with a huge yard. It is the right thing for them now.

They are moving into an adult community down the road a bit - very nice - where they will have access to all manner of doctors and nurses should the need arise - and if they don't feel like cooking they can pop over to one of the restaurants on the grounds. No more house maintenance, no more yard work - although my FIL will still have a small garden at their new location - no more going up and down stairs. It will be nice to see them relax and not worry. For once.

My MIL is excited by the prospect of having just two bedrooms and two bathrooms to take care of instead of the 5/3 they have now and she is busy deciding on what's going and what is being sold. Their new condo is gorgeous - but they need to cull a lot of stuff to downsize into the new place. So the kids and I will be over there this month helping her out.

Well, that's all I got for today - nothing too exciting but a nice end to a nice week.

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend in your lil' pond.
Love ya!


Phelan said...

How wonderful for them. It's great to see they are happy about it.

Celia said...

Goodluck in this new chapter of life.

Rudee said...

Bittersweet, indeed. It's a good thing the memories are in our minds, don't you think?

Teresa said...

that is nice. there's a new "adult" community going in near us that ron mentioned we should look into. my only problem with that is "I'm" not as "adult" as he is. I have visions of being the only person leaving to go to work. hehehehe!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Sounds like they have the right idea at the right juncture in time.
Hey, I don't mean to be pushy but didn't someone I know and love offer to share the Fried Chicken recipe????? I'm just saying.................