Friday, July 23, 2010

Okay...I Rock!

I was just offered a $50 gift card to make my husband's boss fried chicken.

No sides, just fried chicken.

Seems he had a whiff of Pooldad's lunch today and would like his own. :)

Yay! Go me!

[Sorry if this sounds all braggy - but it totally made my day!]


Jeannie said...

Is this one lunch or every time you send it with Pooldad?

Still, that's pretty awesome. I don't make fried chicken ever.

SkippyMom said...

Jeannie - just the lunch I sent in today - we usually don't have leftovers of fried chicken but I made extra last night and made his lunch so he heated up in the oven at work and his boss smelled it.

I make it all the time - hence 3 times since the beginning of July - but after years of practice it is so easy, cheap and good I can't not make it. y'know? [of course I don't eat the skin anymore...grrrrr] :)

Amy said...

A $50 GC - I would totally be excited!!!

I've been busy this past week. I had a wedding that I shot, so I have spent every waking minute editing.

I wouln't have guessed pot roast on the last post, I was thinking Chili or something really hot.

Hope you had a great week!


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

oh I would say it's worth at least $50. And why yes you do rock.

Teresa said...

totally cool! go spend it on yourself!!

TinaM said...

That is awesome! Go SkippyMom!!! I would be bragging if it were me!

Also just read your latest post... Don't really know what to say :( Just that I hope feel better and you come back really soon, I will miss you even if it's only a day! Hugs and Love to you.

ellen abbott said...

50 bucks for fried chicken? Awesome!

Teresa said...

Your "It's back" post doesn't have a comment form so I'm posting here...

Praying for your swift recovery. Please have Wallene post an update for you to let us know how you're doing.