Friday, July 30, 2010

somebody really doesn't want me to have that hotdog

or the fates are just conspiring against me. who knows. but a second trip into d.c. and i still haven't gotten my long sought after, mustard only, vendor hotdog.

but? i have pictures :) yay!

Give my kid a camera and a moving car and she can manage some pretty nice shots. This first one is while we were on the george washington parkway headed into town. It is of my alma mater - georgetown university. i always loved the older buildings on campus - you can see the towers in the middle. but the building to the right? with the cut out looking things on top? [obviously architecture was not my major. hee] that nasty piece of work is lauinger library - ugliest building on campus. completely ruins the beauty of the original buildings. oh well. it was the 70's when that monstosity was erected - what can you do?

this truck just cracked me up. yes. i want some giant men please. just call 1-800-giant-men. heehee.
now here is where the day got pretty good. see the pretty ballpark? that is national's stadium. seems pooldad's boss couldn't go to the game so he gifted us with 4 free tickets and a free parking pass [retail? $240! - out of our league. get it? league? ha!] we would never dream of budgeting that kind of money for a few hours of fun so it was a really nice of his boss to give them to us. he also had to give pooldad half a day off to go! bonus.
we settled in to watch the game and i noticed [yet another] funny sign [well, funny to me.] can one of those objects be ryan zimmerman please? please?
oh and if he is carrying my hotdog? all the better. mustard only mr. zimmerman. thanks. :) we had watched approximately one and half innings when the ushers announced that a thunderstorm was imminent and we were to leave our seats to go inside. grrrr. we did and that is where we ran into marge. grrr x2....30 minutes and a beer [or six*] later we decided the game was probably going to be called because it was torrential. but i still wanted my hot dog. seems everyone else wanted my hot dog too because the lines were 40-50 deep since all the fans were inside with nothing to do but eat and drink. so - i gave up.
and we drove home. in the rain.
i have to say that wallene is a good little trouper because this is the second foray into d.c. that has been cut short for her [washington post hunt anyone?] but we still had a good time and laughed practically the entire day. we did get to ride in a bicycle rickshaw - in the rain - for approximately a half a block - which was pretty neat.
all in all a nice way to spend a free afternoon. even if it did rain. and i didn't get my darn hotdog.
*i am kidding.


Amy said...

What a fun afternoon. I love it when unexpected gifts turn up!

I love the shot of the raindrops! Kids got tallent!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Sounds like a great day. Despite the rain. And Marge. And despite no hot dog.

And yes, Wallene is a great photographer.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Now I have a yearning to be taken out to the ballpark ......

Teresa said...

makes me want a ballpark hotdog, too. who's making the deliveries???

sounds like a lot of fun until marge showed up.

Michaela said...

Hi babe, it looks like you had a fun time! I hope u r feeling a little better now. Hope u get your hotdog soon... Man, I read your earlier post on what *Marge* said to Wallene, OMG! She needs a large brown paper bag over her head. Permanently!!! Love ya!