Friday, July 2, 2010

Spit It Out Wallene...

Wallene and I were talking tonight about movies. The movie of note was Bambi...and the sequel they eventually made. Haven't seen "Bambi II" - but Wallene was adament that:

Bambi's Father "Nid Dever Died."

Huh? - His father? - um, what?!? Is this a Marlon Brando impersonation with cotton in your mouth? What the heck is "Nid Dever Died?"

I was cracking up and she honestly couldn't get the sentence out correctly even after five attempts.

I guess this sounds funnier on this side of the pond, but I did have to ask her a few times what she was saying. And then we had a full on discussion about whether or not a cartoon deer was killed in a fire. [Yay for boring!]

Yes. Summer vacation has been reduced to bad "Godfather" references and playfully discussing with my twelve year old whether or not an animated buck is dead.

Please share your thoughts.

Do you know? I would like to win this bet. [hee] I vote that Bambi's father was killed off in the original - but knowing Disney they probably reincarnated his furry butt for the second installment. [Ghost of Bambi's father or some such b.s. Disney invariably pulls off?]


Amy said...

Sounds like something I would say - especially with a cold!

I remember there was a fire, but not dying. I'm pretty sure he was a dead beat dear and didn't come around much.

TinaM said...

Haha Amy :) A dead beat dear :)

Yeah, I wish I could help, but I don't remember! I also remember the fire... but not him dying... sorry SkippyMom!!!!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't die, he rescues Bambi and leads him out of the fire.
*back to lurking*

qandlequeen said...

Wasn't it his mom that dies? Sorry. Not helping your cause, am I?

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the Godfather (1 & 2, the third not really my fav)

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

sniffling fighting back the was Bambi's momma who died, Dad helped him out of the forrest...but the mixed up words are priceless. Poor Wallene. Shelley was about Wallene's age when our family jewel of non speak was uttered. She was upset with us for asking her to redo the dishes...this time with soap and elbow grease, she said...well, don't think I'm not stupid. HUH???? but I do, I don't...huh??? When she couldn't say it right she was hysterical. So were we, with laughter. So now if something goes wrong...she'll say "yeah, well don't think I'm not stupid". So Nid Dever Died, ya'll.
vert word..promen
I have always been promen..shame on my name.

Teresa said...

How cute!
Yes, there was a fire; sadly, Bambi's mama died, but not by the fire - the hunters were the culprits. Daddy deer got Bambi safely out of the forest.

TinaM said...

Ah! I never heard anyone call Walt Disney an idiot before Diane lol.

You may be right about him and mommy issues.
I think it's really just trying to invoke the most sympathy possible for the main character... and what better way than to have to think of them without there mother? So really he could love his mother very much since this is a sad thing to him... just my opinion :)

bulletholes said...

Bambi's mother sleeps with the fishes.