Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Don't Promote This Kind of Thing, But.....

I sent Squirrel and Wallene to the store today to buy some chicken for our fried chicken dinner tonight. I asked for a pack of thighs, a pack of legs and one chicken breast [bone in, skin on]. I explained to Squirrel that the chicken breasts usually come in packs of three but since the butcher is a good guy just to ask for one and he could repackage it.

Or not.

Turns out that when she asked he said NO - and was snotty about it - he asked "What would I do with a pack of two chicken breasts, huh?" Oh, I don't know Einstein - there aren't any families of two in our little 'burg? And what is up with the pack of three anyway - is everyone a family of three around here? Jeesh.

She left with a package of three. Chicken salad anyone?

Okay...moving on.

The girls skipped over to Dunkin' Donuts for a walk-home 'nosh and while there Squirrel was gifted with a free donut by the young man working the counter. He said it was his employee discount for the day and he would like her to have it. ???


Squirrel: I was all flirty today Mom!

[Imagine giggles and big smiles during this conversation]

Skippy: Really? You?

[Now understand - this child doesn't date. She went to prom with a friend and has never had an honest-to-goodness date in her life. Flirting is a foreign concept to her.]

Squirrel: Yep! And I met the cutest guy at Dunkin' Donuts. He is going into the Air Force in August.

[TMI for buying a donut? Hmm]

Skippy: That's wonderful [meaning going into the service]. Did you tell him both your Grandfathers were Air Force men?

[ You know - build a little comraderie, what not?]

Squirrel: Um no. But, but...he gave me a free donut - he said it was his employee discount for the day.

Skippy: Squirrel - he didn't give you a free donut because it was his discount - um, he gave it to you because...well he thought you were cute.

Squirrel: [eyes wide] Oh. Really? Oh - giggle- Really? That's cool.

Skippy: [I swear my mouth moved before my brain could stop it] Don't you think you could've flirted your way into 1 chicken breast for me?

Squirrel: ............

I still don't think she gets it.

Thank goodness.


TinaM said...

LOL! You're to funny :)

Celia said...

What a sweet story!