Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Be Or Not to Be A Colonoscopy ... That is the Question!

Hi dere Mamas. We mist youse. And the kids rearranged da' funuture.

No really - the ACTUAL question is have you ever seen BLACK jell-o before?
Yeah, I don't think I have either - but it was an awesome Jedi Food mind trick for the whole 45 seconds it lasted this afternoon at lunch. Heehee!

Okay, okay this does all tie together - as usual - even if I wasn't taking 25 mg. of Dialud. :D But every little bit helps and it is all kinds of fun!

As of Noon I have been put on a clear liquid diet until I finish drinking a gallon of something called "Go lightly". [As in "Holly Go Lightly" - Audrey Hepburn? or as in pee clear?] This is my first colonscopy so please let's learn together, shall we?

Oh, the black jell-o - first impression was this was gross! They serve all our "clear liquids" in these little black containers and when I first leaned over to survey what nasty flavor of jell-o I thought I had I could only see big black chunks - ick - which evidently apple flavored [yellow tinted] jell-o appears to be black because of the black bowl. My first thought? You know it - have any of the tadpoles ever seen black jell-o and really WHAT flavor might it be? I couldn't wait to post and ask - surely y'all knew about the black jell-o phenomenom.

How disappointing to find out it is [just] yellow and apple juice flavor. Yuck. I promptly ate a two piece cracker pack [bad Skippy, bad] and NOW I have to suck down this nasty water.
And the topper will be the colonoscopy tomorrow! Woohoo!
Well hopefully this will give more stuff to write about although I can honestly say I don't think the procedure tomorrow is quite going to have the punch line I am thinking of :D.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decifering the Doctors

I love the hospital I am in [inasmuch as you can love a hospital]. I especially love the team of Doctors that are taking care of me, not to mention the shift nurses and their CNAs. I feel very well taken of with just one teensy, little exception.

Every Doctor thinks another Doctor has updated with me regarding tests, biopsies, the pneumonia [who knew I even HAD pneumonia O-o!!] etc. It is almost comically cute if it didn't get so frustrating. Pneumonia? Helllllo!

Now Pooldad and I are tasked with just how much longer I will be in the hospital. Near as we can tell we are guessing about another week and a half. I still have a few more tests to be run and although I am really close to all the swelling going away [ouch!] in my legs hopefully that will be sooner than later.

I don't know how much sense any of this made, but when I am more awake tomorrow I will tell you all about the food and some of the funnier Nurses.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Narrowing it Down Nicely

The Good News? Okay: I don't have renal failure and my liver looks lovely. My thyroid is a site to behold and my white blood counts are perfectly on tonic.

The Bad News: Here I sit at 5:50 am in the hosspeetal where they have come to the conclusion that I have Congestive Heart Failure [CHF] AND [hey you didn't think my body was going to be dull did you? I scoff at you ;D] AND, AND [it's a big AND tadpoles.....]

I am having a biopsy done under anestathia for Cancer. And I hit the trifecta too - Colon or Breast or gynecollogical! How's dems' apples.? Or should I say how's dems Canzars? LOL

On a funnier side - I had Dialud [sp?] a painkiller for the first time last night. WEEHAW -mixed with the Ativan I was dozing asleep mid sentence and then waking up, forgetting where I was and thinking I was holding "court" with Royalty - and people wonder why I don't take prescription meds? Hehee [Hardest part was they gave it to me around 3 pm and it wore off around 10 pm - Now I am awake, awake.

I am currently on my sixth pint of blood [in one day] for a blood transfusion and let me just say - this stuff is high octane. I have so much more strength and color. People have been commenting - which makes me feel good.

So far we have only told the kids and my mil. The Porcupine is handling it well, the Squirrel is playing a keen game of avoidance [as to be expected] and I think I worried my poor mother in law into 2011 because I am going to be fine. Right?

ConnieMom - Don't you worry. I am going to be fine. I am going to be just fine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You PLEASE Stop Doing That?

Every year, without fail - I swear, every single year, in the spring, our landscaping company manages to CUT our cable line. Well, not just myour cable line - but the phone line and the internet line that run into our home.

Every year it is reburied. Every year they manage to hit it. And you know it wouldn't be so bad if someone, either Comcast or the landscape company, would fix the dang thing in a timely fashion AND rebury it correctly - but nooooooooo! We ultimately sit and wait while they argue over who's responsibility it is.

Now I can live without TV all day, week, month long. I can even forgo my own internet line as I have a very gracious neighbor that shares when things like this happen - but I refuse to go without a telephone line; not because I love to talk on the phone [I don't really***] but I am confined to this house/my bed 24/7 and if I fall or something happens I need the phone. And tadpoles Comcast just isn't getting THAT little bit of information through their thick skulls.

We were told to purchase a cellphone for me to use while they resolve this problem. Buwha?!?! I pay Comcast good money to provide me with phone service and now I have to spend additional money so I can have an additional phone [I will never need again] while they straighten this out?
I do not think so.

I should've known they were going to annoy me anyway. When we called yesterday to tell them the cord had been cut by the landscapers they set up an appointment for between 8 am and evening [wide gap, eh?] so Pooldad had to wait until they showed up [thus missing work] and when the idiot repairman arrived he checked all the connections INSIDE the house, informed us it was an OUTSIDE problem [um, DUH?] and we had to call Comcast back and reschedule. Again - Buwah?

So we are entering our third day without cable, internet and phone and they should be out at their convenience. BAH! Unfortunately our only other choice is Verizon and they are even worse than Comcast.

On a better note - it did rain all day on Tuesday and since it was so warm and cozy inside [and quiet!] I slept from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm with only periodic awakenings to toddle off to the bathroom [I drink a LOT of water :D] It was bliss. It actually works out kind of nice because if I sleep all day I am awake when the kids are home until bedtime and then I stay up all night on the 'net [and right now I am watching Harry Potter] and be awake for their breakfast and off to school in the morning before I go back to bed. Bonus.

Who says I can't find a silver lining? :D

***The exceptions to this are NMM, Georgia Peach and Pooldad

Monday, April 12, 2010

No News not necessarily good news in Skippy's case.

I want to thank all of you for your emails, texts, comments and phonecalls inquiring to my whereabouts.

Right now I am still among the living [see me type? :D] but feel more dead than alive. Due to some extreme complications I only have use of my right arm and I haven't felt up to posting, but thought I better put something up before one of y'all actually shows up at the hospital [or our home].

I didn't start this blog to chronicle my health [and the ensuing problems] and I am not going to start now but please understand that I have gone from bad [diagnosis] to worse [symptoms/flares] to the "You're joking, right? stage [heavy complications]. We didn't see any of this coming on so swiftly - but I suppose it is the nature of the disease that no one really knows what exactly is going to happen next.

I do read all your blogs - they make me happy - but simply do not have the strength or thought process to comment - but know I am there in spirit.

When [if?] I start to feel better I will begin posting again, but it will be the happy stuff [which, despite my health problems we still have happening - it's all good!]. Okay?

Okay! I am worn out now - but thanks again for checking in and I will, hopefully, talk to y'all soon.

Love, Skippy

Important PS: To those of you that I have called on my husband's cellphone [area code 703] when our phones were down? Could you, kindly, please refrain from using that number to contact us? It is actually his work phone. If you would like to call please use our home number [area code 571] and YES! you can now leave a message. Thanks so much.