Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Be Or Not to Be A Colonoscopy ... That is the Question!

Hi dere Mamas. We mist youse. And the kids rearranged da' funuture.

No really - the ACTUAL question is have you ever seen BLACK jell-o before?
Yeah, I don't think I have either - but it was an awesome Jedi Food mind trick for the whole 45 seconds it lasted this afternoon at lunch. Heehee!

Okay, okay this does all tie together - as usual - even if I wasn't taking 25 mg. of Dialud. :D But every little bit helps and it is all kinds of fun!

As of Noon I have been put on a clear liquid diet until I finish drinking a gallon of something called "Go lightly". [As in "Holly Go Lightly" - Audrey Hepburn? or as in pee clear?] This is my first colonscopy so please let's learn together, shall we?

Oh, the black jell-o - first impression was this was gross! They serve all our "clear liquids" in these little black containers and when I first leaned over to survey what nasty flavor of jell-o I thought I had I could only see big black chunks - ick - which evidently apple flavored [yellow tinted] jell-o appears to be black because of the black bowl. My first thought? You know it - have any of the tadpoles ever seen black jell-o and really WHAT flavor might it be? I couldn't wait to post and ask - surely y'all knew about the black jell-o phenomenom.

How disappointing to find out it is [just] yellow and apple juice flavor. Yuck. I promptly ate a two piece cracker pack [bad Skippy, bad] and NOW I have to suck down this nasty water.
And the topper will be the colonoscopy tomorrow! Woohoo!
Well hopefully this will give more stuff to write about although I can honestly say I don't think the procedure tomorrow is quite going to have the punch line I am thinking of :D.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Black Jello!! All I could imagine was licorice! The prep is the only bad part of the colonoscopy. The procedure itself is done with some really nice drugs. You won't be aware of anything. I hope it all goes well......

Michaela said...

Hi Baby, Black Jello sounds like someting Darth Vader would enjoy. I havent had the (dubious) pleasure of a colonoscopy yet. But we have a prep medicine called Picoprep which is the worst! (tastes terrible, makes you go to the bathroom a lot). Im wondering if your Go Lightly is some kind of sugar-coated name for the same thing. My prayers are with you, Skippy girl. xxxooo

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Having seen 50 come and go, I can tell you that the colonoscopy diet is a mother-effer. Go Lightly? Mine was called a bowel cleanser and I thought me and the bathroom were going to get married by the end of the day. Good luck. Will look forward to the blog about the rest of this. :)

Teresa said...

I will strongly suggest RIGHT NOW that you ask for some diaper rash ointment (have your kids sneak it in if you must) in the form of A&D or something to protect your tender spots from the acids that will be exiting your body over the next few hours.

Other than that, the "milk of amnesia" drugs tomorrow will be lovely. Just lovely...

ellen abbott said...

there are some advantages to having no insurance.

Greenmare said...

black jello??? those pills DID hit you didn't they? mmmmmmmmmmm licorice jello! (gag) If I could I would send you one of my little hamburger cookies for when you can have solids again! Enjoy the drugs while they last sweet Skippy Mom!
oh and the little plate under the little burger is from a whole bunch that I inherited from my grandma when she and grandpa closed their little cafe in ND years and years and years ago. They were for serving individual pats of butter. Can you say totally retro?

life in the mom lane said...

Hang in there Skippy! My thoughts & prayers are with you!!!! xoxo

RVVagabond said...

Skippy on drugs sees black jello. You are too funny, woman.

Yep, the prep for the colonoscopy is definitely no fun, but the procedure is a breeze thanks to the dreamy stuff. And then it will be done for the next ten years. Hang in there.

word verification; adeable. Skippy is adeable when she's medicated and being silly.

Phelan said...

I make black jello. My boys love it. It is black cherry jello with a little food coloring. But I am raising a bunch of homesteading biker goth boys here. We also have green es and ham once a month.

Phelan said...

my g doesn't seem to be working at times. that should have said green eggs.