Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Just Blew Up All Over Our Home!

The kidlets made reindeer candy canes
One of my gazillion snowmen decorations
I think the kids did an awesome job decorating the tree.
Here is our Charlie Brown tree with lights and our fav' sign.
And Dad put up a bajillion lights outside - neat huh?

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I had a few interesting conversations with our sons over the holidays and it has left me to sit here and wonder.

I wonder "What the hell?" I simply do not get the deaths of Pooldad's and my first spouses.

When talking to my [step]son about his Mom's death he said that she had been struggling for years and he felt her battles were too great for her to handle. He said that he was relieved that she was finally at peace and in a better place. He also told me that she accidently overdosed.

Huh? What? Not the O/D - but the better place? How unhappy was this woman? WHY was she so miserable? What were her battles?

Then talking to JR he related that SR didn't, in fact, overdose he had died from a heart attack, at 38, brought on by years of heavy alcohol abuse. How do you die at such a young age from that? How can you be so miserable that you have consumed that amount of alcohol, by that age, to cause your own demise? What the hell is going on?

I may be overthinking this [me? overthink something? no way....] but I finally had to go back to bed last night. I couldn't stand the fact that these people were gone and they had been so, so, so unhappy for so long. Why didn't they call? Reach out? How come I didn't know?

I don't usually go over the whys and the wherefores of death. Goodness knows I have been to my share of funerals of very close friends and beloved family members, but these two deaths are bothering me.

I know I can't bring them back and our life for the past decade and a half has been fraught with a lot of battles, but I swear I never wished these two dead. Now that they are gone and I know I won't be getting anymore phonecalls, nasty letters or a vile visit - but I don't find myself assured by this. It is almost as I wish the phone would ring or a court order would show up on the door. Heck, child support payments would be welcome if they would just not be dead. Does that make sense?

After SR and I were divorced he called me one day and was being particularly pricky - but I just laughed and made a joke about child support. He laughed back and said "That is what I like about you Skippy - you have never lost your sense of humor. No matter what I do you can still laugh." I responded that I had to laugh, what else was I going to do?

I think what bothers me the most is I don't see the humor here, at all. Not that I should [honestly] - but everyone that is in our lives [for reals] seem to think this is some kind of great karma for all these two put us through the past 15 years.

I don't see it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Could This Day End Any Better?

JR came to visit and eat a bit - and we are ending our night playing the old time Galaga game on the TV. It is 12:30 am and I couldn't be happier.
My chest hurts from laughing so much.
Body parts! [inside joke, sorry!] and the the lil' dachsie has spent her night chasing a mini remote control car around the kitchen floor. Nothing screams "Thanksgiving" like battery operated entertainment, right?
And the richocheting bottle cap? Oh holy goodness.....Ask the Squirrel - we all wet our pants laughing. When I tell you, honey, to throw it back please don't miss and let it hit you smack in the head, 'kay? Okay.
I love you all and I thank you for being here for me. I couldn't do it without you.
ETA: The answer to the post title is a resounding YES! My day did end EVEN BETTER [at 1:50 am]- Please go check out Gizmo and see what she did on behalf of the fight for Lupus. I can't stop crying. Thanks Giz. Thank you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who Do I Thank First?

Not the most attractive creature on the planet, I admit - I guess I could've called all of you bunnies or something - but face it. You are stuck with tadpoles and it is what it is. [Hey, think about it - that pic' beats the picture of the turkey I posted last year!]

HI TADPOLES! Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite circum[lupus]stances beyond my control I find myself incredibly grateful this year and for that I have you all to thank. Seriously gang - how I get through the day is a wonder to me - but y'all make it easier and for that? I thank you. I worship you, I want to kiss and hug everyone of you and I want Yvo to marry JR [hey Yvo? You started that!]....but since all of this is not possible...I will simply post my thanks this way:

I will start with my two oldest tadpoles [and before they berate me in comments for that - let me clarify - they read my old blog, not that they are OLD, jeesh...but I know you two and you would do it, giggle]:

Marni - Hey Miss Southern! You have the greatest southern accent - it's a Georgia thing, I know, but I adore hearing your voice on the phone. Your comments are always apropos, your emails lift me and help in words immeasurable. You have been here for it all haven't you? You know the whole story. Thank you my friend for being my friend, no matter what.

Yvo - My true New Yorker. I couldn't be more maternal of a tadpole if you were one of my own offspring and I am not even [quite] old enough to be your mother. You have, also, been here through it all from the old blog to this one and you know - and you let me know. Slap me down about head cheese girlie, I can take it. It may be the internet, but it would be a cold day for me and my family if you were to go away. I can't tell you how much you mean to me.

And for the rest of you verterbrates [I know a vet if you need care, hey!] I love you too -

Linda - I have been reading your blog forever but was never compelled to truly comment until your Mother became ill. I would have wanted a friendship forged on different circumstances - but I am fortunate it happened regardless. No one makes me laugh like you do - I ask and you deliver. Grateful? Thankful? I don't think there are words that can describe what you have given me in the past few months.

Christopher - [Jo and Jasper] What can I say buddy? I was one of your readers from back when - and it has been my absolute pleasure to see you grow, become engaged, buy a home, marry Jo and have Jasper. It is presumptious of me but I feel like an internet Grandma to your family but your blog writing and comments bring me more hope and joy than you will ever know.

Waiter? You are just the awesome. You make me miss waiting tables, hee, but better? Your love for you family is unrivaled and some of the best stuff I read on a daily basis. Your advice is always taken. And your quizzes? Go man!

Rudee - Sage woman. I think you absorb the wisdom of the ages while knitting - you are astute, to the point and one of the brightest women I know. I always smile when I see I have a notice of a comment from you - because I know you are either going to make me laugh or slap me back in place. Both are welcome and I thank you for that.

Diane - I couldn't even try to be as funny as you. I don't think anyone could, but dayum - your posts relate life in such a way I tend to think "Hey - get out of my head." And in your busy life you take the time to come over and tadpole your way into the comments with something kind or funny.

Gizmo - What can I say? You are the sweetest person I have met on the 'net. Your love for your friends, family and all God's creatures is so inspiring. You are a wonderful supporter of me in my life with Lupus and you have rewarded me in ways I can't begin to thank you for. But know I am truly grateful.

Ellen - you are a newer tadpole and a gifted, welcome addition. Your blog inspires me and your comments to me are always helpful and spot on. I am so glad you come around and that I have your blog to wander over to for the beauty and serenity your artwork provides.

Amy - What words can I use? Publish a book of your photos before I steal them all and become a gazillionaire!!! You can write one word and post a pic' and my whole day is made - I love seeing/reading the trials and tribulations of Thomas and Clara as it makes me remember my kids when they were babies [but yours are SO much cuter] and you are always so supportive as a tadpole. I am so happy in the scheme of things that you find a minute to come by and say hi in the comments. I always leave with a smile after seeing or reading anything you post.

Jeannie - Thank you for always taking a moment to read and comment. I take everything you say to heart as you know and understand. You are my sweetheart tadpole.

Kathy - I adore reading your blog and you are so kind to come around and comment with your incredibly busy schedule. Your heartache these past few weeks has become mine and I wish I could be there for you and pour a cup a tea and give a hug. You are such a welcome addition to the tadpoles. Bless you.

Yum Yucky - Just the best laugh of the day and a beautiful family to back it up. I love your blog and you are right there when I need a laugh or a piece of advice. Too great and I thank you.

Life in the Mom Lane - I couldn't forget you - ever faithful tadpole. You and me are the Moms aren't we? You are true to yourself and let me know when I have done right, done wrong and when I need to just forgive myself. Thank you so much for being my friend. Now, exactly what IS your name? :)

and Mare - you are an inspiring woman and a gift that comes around once and a while with something I need at that time. You know your stuff and you share which is so much appreciated. Hugs!

The past few weeks/months have been hard on me, but not a single one of you has let me down. You have all been there and helped me along. I will say it again, it just may be the internet to the rest of the world, but you all ARE my friends and I count on you to get through my long, lonely days. I hope that isn't too much to ask.

For your support, advice and love - I thank you.

Thankful for my Tadpoles.

I love you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being a Parent is Hard - Being My Kid? Harder

No parent ever wants to see their little girl cry. Over a skinned knee, a high school disappointment, a broken heart - nothing hurts a parent's heart more than to see the pain in their child's eyes.
What is worse than knowing somone or something has hurt your child is the realization that you did it to her yourself. As inadvertent as it may have been at the time, it is crushing to know that you [and her Dad] did the deed this time. Something you have protected her from birth and avoided at all costs because the pain in your heart was too much to bear when you saw the pain in her eyes.

I honestly didn't realize what we did [didn't do] would hurt the Squirrel so deeply. And I know there is no way to go back and make it better. I can't bring back that one hour. It wasn't something we said - it was something we didn't do and it was because of this stupid, f*ck*ing Lupus. But she doesn't understand and I get that - still I can't bear the thought that she is in her room crying her eyes out because I am such an incapable parent and I took her Dad down with me.
There really is no excuse. I had no right to hurt her. I honestly didn't mean to, but it doesn't change that it happened. And I have no way to fix it now.
I realize the true, physical pain in my heart as I type this isn't half of what I know my little girl is feeling right now and I just wish, wish, would go away.
I am tired of sucking.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Ties

My sister LA, my cousin Evelyn, my Aunt Mary and my MomAnd yes, we get our dachshund addiction from our Mother.
That is Max in the picture - Mom's pride and joy.
[Doesn't my sister look great for 50 years old?]
I called my Mom on Saturday to chat and check in on her and she asked me to hold on and I heard her pass the phone over.
Imagine my surprise when I heard my son's voice on the phone! :)
JR had driven overnight [8 hours] on Friday night so he could be at his "Naner's" door on Saturday morning. He works retail, but managed to request this weekend off to visit her. He understands that she isn't well and doesn't have a lot longer with us.
I was happily surprised. He didn't tell me he was going - but it makes sense. They have a very special relationship - he was her very first grandson and she has always called him "Angel Face". I spent a lot of time taking care of my Mom and Dad when he was younger so he was around them all the time. They are very close.
I don't think she could've been more thrilled than to see him on her front porch on Saturday. They hung out, ate and watched movies until he had to leave on Sunday.
It makes me feel better that his lil' roadtrip made her so happy. We were going to send the kids down for Christmas break, but I am thinking he is afraid she may not make it that long. I think we are all afraid of that.
Kudos to you JR - thanks for making my Mama - your Naner - so darn happy. Can't wait to see you and your brother on Thanksgiving. Love you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Rachel Ray Teapot Has Arrived

This post details how I came into possession of this lovely orange teapot from the Rachel Ray Line of cookware offered at Isnt' it cute? I was so excited that they sent me a teapot because I knew we would use it everyday and they sent it in orange - which is just about the happiest color imaginable, don't you think?
Unfortunately, that is probably the kindest thing I can say about this teapot. And that makes me sad, because, honestly? I really, really wanted to like it.

First design flaw?
The space between the handle and the lid. The lid has to be screwed off to fill with water. In our home I have the smallest hands - even Wallene's hands are larger than mine - and to be honest? My hand does not fit in the space comfortably to open it up. As seen in the picture I have to contort my hand to attempt to open and remove the lid for filling. It is not easy. I had the entire family try it and they agree. I measured and the space is a bit under 2".
Second oops?
When you do manage to open the lid and fill it for a few cups of tea this is an incredibly heavy teapot. We put in approximately 3 cups of water so each of us could have a cuppa' and even Wallene had a problem lifting it. She could, but I wouldn't suggest it for the elderly or anyone that is weak. You would need serious arm muscles to use this a few times a day. On second thought? You may be able to build up your strength lifting it on a daily basis.
Third disappointment?
The whistle. Teapots should whistle when they are ready, correct? And they should do so lustily - at least all the teapots I have owned did. Unfortunately not this one. Let me just ask that you not leave the room if you would like to know when your hot water is ready, 'kay? It has a weak whistle. Mae West it is not.
This is the latch [see it on top of the handle?] that opens the spout for pouring. Our spout lid was a bit scratched up [no worries there] but the latch feels so inadequate when you click it to open the spout top as though it wasn't made to the specifications of the sturdiness of the pot itself. I suspect it won't last long.
But! A nice touch is the latch does click into place so you don't have to hold it while pouring. But please note: be careful while pouring - if you have more than a few cups of water in the teapot it will dribble down the pot while you are pouring water into your cup and you will have hot water all over the counter.
Now, for the disclaimers:
1. I was contacted by the company and offered a free piece of Ms. Ray's cookware to review if I did so on my blog. I did not pay for the pot nor the shipping and handling. [Retail cost: $39.99 plus tax]
2. The person I dealt with at was very polite, nice and prompt with all my questions and concerns. I hope to deal with this company again in the future, either in a purchase or another review or give away.
3. I did notify my contact at the company after trying the teapot and told him I was not comfortable giving a favorable review as I did not like the teapot and if I was to blog about it I would have to be honest. I offered to either post honestly or not post at all and return the teapot since I was unable to fulfill my obligation. He was very generous and told me I could post a poor review, as that was the truth or I could not post at all. It was up to me. And he added that he did not expect the teapot back, that it was mine to keep.
We will keep the teapot - as it really is a happy little appliance. We just won't make more than one cup of tea at a time and will stay in the room to know when it is done. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Little Pony

Scooby loves the kids so much. He allows them to lay all over him.
And he had his own pony. For a while. Then he ate it.

On a funnier note I think I need more sleep. I was pretty darn cold the other evening and during the Nightly News with Charlie I decided to go sit for a few minutes in the bathroom to warm up [remember I have a space heater in there]. Wellllll.....I fell asleep. Hard.
Hard enough that when Wallene came and knocked on the door I woke up long enough to say "Have a good day at school honey. See you after Dance Team practice." And promptly fell back to sleep. [I guess I thought she was leaving for school?]
Pooldad became concerned after a few more minutes and began banging on the door which woke me up fully. When I stumbled out he asked what happened and I replied "You just interrupted my nap." I tried to play it off, but I was cranky. It was really warm in there and I was tired.
I will take sleep anywhere I can, y'know?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Found Someone!

[Future Worm Wrangler :)]

Yep! I found an actual person at the Squirrel's school to hear me out regarding the tadpole/worm fiasco.

The Principal.

He knew nothing of the situation [as he shouldn't-it is just one class in the scheme of his day] but he asked me tell him about the entire scenario. At the end I apologized for taking so long with the story and I said I knew it sounded absurd, but....

His response?

"Don't apologize. One day Mrs. Skippy I am going to write a book. I am pretty sure this will be chapter 11. Thank you."

I knew something in my life would be published someway or another. :)

PS - Rudee made a good point. I have to say the Principal is a good guy and wasn't blowing me off - he will try to help. I don't know if it will help and at this point I don't care, but I am sorry if I gave the wrong impression. He will try.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Support the Worm Industry

I don't know who the idiot Veterinarian is that is taking kickbacks from the worm industry but we were given two choices for the Squirrel's Independent Science Research project since Tadpoles were kicked out. [click the link first link to read about the project stupidity and the second for the denial. Thanks!]

Our choices?

Black worms or mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae are almost useless to her experiment so Black Worms it is.

Guess how much the lil' wigglers cost?


[Why, yes. YES I am actually SCREAMING at you.]

We need FIFTY.


Did you miss that? EIGHT DOLLARS A WORM

[throat getting sore].

This is just about my dinner budget for one night for one worm? Holy god.

Oh, and the Veterinarian that denied the original project was worried about who would take care of the frogs [who would be grown beyond tadpoles] once her project was over. The "cruel and inhumane" part of the denial remember?

I didn't think we were releasing lion cubs into the wilds of the Serengeti with no skills....they are EFFFFFFFFING FROGS. I am pretty damn sure they can figure out how to survive at our local pond.

I seriously think I need throat spray now because I am STILL SCREAMING.

We will now have GOLD STAR worms. 400 EFFFFFFING DOLLARS worth of worms.

My food budget for one month.

As I alluded to in the title - that Vet must be getting a kickback. I am almost sure it is from the website that we are buying these worms from.

Anyone want to chime in on how STUPID this is? And bet your boots I am going to be all over the net warning people away from this Veterinarian.

Two EFFFFFFFFINGS and a STUPID have now rendered me mute from screaming. You are welcome. :)

Please do NOT tell me to change the project or not buy the worms or whatnot - I have tried everything - the year is fading away and she needs to start this project sooner then later and she has to pick now. I am not an indulgent parent - the school is forcing my hand. I am angry and I have no one to listen to how ridiculous this all is.

I am going over to visit Linda and look at her sunsets at Myrtle Beach. 'Tis about the only thing calming to me right now. Well the pics and the drink she taught me to make ::winking at Linda::

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Say a Prayer or Think a Happy Thought

Eva has returned to the hospital because she can't breath on her own, with oxygen, at home.

Please think nice thoughts that she is home soon. Thank you.

Absurdity Thy Name is Tadpoles

Not you guys.

Remember this post about the Eldest's science project for ISC? Well.....

After all the research the Eldest did, presenting her proposal, jumping through the hoops to find a Veternarian and ordering the tadpoles and pond water it has been decided by the committee that the project is DENIED.

Light therapy on tadpoles?
Denied? You ask?
Whatever could it be Skippy? [feel the sarcasm people]

Seems the committee's Veterinarian feels that the project presents [and no, I am not kidding] "Cruel and unusual punishment to a vertebrate."

.............I'll wait why you pick your chin up off the floor..............

They have decided that she must use an invertebrate for this project, i.e. worms or crayfish or some such, who knows.

Really committee? Honestly. Really? It isn't like she is doing invasive surgery on a dog or a cat. They are TADPOLES for goodness sakes. Right?

Who knows? Now I have 50 tadpoles and a couple of gallons pond water headed my way - which doesn't upset me as much as now my daughter is behind the game because she has to start over.

The world is TOO politically correct anymore.

Found on My Camera

Note to self: Stop leaving your camera alone and available.
Random Breakfast Food
These were quite the popular Halloween accessory.
Dyed my hair red in honor of Eva. Best pic' I could find. Shows you my family's photo taking abilities doesn't it? [Or lack thereof]
Told you these were popular.
Yes. My family is weird. But they are mine. All mine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THIS is SOOOOO Much Better Than Free

I posted earlier today about what a banner day it was because we were receiving free appliances. Who was I kidding? Life got even better this evening. Wow, did it get better.

This is our son JR.
Here he is with his Dad.

The three siblings - together again.

Lil' sister worship.
Life? Is good.

Free? Free is Good!

Life is good her in the Pond. My local grocery store [Bloom] is having a give-a-way until February 2010 where you collect one stamp for every $10 you spend. Collect enough stamps - and viola - free Cuisinart appliances! Bonus!! I figure I have to buy groceries, dog food and toilet paper anyway - why not patronize Bloom and get free stuff.

My first free appliance was the most points and it took us a bit of time to accumulate them [I think it was the toilet paper consumption that sent us over the top]- but here it is.

A food processor and blender - AWESOME! It is smoothie land tadpoles! And pesto!
Then today Pooldad picked up this cutie wafflemaker. Squeee!

[Donkey -from Shrek- "And in the morning I'm makin' waffles!" heehee]:
And bonus!! I found out what I was receiving from to review on my blog. How happy is this little puppy? An orange teapot! You just cannot be in a bad mood when your kitchenware is orange. Can you?

Hope you all are having a great day. I am trying to look on the happy side of life - unfortunately I am in an extreme amount of pain today and nothing seems to be helping. I am seriously considering riding Scooby around the house to take the pressure off of my joints. I think he might let me. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am not the most computer literate person, admittedly. And I always brushed aside things like Facebook and MySpace.

I ended up on Facebook a few weeks ago in a very roundabout way, but I have to say I am happy I am there now.

I talk to my kids so much more than before. My friends that are in far flung locations keep me updated on their adventures and share their friends [bonus] and I have found so many of my high school and college classmates - it is amazing!

Plus there is this lil' game on there called Bejeweled [thanks a lot Linda!] that helps me while away a few minutes of my day. And ignore my laundry [thanks Linda :)!]

All in all I have to say it is a pretty neat place to be.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Does England Have Swimming Pools?

Because I am moving. Family in tow.

I understand England has more stringent gun laws than the "Happy to have an AK-47" US of A.

Fort Hood yesterday and now an Orlando, FL office building today?

My country is out of control and I seriously am considering becoming an ex-pat.

I live in VA - home to part of the DC sniper's rampage [I remember trying to tell a kindergartener that there would be no recess that day and he replied "Because they haven't caught the bad man with the gun, right Mrs. G?" I wanted to weep.] and then the VA Tech massacre.

Ask me how many people we knew and how scared we were.

I need to understand this.
Don't ever think it won't happen to you - because it seems it is happening to everyone.

PS - YES I know Ms. Palin is holding a shot gun and not an AK-47. I just wanted a real picture of her and not a photoshopped one where they placed her with an automatic weapon. Found it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Preview to a Review

Isn't the teapot cute! It is part of collection offered at CSN in their Rachel Ray Cookware line.

This week I was contacted by a nice gentleman from the company offering me the opportunity to review one of Ms. Ray's cookware products. Before agreeing I perused their site and was amazed by the style, colors [orange saute' pans? who knew?] and unique craftsmanship of some of the pieces. A good example is the teapot pictured above.

I don't know what I will be reviewing but I am anxious to try whatever is sent my way. Give the store a check out and I will be back with the review as soon as I am done using it in the "Skippy Test Kitchen".

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

It seems the US is one year away from getting approval for a new drug for Lupus called Benlysta. [If you like you can read about it here.]

They have been in clinical trials for a few years [hey! no one told me] and if approved [please] it will be the first drug approved for the treatment of Lupus in over 50 years.

Oh Happy Day! The company is putting in for approval now but it will be the end of next year before they know if they have received it.

It would be really nice to know there is finally a choice that doesn't have the side effects of the steroids, other drugs or the ineffectiveness of OTC painkillers.

All my Lupus pals hang in there! It seems they may have a major breakthrough for the pain and the flares.

I feel better already! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Have A Few Minutes?

The most inspiring blog I read is Eva's at 65 Red Roses. She has Cystic Fibrosis and although she received a lung transplant last year her body is now rejecting her new lungs.
She is an incredibly lovely young lady who keeps her spirits up everyday knowing that without a new transplant she may not live much longer. Her lung capacity is now below 16%. She is on oxygen full time but still manages to live her life, enjoy her family and friends and encourage everyone around her.
Since she is basically home all the time she loves to receive mail. I am hoping that one or two of you would be kind enough to drop her a note or a postcard to lift her spirits. I don't think she will mind me posting her address [as it is on her blog] and hopefully she will receive a bit more mail from tadpoles.
What do you say gang? Can you spare a few minutes and a stamp to drop her a line?
Her address is:
Eva Markvoort
217 Third Avenue
New Wesminster [it is written this way on her blog - but I don't know if it is "Westminster"
British Columbia
V3L 1L9
I would really appreciate any happiness you can send her way. Thanks tadpoles.

PS - From the US it is .98 cents for a letter or postcard - although I know I have a few Canadian readers - I don't know what the postage is from your province.

Over the Top

I woke up this morning with my eyes almost swollen shut. The last time this happened it was because I had an allergic reaction to chocolate - I was 12 years old - and it is the reason I am not a big fan of chocolate and didn't eat it for years. I only had one piece of chocolate this weekend - a small kitkat bar - so I have no idea why I can barely see to type this.

But I soldier on! heehee - it doesn't hurt it is just annoying. Pooldad said "Maybe you got something in your eye?" And I zinged back "Sure! At the SAME time, in EACH eye?" C'mon.

Anyhooodle, Gizmo was kind enough to pass this along to me and it looked like fun:
1. Where is your cell phone? I don't own one [gasp! I know]
2. Your hair? I just cut it all off last week - it is short, spiky and going gray
3. Your mother? Terminally ill
4. Your father? Deceased
5. Your favorite food? Thanksgiving dinner
6. Your dream last night? Something involving super glue
7. Your favorite drink? Green bottled cokes
8. Your goal? To survive my illness
9. What room are you in? Family Room
10. Your hobby? Swapping on
11. Your fear? Exposed heights
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? In an RV heading to warm weather
13. Where were you last night? Right here
14. Something you aren't? A liar
15. Muffins? Carrot Nut from Mimi's
16. Wish list item? Braces for Wallene for free
17. Where did you grow up? VA
18. Last thing you did? Used my inhaler because I had an asthma attack this morning
19. What are you wearing? Sweat pants and a sweatshirt
20. Your TV? On/GMA
21. Your pets? The best ever
22. Your friends? Special
23. Your life? Lonely, but fulfilling
24. Your mood? Chilly [I am cold tadpoles]
25. Missing someone? Very much
26. Vehicle? One
27. Something you're not wearing? Perfume
28. Your favorite store? Michaels
29. Your favorite color? Yellow
30. When was the last time you laughed? This morning
31. Last time you cried? Last night
32. Your best friend? Pooldad
33. One place that I go over and over? The Bathroom [Hey, it has it's own heater]
34. One person who emails me regularly?My daughters' schools
35. Favorite place to eat? Glory Days or Macaroni Grill

I'd like to pass this along to:

Marni at It's a Pug's Life
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Relaxing before the Halloween Parade. Like the "lapdog"?
Wallene hit it big - she counted 179 pieces!

Our pretty devil

Our pumpkins are carved.
[True fact - the pajama pants Wallene is wearing have been in our family for 10 years. Now they fit like capri pajama bottoms :) ]

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.