Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Little Pony

Scooby loves the kids so much. He allows them to lay all over him.
And he had his own pony. For a while. Then he ate it.

On a funnier note I think I need more sleep. I was pretty darn cold the other evening and during the Nightly News with Charlie I decided to go sit for a few minutes in the bathroom to warm up [remember I have a space heater in there]. Wellllll.....I fell asleep. Hard.
Hard enough that when Wallene came and knocked on the door I woke up long enough to say "Have a good day at school honey. See you after Dance Team practice." And promptly fell back to sleep. [I guess I thought she was leaving for school?]
Pooldad became concerned after a few more minutes and began banging on the door which woke me up fully. When I stumbled out he asked what happened and I replied "You just interrupted my nap." I tried to play it off, but I was cranky. It was really warm in there and I was tired.
I will take sleep anywhere I can, y'know?


Ordinary Housewife said...

You DEFINITELY need more sleep!!!!

Jeannie said...

Wow - I thought my husband was bad.

ellen abbott said...

Um, yeah. Falling asleep in the bathroom. Grab another blanket and head for that bed girl.

Teresa said...

that is freaking hysterical! needed that laugh today.