Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Absurdity Thy Name is Tadpoles

Not you guys.

Remember this post about the Eldest's science project for ISC? Well.....

After all the research the Eldest did, presenting her proposal, jumping through the hoops to find a Veternarian and ordering the tadpoles and pond water it has been decided by the committee that the project is DENIED.

Light therapy on tadpoles?
Denied? You ask?
Whatever could it be Skippy? [feel the sarcasm people]

Seems the committee's Veterinarian feels that the project presents [and no, I am not kidding] "Cruel and unusual punishment to a vertebrate."

.............I'll wait why you pick your chin up off the floor..............

They have decided that she must use an invertebrate for this project, i.e. worms or crayfish or some such, who knows.

Really committee? Honestly. Really? It isn't like she is doing invasive surgery on a dog or a cat. They are TADPOLES for goodness sakes. Right?

Who knows? Now I have 50 tadpoles and a couple of gallons pond water headed my way - which doesn't upset me as much as now my daughter is behind the game because she has to start over.

The world is TOO politically correct anymore.


life in the mom lane said...

Your kidding right....?

"Cruel and unusual punishment to a vertebrate."???

Unless she was planning on cranking up the light to the point where the tadpoles were boiled or something how can that be possibly be construed as cruel?

On a scientific note it might be interesting to divide the group in half.. where group A gets x number of hours of light per day vs. group B which gets say like 50% less light to see if there is any difference on how big they get etc...(been there with the science projects so I feel your pain)

So in other words... this vet thinks tadpoles are BETTER than invertebrates- that sounds like discrimination to me Skippy!!!!!!(Heavy sarcasm)

OMG... unbelievable!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I stopped trying to figure out the powers that be long ago. Sounds ridiculous to me, but who am I?

SkippyMom said...

@Life in the mom lane...that was exactly her project with a little bit of cellophane thrown in for ambiance.

How in the heck was she going to hurt the damn things? I have no idea.

But let's protect the tadpoles.

I think I have a new idea for Christmas presents for y'all for Christmas. :)

Jeannie said...

If God used frogs as a plague in Egypt, their young are too sacred to be used in a light therapy project?