Sunday, July 31, 2011

How To Keep Two Flat Tires In Perspective

In June, while on his way to pick up Squirrel from college, Pooldad experienced a flat tire from a nail.  Since he had to be at JMU and move her out by 5 pm he was a bit stressed when it occurred 30 minutes from her exit at 2:30.  The topper to the flat was the spare was also flat and Pooldad only had $100 on him. We had no idea where to get the tire fixed or how much it would cost.  Happily a very nice man came along, inflated the spare and sent Pooldad on his way.  The tire was later repaired at Wal Mart for $65.00.

Fast forward to Father's Day and :boom!: same thing happens on the way to taking his Dad to a National's game.  This time the spare was fine but the bolts on the tire were damaged and they had to wait on AAA to remove the tire. Again, Wal Mart to the rescue for $65.00.

We had the other two tires changed, with warranty, so we are good to go for a while.

Yesterday, while driving around with her Daddy, Wallene called to tell me a rock had hit the windshield and cracked it.  She said it really scared the heck out of her and I told her I had to agree as I had had it happen to me before.  The windshield will have to be repaired [replaced], but it will be a while until that is done. We can still see through it.

Now, why am I telling you this?  Because it seems like our van problems are replicating life's bumps in the road.  Doesn't it?  When you fix one problem, along comes another, then another, but to keep moving forward you have to figure out the solution to the problem otherwise you are without the means to spur you forward.

I don't think I do analogies very well, but it fits in this case.  A flat tire isn't the end of the world, but without those tires our world would come to a screeching halt, wouldn't it?

Everyone has a whole lot more in their lives than the occasional flat tire or cracked windshield and not all those things can be fixed so easily, but they will eventually work themselves out. Trust me.

You just have to work at it one wheel at a time.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Favorites of 5 Senses

I found this meme over at Twisted Christian Dad and thought it looked like fun.  Feel free to try your hand at it too.

You have to list 5 favorites for your 5 senses:  Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, Sound

1.  My favorite things to touch:

  • My husband's arms and hands
  • My children in a hug
  • The doggies' soft fur, especially Scoober's velvety ears
  • A chenille bedspread
  • Furry Man 
2.  My favorite things to taste:
  • A brewed cup of hot tea with a touch of sugar
  • Corned beef and cabbage
  • Any juicy, well cooked beef [London broil and hamburgers come to mind]
  • Fresh squeezed [tart] Lemonade
  • A frosty mug of A&W rootbeer
3.  My favorite things to smell:
  • Clean sheets
  • The smell of the air when it is about to snow
  • Fresh mown grass
  • My husband on his way to work and when he comes home at night
  • Babies
4.  My favorite things to see:
  • My childrens' smiles
  • My husband
  • A text that says "10450"
  • My phone screen when it notifies me "____kid calling" [their name]
  • The clock when it shows "3:40 pm" during the week
5.  My favorite things to hear:
  • The words "I love you."
  • The response "Yo' Mom."
  • Laughter or a good giggle
  • Rain
  • The ocean
I know most of those are pretty obvious and there are a few "inside jokes" thrown in but I hope y'all give it a try. It was a great exercise in trying to choose JUST five.

We are off in the country again this weekend. We have some chores we have to clean up from our vacation that we were unable to due to the heat, so I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Have a great Saturday Tadpoles!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Riddle Me This Tadpoles


I have a question and I figure all you smarty pants out in the pond will either know the answer or have heard of this particular allergy.  Goodness knows I haven't and I am finding it hard to believe as it makes no sense to me.

While reading a review of one of my favorite crab shacks the other evening I noticed one of the reviewers mention that he couldn't eat at this particular establishment because they only served Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and....he was ALLERGIC to anything that came out of THE CHESAPEAKE BAY.  He stated he could eat shellfish all day long from other parts of the states [Florida, Texas, etc.], he wasn't allergic to that, it was only the crabs, oysters and fish that are caught in the Bay that cause his allergies.


I have never heard of a water specific allergy such as this and I don't understand how it could even be diagnosed, let alone monitored close enough to be safe to eat any seafood in our region. [Our area gets a lot of our fresh seafood from the Chesapeake Bay - it's pretty close]

Have you guys ever met anyone who has this type of allergy?  Do you know how it would be diagnosed?  Or is this guy just using his preference for not eating anything from the Bay to claim he has an allergy?

I would appreciate any insight into this and it doesn't have to be specific to the Chesapeake Bay - any body of water allergy story is fine - I just am really curious and I bet someone out there knows. Thanks!

Have a great weekend y'all!  See ya' on the flipside. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can You Wake Me Up When September Comes?

Because August is scaring the behoohoo out of me.

We are going to be busy, busy, busy.  Included on the calendar in August are the following:

  • Pack up Squirrel in Pennsylvania and bring her home [YAY!]
  • Once home she is having her wisdom teeth pulled [Boo!]
  • Wallene starts band camp.  It is 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, for the whole month
  • Return Squirrel to college and get her all set up for her second year
  • Squirrel's band camp starts [reminder to Mom - get the flute repadded]
  • It's Squirrel's 19th birthday [YAY!]
  • Wallene starts High School. [Gasp! Does this mean I am getting old?]  It will be rounds of orientations, shopping trips [Boo!] lunches and lonely days.
  • Eye exams for everyone
  • Although Wallene's birthday is actually in early September her party with her friends is in August.
Now, I realize that the activities are the girls' but the coordination is Mom's job and the driving is Dad's - so, yep - it may not seem like a lot, but it is.  And I know I am forgetting something. Don't you hate that? :D

It's all good tho' - thank goodness we like eachother's company. heehee

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. See ya' on the flipside Tadpoles.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And The Ribbon[s] Go To....


When planning our vacation we searched for things to do in the area we were visiting.  We happily stumbled upon the tidbit that the Orange County Fair was going to be happening. We LOVE the fair! Animals, Food, Heat! Woot!

Come to find out they had categories Wallene could enter for fun!

She looked through the extensive lists and picked photography and collage.  She was allowed 10 pictures and 1 collage so she entered 11 pieces.

Her father and I thought it would be a great experience for her and an extra fun reason to visit the fair.  We had our trepidations - What if the other pictures are amazing?  What if our crappy little cameras aren't worthy of the competition? What if she doesn't even get an honorable mention? Would we have to console her?  What to do to cheer her up? [You know you guys do this when your kids compete. Admit it. heehee]

I swear Pooldad and I talked late into the night about the pros and cons of her entering, but decided since we thought she had talent [parental bias much?] that she should take a chance.

We dropped off her work on Wednesday only to return [rush back] at first chance Friday afternoon to see the results.

We walked into the tent and there were tables and tables of photo exhibits plus additional lattice where choice pictures were hung up.  There were so, so many pictures.


Um....Turns out I don't think we should've been worried.

When we walked towards the first table what we saw was this:
Category: "What's that? Unique Picture
It is Wallene's music stand with her music on it.
The pressure was off! Whew!

Our girlie had a ribbon and a sense of accomplishment. YAY!  We were jumping around like idiots - so happy she had a ribbon.

Then Daddy found the collage and we were blown away:
Category:  Collage title "Life"
It was 115 degrees outside that day!
Momma was melting. Can you tell?
 We continued to walk around, giggling at her good fortune and then found this:
This is our neighbors house.  It is actually not black and white. I love the lamp lit up next door.
 Next to it sat this - double WOW!
Category:  Self portrait black and white

Our very happy little girl. YAY!
Around the corner we found her picture of our Scoobers - turns out our little man is a blue ribbon winner too.
Category: Pet black and white
Pooldad can't believe his "damn dog" won. giggle
I was so happy to see this pic win a ribbon - as I just love the composition of it:
Category:  Still life color
 Momma's pick for winner came true.  I was amazed when she took this and I still love it.
Mom's most favorite.
Sentimental memories - Wallene took this one the day her Grandparents moved from their lifelong home.  The fact it won a ribbon is just a special, added bonus.
Category:  Landscape black and white
This is Wallene's grandparent's back yard.
Her grandfather built those little walkways.

And finally? [Please remember - It IS Wallene my friends:]
Category: Self portrait color
This is Pooldad's favorite because only Wallene would do a self portrait of herself  by using her tennies.
For a total of 11 entries Wallene took home 9 ribbons - 4 first place, 3 second place and 2 third place.

It made the funnel cakes taste all the more sweet Tadpoles. Let me tell ya'. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bwahahahaha! Vacation Makes It So Much Better......

Yes, I AM laughing like a fool.  It is because vacation was so FREAKING awesome.

Really - even with the heat wave [Heat Wave?  What is 104 degrees with 115 degree heat index between friends, I ask?] it was SO  great and surprising and fun.

It was also so incredibly quiet and easy.  Something about being out in the middle of nowhere, while navigating a one level home, had to be the best thing that has happened to us in so, so long.

There were crafts, swimming, horseback riding, watermelon eating contests, the county fair!!!, bonfires, board games, hanging out, laughing and eating to the stupid!*  SO GOOD!

Best line of the week?  "Okay - who downloaded a picture of a horse penis on my computer?"

Funnily enough no one would admit that one to Skippy.  Hmmm.
[No. It wasn't our youngest.]

Here it is:

[I am a 12 year old boy. I admit it. Hush up. ::still giggling::]

We are home, safe, sound and sated.  Nothing could be better.

Here is a little tickler of what is up tomorrow - the Orange County Fair was very rewarding to Miss Wallene - Come take a peek:

I want to thank Amy for giving Wallene the boost to enter this particular picture - Your compliment went a long way - and LOOK! Blue Ribbon!  

Wait 'till y'all see tomorrow.  It's all fun. :) 

And no private horse parts will be involved. I promise. Unless I miss something else my husband downloaded. giggle

I will leave you with a lovely sunset we enjoyed over the mountains of Virginia.  
Courtesy of Wallene
I hope you all had a wonderful week and the one coming up will be even better.


[*"eating to the stupid" is a Skippy Family phrase meaning eating past being full. It was great!]

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Have A Winner! Woot! Woot! S'mores!

Congratulations to Mrs. Thisisme across the pond.  My random generator [Wallene - without having read my blog this week] picked the number 9.

Congratulations lovely lady and best wishes on your s'more making. Please email with your information and we will mail it off tomorrow.

Have a great next week Tadpoles.


27 Hours And Counting

Vacation begins tomorrow at 3 pm.  Yippee!

We are heading to my beloved In Laws' vacation home at a resort out in the Virginia countryside.  It is a lovely home that is all on one level [BONUS!] It sits on a wooded lot overlooking the golf course.  What is it about my parents [both sets] that they build their homes on the 9th green? heehee - there is some synergy there.

A couple of added perks to the trip is that it is free to stay and we get to take the pooches.  In addition, there are so many free things to do while we are there.

For example:
  • Fishing
  • Pontoon Boat rides
  • Horse back riding [No, I will not be partaking.  Gotta' love being ill to get me out of that. CHF has it's benefits. giggle]
  • 3 swimming pools
  • Golf [I am only riding in the cart, but it is so beautiful.  And the lunch truck drives by. Skippy<---all about the food. YAY!]
  • 2 arcades - ping pong and air hockey anyone?
  • Fireworks [over the lake]
  • Life size chess
For an entrance fee we are going to visit Montpelier [home of James Madison - the 4th President of the U.S.] and the County Fair.  I am really excited about the Fair because Wallene has been busy getting her entries ready for judging.  She is entering in the photography and [a few] art categories.  So much fun.

Ooooh - as an added treat there is a drive in movie theater!  OMGoodness! We are going to see the final installment of "Harry Potter" - WOOT!  Drive in theaters are very rare around Virginia so this is really an extra special experience for us.

Wallene has already planned all of our meals for the week and written up a grocery list. God love the child. :D  Since Pooldad was on call last weekend he received a $100 giftcard for the grocery store - FREE groceries! I consider them "free" because he did not receive a single phone call.  That is the on call weekend I like best. heehee

It is shaping up to be a great week. 

I have no idea whether we can get internet in the country -  Don't forget to enter the drawing if you haven't yet.  I will announce the winner at 9:30 tonight and mail the S'more gift pack out tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday Tadpoles. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's A GiveAway!

Remember my post about s'mores?  Well the nice ladies over at the S'more Store thought it would be great to gift me with one of their fabulous s'more containers to give away.  How nice is that?

Here it is:
Courtesy of the S'more Store
This cute container [it even looks like a huge s'more - SQUEE!] has spaces for all the makings for s'mores: the graham crackers, the chocolate bars and the marshmallows. As an added bonus it has an amazingly tight seal so your ingredients won't go stale. Yes!!!

The winner of this lovely prize will also receive the added gift of all of the ingredients to make your own delectable treats. [Pooldad and I will fill it up for you!]  How's them graham crackers?

To enter just leave me a comment letting me know you want to win. We will randomly pick a winner Thursday, July 14th at 9 pm.  Please enter before then! [Everyone is welcome - as long as it is legal to mail marshmallows to your part of the world! :)]

Have a great Tuesday Tadpoles!  And thank you again to the ladies at the S'more Store for this great give away.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wallene's Theory

A whole sandwich
A halved sandwich
A quartered sandwich
Wallene and her friends have their own ideas about how I make her lunch.  During school her friends will check to see HOW I have cut her sandwich.

These are their observations:
  • If I don't cut it [picture one] it means I am mad at her.
  • If I simply cut it in half [picture two] they surmise I am not mad, BUT Wallene and I may have something to discuss when she gets home.
  • If I cut it into fours [picture three] they are all smiles because something great is coming Wallene's way.
Seems these little ladies have a lot of time on their hands. heehee

Allow me to disabuse all those little Fruedians' of a few things.
  • If I don't cut her sandwich it usually means her Dad made her lunch.  He never cuts sandwiches.  We still love her.
  • It I cut it [only] in half it is because the makings of the sandwich will disintegrate if I attempt a second cut. Yes, still loving her.
  • If I manage a quartered sandwich it is because the sandwich has the integrity and I know that is how my baby likes it best. Not loving her anymore or any less.  IT IS JUST A SANDWICH.  There are no hidden messages here
We had the funniest conversation last night regarding this.  Pooldad [reminder: never cuts sandwiches] made Wallene dinner.  Included was a chicken salad sandwich.  As he set it on the table he said, "Here.  I even cut it extra special."  At the same time Wallene and I asked, "OH, you mean you cut it in fours?"  He held up the sandwich [which was JUST cut in half] looked over and replied "I hope you two know how you are getting to our vacation spot* next week." 

*Yes folks we leave Friday for 9 glorious days in the country. That is IF Wallene and I can get a ride. giggle

Have a great Monday.  See ya' on the flipside.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nicely Done Squirrel!

Our biology major strikes again!

Squirrel loves her some biology.

So much so that she applied for a scholarship in her field of study and we found out this evening they chose her.

WOOT! :skippyhappydanceskippyhappydance:

We could not be more proud or more happy for our girl.

Happy day in the Skippy household.

And may I just mention that my house is all sparkly clean?  Seems some peoples took to heart how frustrated I was the other day and decided it was a good day to scrub-a-dub-dub.  I just wanted clean plates and I ended up with a WHOLE lot more.  You should see the hardwoods, windows and the fridge! Squee!

Hope you all are having a happy weekend!  See ya' on the flipside.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Am Just Going to Ramble

With the exception of my meltdown over dirty dishes in the cabinet I would say last night's dinner was a success.

What is about our dishwasher that no one seems to be able to unload it with clean plates and glasses? Can the family not feel the grossness on them?

Do y'all suffer this phenomenon?  I had a lovely dinner prepared of chicken fajitas, refried beans, spanish rice [homemade apple pie for dessert] and SURPRISE! I had nothing to serve it on because every plate I took out of the cabinet was still dirty.

Cleaning the kitchen does not mean "I put everything where it was supposed to go."  It means "I put everything where it was supposed to go WITHOUT FOOD STILL STUCK TO IT."

How can it be possible to not notice Sunday's pot roast still decorating the plate? Or feel the crap on the outside of the glass you just placed into the cabinet?

Moms certainly need the subtitle of "If you want it done right - do it yourself."

Here's the crux of the matter - I can't do it myself and it peeves me off.  I can't unload the dishwasher or clean the kitchen most days.  When I can you best believe the family notices. "Wow, the kitchen looks great. Must've been Mom." What is it about us that we have the "touch"?  Still, it shouldn't be such a big deal to actually get clean dishes put away, but I could not find one plate last night.

I gave up and served them on the plates they had unloaded  I just didn't care. I strategically placed the food to cover the spots on the plates.

And I didn't eat.  I lost my appetite.

There have been so many considerations made due to my illness, but I will be damned if I am going to go to paper plates and plastic cups just because no one can manage to figure out how to load and unload a dishwasher.

Yes, yes - I know there are so many more major issues in the world than a dirty plate in my house, but when your world is compartmentalized into four walls and the ability to maybe cook a few days a week to celebrate two special occasions those plates take precedence.  I wanted it nice, I wanted it special.

It just felt like I had asked too much.  And how can that be too much to ask?

I know I should just give Pooldad his netbook back and return to the comics but I am not feeling the happy, happy, joy, joy right now.  Forgive me.

My blog. My rules.

[And yes, this was more a rant than a ramble.  See the previous four words. Best I can do.]

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Guys ROCK!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pooldad SO loved all the birthday wishes yesterday.  He was quite surprised when they all started popping up in his email.  I can't recall a day I received so many phone calls from him while he was at work. He was so excited by each and every one he would call me and say "Guess who emailed now?" heehee

Thank you so much for helping me give him an awesome gift.  You guys are the best.

And to answer the burning question - YES, we did have fried chicken for dinner - with his favorite sides of homemade potato salad and steamed asparagus plus Wallene's lovely cake.

He is still sleeping it off. :) [The beauty of late shift.]

Now wouldn't you know - I have to come up with something special for dinner today, because . . . .it is our wedding anniversary!

Yeppers.  The first week in July is a pretty busy time for us.  The 4th, then his birthday and boom! Our anniversary.

We don't make a big deal out of the day we were married - we always celebrate the day we met - but this day can't pass without a little something so I will have to come up with Pooldad's second favorite meal.  Since there are so many things tied for second place - it could be a tough.  I am thinking chicken fajitas. :)

Happy Anniversary my gorgeous husband.  Thanks for only keeping me single for 5 hours. :wink:

I love you.
[PS - thanks for the loan of your netbook. xoxo]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wish Him A Happy Birthday Please

Today is Pooldad's 55th birthday. WEEHAW

4th of July


I got forays out of the house are scarce and I am always with my lovely husband.

So, buying a present or whatnot doesn't exactly work. He is there!With me. dang.

I did manage to make him a card, but for a biggie like "55" I thought I should do a bit more.

He means the world to me and takes such good care of me.  You guys know that.

He also cares for you all as I do. I get asked all the time [by him] "So how is 'xxx' doing" or "How has 'yyy' been?" He feels like a friend to you too.  He knows ALL of you, believe me.

What I want to ask - could you please email him a birthday wish today, just because?  I know it is a lot to ask, but you guys are sterling and he would get such a kick out of it to have his in box filled with birthday wishes [or silly stuff, or old people jokes..giggle]

I hope it isn't too much to ask, but if you can do it I would so appreciate it.

I can't throw him a real life party, but a virtual one would be pretty cool, I think.

His email is:

Thanks Tadpoles. See ya' on the flipside.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Have To Be Kidding Me

Casey Anthony was a acquitted? Seriously?

This is O.J. Simpson all over again. [Without the race card.]

Sorry this isn't an all happy, fun, fun post as this truly upsets me. I borrowed Pooldad's computer because I just didn't think a comic was appropriate today.

I want to say this - When your child is missing for over a month and you don't tell anyone, meanwhile concocting a story about how she was with a fictional baby sitter, I have a huge problem believing in your innocence.

Add to that your defense that you claim your daughter drowned in a pool and you were afraid to tell the authorities because your father abused you?!?!?! This was never proven, no history - in fact, you lived with your parents with your child [what abuse victim does that?]

Your 2 year old's skull was found with duct tape attached to her nose and mouth.

And you were acquitted?? GAH!

I have always known the justice system to be skewed, but this just beats all.

Again, I am sorry.  This is just absolutely absurd.  I don't claim to be a perfect Mom, nor even great - heck, I am lucky to hit "good/passable Mom" once a month at this point [ask the kids] - but I will be damned if I didn't know the whereabouts of any of my kids 24/7 when they were 2 [3, 5, 9, ....13] years old. I certainly wouldn't have waited 30 days to have MY Mom call the police if I couldn't find one of them.

Sigh.  The world.  It is SO screwed up.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Comic & A Hello!

Hi, borrowing Pooldad's computer - yuck [his is so different]....I want mine back. 
 Just wanted to say "Hey!" and check in.  Hugs to y'alll.

[No 13 year olds were harmed in the making of this comic strip. Wallene did not suffer severe sunburn.]