Monday, July 11, 2011

Wallene's Theory

A whole sandwich
A halved sandwich
A quartered sandwich
Wallene and her friends have their own ideas about how I make her lunch.  During school her friends will check to see HOW I have cut her sandwich.

These are their observations:
  • If I don't cut it [picture one] it means I am mad at her.
  • If I simply cut it in half [picture two] they surmise I am not mad, BUT Wallene and I may have something to discuss when she gets home.
  • If I cut it into fours [picture three] they are all smiles because something great is coming Wallene's way.
Seems these little ladies have a lot of time on their hands. heehee

Allow me to disabuse all those little Fruedians' of a few things.
  • If I don't cut her sandwich it usually means her Dad made her lunch.  He never cuts sandwiches.  We still love her.
  • It I cut it [only] in half it is because the makings of the sandwich will disintegrate if I attempt a second cut. Yes, still loving her.
  • If I manage a quartered sandwich it is because the sandwich has the integrity and I know that is how my baby likes it best. Not loving her anymore or any less.  IT IS JUST A SANDWICH.  There are no hidden messages here
We had the funniest conversation last night regarding this.  Pooldad [reminder: never cuts sandwiches] made Wallene dinner.  Included was a chicken salad sandwich.  As he set it on the table he said, "Here.  I even cut it extra special."  At the same time Wallene and I asked, "OH, you mean you cut it in fours?"  He held up the sandwich [which was JUST cut in half] looked over and replied "I hope you two know how you are getting to our vacation spot* next week." 

*Yes folks we leave Friday for 9 glorious days in the country. That is IF Wallene and I can get a ride. giggle

Have a great Monday.  See ya' on the flipside.


Tony Van Helsing said...

I think she and her friends have a point, food presentation can be a valid medium of communication. And a sandwich having integrity is priceless.

Unknown said...

I am like Pooldad in that I never cut a sandwich either. Oh well....

Celia said...

That post is too cute!

Southhamsdarling said...

Wonderfully different post today! I loved it. As you say, those gals have far too much time on their hands. Hee Hee! So you have a trip coming up on Friday! Woop Woop! Now that's something to look forward to. Sending big hugs from across the pond.

Jeannie said...

Too funny!
Who leaves a sandwich whole? Besides a man...
I like to cut sandwiches into thirds - how would the friends rate that I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's too funny of them observing what the cut of the sandwich means!

Have a wonderful time in the country Skippy! :D

Knitty said...

You need firm bread and a sharp knife to cut a sandwich into 12-16 pieces to be analyzed next.

Oh wait! I know! Make her PBJs on croutons!!!

Patty said...

Truth be told: I analyzed my lunches too. If there were only three things (sandwich, fruit, drink) I figured my mom and I were on the outs. If there was a Debbie Snack Cake or a treat I knew things were good. If there were the basic three + a treat + CHIPS (!) I knew she really really loved me.
Now that I have my own little guy... I know that my mom never put that much thought into it. Lunch was lunch. It had nothing to do with how much she loved me. BUT if she ever knew that I was analyzing it am POSITIVE she would try her hardest to communicate love through lunch. I'm with Wallene.

Sally said...

It is always interesting, to me, to see how others cut their sandwiches. My mom always cut ours on the diagonal (2 pieces), but I knew so many kids that got theirs cut straight down the middle. My mom said she cut them on the diagonal because then they were easier to get into a sandwich bag without falling apart. Go figure.

I worked at a convenience store/deli for 8 years and they way we cut the sandwiches changed when the shape of the bread changed :-)

Rebecca said...

i love the sandwhich theory to cute and i hope you both manage to get a ride by vacation

Everyday Life

Juli said...

When my mother makes me a sandwich It's because I'm hungry.

When it's grilled cheese cut in fours, it's because she loves me, and knows it's one of my comfort foods.

Moms are amazing. :)

Teresa said...

awesome! love the sandwich cuts.

i hope you have a fantabulous vacation!