Monday, July 25, 2011

And The Ribbon[s] Go To....


When planning our vacation we searched for things to do in the area we were visiting.  We happily stumbled upon the tidbit that the Orange County Fair was going to be happening. We LOVE the fair! Animals, Food, Heat! Woot!

Come to find out they had categories Wallene could enter for fun!

She looked through the extensive lists and picked photography and collage.  She was allowed 10 pictures and 1 collage so she entered 11 pieces.

Her father and I thought it would be a great experience for her and an extra fun reason to visit the fair.  We had our trepidations - What if the other pictures are amazing?  What if our crappy little cameras aren't worthy of the competition? What if she doesn't even get an honorable mention? Would we have to console her?  What to do to cheer her up? [You know you guys do this when your kids compete. Admit it. heehee]

I swear Pooldad and I talked late into the night about the pros and cons of her entering, but decided since we thought she had talent [parental bias much?] that she should take a chance.

We dropped off her work on Wednesday only to return [rush back] at first chance Friday afternoon to see the results.

We walked into the tent and there were tables and tables of photo exhibits plus additional lattice where choice pictures were hung up.  There were so, so many pictures.


Um....Turns out I don't think we should've been worried.

When we walked towards the first table what we saw was this:
Category: "What's that? Unique Picture
It is Wallene's music stand with her music on it.
The pressure was off! Whew!

Our girlie had a ribbon and a sense of accomplishment. YAY!  We were jumping around like idiots - so happy she had a ribbon.

Then Daddy found the collage and we were blown away:
Category:  Collage title "Life"
It was 115 degrees outside that day!
Momma was melting. Can you tell?
 We continued to walk around, giggling at her good fortune and then found this:
This is our neighbors house.  It is actually not black and white. I love the lamp lit up next door.
 Next to it sat this - double WOW!
Category:  Self portrait black and white

Our very happy little girl. YAY!
Around the corner we found her picture of our Scoobers - turns out our little man is a blue ribbon winner too.
Category: Pet black and white
Pooldad can't believe his "damn dog" won. giggle
I was so happy to see this pic win a ribbon - as I just love the composition of it:
Category:  Still life color
 Momma's pick for winner came true.  I was amazed when she took this and I still love it.
Mom's most favorite.
Sentimental memories - Wallene took this one the day her Grandparents moved from their lifelong home.  The fact it won a ribbon is just a special, added bonus.
Category:  Landscape black and white
This is Wallene's grandparent's back yard.
Her grandfather built those little walkways.

And finally? [Please remember - It IS Wallene my friends:]
Category: Self portrait color
This is Pooldad's favorite because only Wallene would do a self portrait of herself  by using her tennies.
For a total of 11 entries Wallene took home 9 ribbons - 4 first place, 3 second place and 2 third place.

It made the funnel cakes taste all the more sweet Tadpoles. Let me tell ya'. :)


Juli said...

holy cow! That is AWESOME!

Seems a scholarship could be in her future! :)

Jeannie said...

That's so fantastic! Maybe a nice camera for Christmas? nudge nudge... or at least a deposit on one - or a lens cap. (That stuff is expensive!)

So glad you didn't decide that she shouldn't have to handle any rejection - I'm sure her heart would have been broken if you hadn't had the guts to even let her try - and look how she did! Pure awesome!

Jumble Mash said...

OMG! How exciting! Her photos are amazing. I especially like the one with the doggy :) Hehe. And her tennis shoes! How cute. Ok, I like them all. Congrats to her!

Knitty said...

I'd jump up and down for her (and you) but it wouldn't be pretty. Instead you can just imagine the big grin I am wearing because the only thing better than a teen getting such positive feedback is the glow of her happy parents!

pooldad said...

I was so thrilled for her I forgot to play golf. The entire week.

What a great day that was. Never to be forgotten.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

That's great. And what a great idea, to look ahead to the vacation and prepare for her to enter her stuff in the fair.

Great parenting, Skip and Pooldad!

colenic said...

That is amazing...that's an incredible accomplishment...congrats to are amazing for the support that you give to your of the qualities I most admire about you...give wallene a hug from us

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You have one talented girl there it is just so fantastic that she won so many ribbons.

Lyndylou said...

That's just magic! What a lovely thing for her and I hope she is going to keep up her photography. I love looking at other people's photos, so so interesting :)

RVVagabond said...

Wallene has a terrific eye for composition and a great imagination for photographs for her age. I loved them all but I'm with you on the playground rings--your eye just follows those rings forever. Woot for Wallene!

Southhamsdarling said...

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Thank goodness Wallene put those entries in. They are all so full of talent, in different ways, and I'm sure she has a great future ahead of her. I love the comment by Pooldad forgetting to play golf for the entire week!! Hee Hee! I love your family and the way that they get so excited for each other. Lovely to see the photo of you Skippymom with that gorgeous daughter of yours. I can fully understand why the one she took of her grandparents long time home would have meant so much to you my friend. This is such a super post! You will all be on a high for some time to come I suspect. Me thinks you will have to visit that Orange County Fair again next year, although how could you possibly top the day you had there. Wonderful. Hugs to you all.

Teresa said...

i'm so proud of her! tell her "auntie T" loves them all. i would have given her ribbons, too. i love photography. very, very cool.

Garnetrose said...

How great! the pics are fantastic. Your girl has talent.

Celia said...

Many congratulations all around.

CWMartin said...


Rebecca said...

wow congrats

Marni said...

Ah-Maze-ING!!! Good on Wallene!