Monday, January 31, 2011

I Solved the Cookie Dilemma/Guilt

Since I had no vanilla and couldn't make cookies to bring to our daughter, Squirrel, at college I found a solution that makes me a [wee] bit happier.

Who knew you could buy fresh baked cookies, delivered warm, with cold milk, to your kid's dorm room? [Duke Mom #1 - did you know about this?]

Not I.  Until today.


I went on line and entered cookies, her college name and Google popped out a company called "Campus Cookies."

I went to their website and ordered this:
This will be a fun, late night snack for her while studying, I think.  Mondays are her hardest days because she has 4 of her classes in a row.

I hope this makes her happy.

I know these make me very happy - again!
Pooldad surprised me flowers
Plus! He is making Chicken Manicotti for dinner.
In progress. 

After an hour add the cheese.

Ta da! Done!

How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick What's For Dinner

Help me out here Tadpoles, please!

Take your pick of what we should have for dinner.  If you vote "other" please tell me in the comments what you would choose.


What Should We Have for Dinner?
Chicken Enchiladas
Parmesan Chicken Breast Tenders
White Chicken Chili in Bread Bowls
Vegetable Soup
Other free polls

Happily Worn Out

What a great day!

We left Saturday morning at 10:30 to visit Squirrel at college. As Mynx can attest to I hadn't slept all night and by the time I said goodbye to her we were on the road.
Side not - never ask an Australian for a cookie recipe at 4 am.  Useless - they have weird stuff over there [sugar syrup - what the heck], and honestly?  Who keeps coconut on hand all the time?  [Don't answer that Bizzy and all you other amazing cooks.]  It is simply not a staple in our house.

And Mynx I am keeding. Keeding, I swear.  Dang anzac cookies.  Which I now want. [Yes, I did buy coconut today on the way home, why do you ask? ::wink::] ignoring my digression - we arrived in Harrisonburg at 12:45 and greeted Squirrel with squeals, hugs and a rug. :)  Her Dad found an area rug in our garage during his "Great Garage Excavation of 2010" [who knew we had one and where it even came from?] and we took it down for her.  She was tickled.  So were we because we didn't have to buy one. Bonus! It is brand new too. YAY!
The girl was so excited she did this:

And this [which concerned Wallene]:
It was so much fun to hang out, go to lunch and do a little shopping.  Shopping was interesting tho' since I was so worn down and in pain we skipped Wal Mart [the parking lot was PACKED - it looked like Christmas] and Pooldad was nice enough to zip us over to CVS.  You can find some good deals and neat stuff in the drug store Tadpoles let me tell ya'.

It wasn't long enough by any means and I fell asleep hard on the way home and after we returned home ["Just get me to the loveseat sweethea....zzzzzz....." It was just like that. Done!]

But I wouldn't give up those 4 hours with our girlie for sleep or a cookie.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

And...We're OUTTA Here!

My last wish [from this week] is coming true - We are off to see Squirrel at college today.

Amazingly enough we are leaving on time.  Wow.

But without cookies for her. :(  I found I had no vanilla to make her favorites and not creative enough to come up with something that uses maple extract. <----only flavoring I had.

Can someone remind me again why I even have maple extract in my pantry?  It scares me.

Hope everyone's Saturday is going to be awesome! YAY.

See ya' on the flip side Tadpoles.  Take care and big hugs.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishes With a Side of Chicken

HA!  I wished for a bunch of stuff this week and every, single one came true.

Check it out:

Pooldad left for his conference in Atlantic City on Monday.
He took 70 pictures with my camera. 90 % look like this.
::shaking my head::
Me either.
I wished he would come home soon. Safe and sound.  He did - in a snowstorm.
Pooldad is in da' house!
Then I wished that if it was going to be so darn cold at least give me some snow.
6 inches Tadpoles.
So pretty.
My neighbor's tree.
I have no idea why they don't cut it down.
It bends like that even without snow.
Then I wished that my baby could stay home with me more this week.
The snow took care of that - because schools have been closed since Wednesday. 
YAY for us.
Although we missed her Orthodontist appointment due to snow.
Braces next week. eek!
Since I missed Pooldad so much and was sad that he had to go back to work on Thursday, I was thrilled that he didn't have to go.  The snow effect.  Work was closed for the day! Whippeeeeeee!
Dad and Wallene made a snowman.
As only a Poolman can do they use pool parts for the buttons and eyes.
Sort of changes the lyrics to "Frosty" doesn't it?
Pool parts work pretty well.
And it did get warmer. With snow.
That's a twofer wish come true.

Finally - my pal Bizzy over at Bizzy Kitchen posts the most fabulous recipes.  The woman can cook.  She also cooks healthy - which is a double bonus.  She shared her recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu the other day.  I was salivating [as I usually do when I visit her blog] and decided this was a must.

Growing up my sister always asked for CCB for her birthday dinner.  Our Mom made it, only begrudgingly, because she said it  was so hard and labor intensive.

I hate to call my Mom a liar, but lied.

This dish is so, so easy.  It also tastes exactly like my Mom's and is amazing.
Bizzy's pics are prettier.
I promise.
My husband plated this.
It is messy looking, but oh, ho, ho is it good.
There you go Tadpoles.
I hope you go visit Bizzy.  She is everything and more then I said.  She could really use a couple of more pals right now, I am sure.  Her beloved husband Tony is undergoing treatment for cancer and with their great attitude [and some fantastic humor] they are working really hard at getting through.

Go share a hug, a good thought or a prayer, please? - we are all really good at that and I know Biz would appreciate it.

Have a great Friday - the weekend is here and I bet we all have something to smile about.

Hugs and love!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is UP With that SLUR and Why are People STILL using IT

I really wouldn't have come to my blog to celebrate the birthday of a celebrity [so not my style] - but I have a reason, as you soon will see.  Please read the birthday wishes and know I mean them, but I have a reason beyond wishing a happy birthday.  You will see why.

Today is Ellen Degeneres' birthday.  I am an absolute, unabashed fan of this lovely woman and her wife, Portia.  My husband and children are huge fans as well.  I DVR the show just so my 13 year old can watch it when she arrives home from school and we can replay the fun on the weekends.

Happy Birthday Ellen.  We love you!

Just gorgeous!

After watching Ellen's wonderful birthday celebration show today I received this phone call:

It was Squirrel.  As we were chatting about classes, snow, dinner - whatnot, she said, "Mom I have to tell you something."

Her voice was full of concern and worry.  
That made me worry.

I asked her "Honey, what is wrong?"

Squirrel said, "Mom I was on the elevator today with three other girls and one of the girls was messing with a hat another girl was wearing.  The girl wearing the hat smacked the other girl playfully and said 'Don't touch my hat you FAGGOT.'"

I was stunned and speechless for a moment and then asked "Squirrel are you serious?  What did you do?"

She said, quietly, "Mom I looked at her and asked 'Are you KIDDING?' Then I asked her if she really just used that word.  I couldn't believe it."

Me, "Then what happened sweetheart?"

Her, "They looked down at the floor and didn't say anything again.  They just got off on their floor and I went onto mine."

Couple of points Tadpoles.
  • I am INCREDIBLY PROUD of my daughter.
  • I am glad those girls didn't argue with Squirrel because I am sure they knew they were wrong. [I am actually incredulous they didn't kick her behind. Kids can be so mean.]
  • I am also shocked that this word is still coming out of the mouths of children.  Don't get me started on who I think is to blame, but I am going to suggest ignorant parents first. 
  • I am heartbroken that our world hasn't come far enough that people think that word is acceptable. I expect more.
You are welcome to your own opinions, and knowing you all, I am sure you agree, but if you disagree, it might be time to click off being a follower and Tadpole. I don't obsess over followers - so I am not going to fall over if any of you  leave.  I have never written this blog for anything other than my family.  The fact that I have Tadpoles - my great friends from it, turned into a GREAT bonus - I am not out to be a writer - but you lose your Tadpole status if you don't think what that girl said was wrong.

I have no problem with that.  If you think that kind of thing is appropriate and an accepted way to talk, then go. Away.

What happened is not a point I will argue with anyone.  I am right and if you disagree with me you are wrong. Period.

I am pretty restrained when it comes to politics, religion and all things controversial on my blog - but I will not tolerate the hurt and ignorance that people continue to spread against people that are born different from others.  You can form your own thoughts about politics, religion, etc while you are growing up - but we are all born a certain color, we are all born a certain sex and we are all born with a certain sexual orientation.  These ARE NOT choices and SHOULD NOT be discriminated against, dismissed or worse, vilified.

Those three things cannot change, will not change and the sooner everyone accepts that we are all human and should be here to help eachother, love eachother and not hate - the better off this world is going to be.

I can't stand that my daughter was put in this position tonight.  

The world needs to grow up.  
Grow up now.  

My 18 year old daughter just gave a BIG  "What for" to the bigots of the world.

I would expect the rest of the population to catch up.

In the words of Mrs. Degeneres "Be kind to one another."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Love Soapy at Star Schmucks

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but it made us laugh so hard.
Just wait for the word "FABULOUS!"
[Warning: Anti Starbucks and foul language.]

Yes, Starbucks was incredibly helpful to me when I didn't have internet, but we did pay handsomely for their coffee, tea and biscuits while using the free wi-fi.

Your laugh for Wednesday Tadpoles.

Let's make it the best one we can, eh?

Monday, January 24, 2011

No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes

I haven't done one of these posts in a while.  I think, maybe a year...eek!

I thought it might time.

First off:
Don't touch my blanket.
I am cold.
NO:  It is cold here.  And it should be a rule that if it is going to be THIS cold then it ought to snow.  I am one of those people [and in a family] that does not wig out over snow.  One inch - twenty inches - three feet, we don't care.  Bring it on. But, c'mon - if we have to suffer the cold then give us something PRETTY to look at.

YES:  I have a nice warm house, with heat and bunch of clothing that keeps me toasty.  Plus, I have a heater in my bathroom.  If you need me later today I will probably be taking a nap in there.
I have been known to do  this.

NO:  I am sad.  Pooldad left today for his annual business trip.  It is the only time of year we are apart and it happens every year.  I hate it.  I miss him.  He will be back on Wednesday and I realize two days isn't that long in the scheme of things - but I am lonely without him.  I am thankful that he is fine [now] so I do count my blessings, but it doesn't make me miss him any less.

YES:  Wallene has Tuesday off from school.  Can we all say "YAY!"  She would've had today off too [boo] but they had to finish their exams from last week to complete their grades for this quarter.  I'll take one day over none.  If it would SNOW - I could get a few more, but one day is better than nothing. :D

YES:  Pooldad promised to take us to JMU this weekend to see Squirrel.  THAT is awesome too - I can't wait.  Since we changed her phone plan to unlimited talk she has been calling a lot more and I think she misses the family.  I know she just left a few weeks ago, but I miss her terribly and I need a hug.

That's all I got Tadpoles. Hope you all have the best Monday you can.  It is worth the effort!

Got Mice?

Since Chief was nice enough to gift me an "LOL Award" for having a funny blog I thought I should post something better than my last post where my brother is being a loon.

I appreciate your comments on that post very much and didn't realize there are a lot of clones running around in this world that resemble my brother.  I feel for you.  We all need to get together and have a "World Appreciation for Nutcase Family Member Day."  Or in most of our cases we can just call it "My Sibling Rewrote History. Yours?"

Don't. Just don't go in the grey house.

Anyhoodle - Pooldad and I were talking about funny stuff the other day and we recalled this story.  It still makes my sides hurt thinking about it.

The first home Pooldad and I owned together was a brand new home that we were the first to occupy.  It was a lovely, big home located next to a wide open field.  We called the field the "common area."  The kids could play there - it was safe and within eyesight of the house.

Unfortunately the common area was owned by the local power company and they were responsible for mowing it and maintaining it.  I say unfortunately because they never took care of it. Never mowed it - never so much as looked at it.  The grass was taller then my 6 year old son.

Enter the mice.  Lotsa' mice.

The winter came and the mice decided it would be a good deal to take up residence in our home.  I wouldn't have had such a problem with them if the understood the one tenet of being a "house pet" - do your business outside.  These mice [as they tend to be] were poopers - I could not stand the mice poopies all over the house and it was driving me bananas.

We tried snap traps. 
We tried catching them by hand. 
[stop laughing]
We had a dog and TWO cats.
Although the dog DID get stuck in the couch trying to kill one. 
He got props for that.

We tried everything.


Until someone suggested we try sticky traps.  Basically they are pieces of paper with a high density sticky surface.  When the mouse steps on it they stick.  They don't die - humane y'know - but [as you will come to see] it REALLY pisses them off and you go in, pick up the trap, extricate the rodent and throw it out the door with an "Adios!" and hope they don't come back.

Doesn't really work as the package says tho'.

The first night we laid the traps down [we followed the poop trail and placed them accordingly] I awoke to a very loud "eeek, eeek, eeek" coming from our master bathroom linen closet. I nudged Pooldad and said "Honey! Honey!  There is a mouse."  He didn't move.  So I hit him and whispered, really loud, in his ear "GET UP! There is a MOUSE  making a helluva lotta noise in the bathroom."  I must have smacked him hard enough because that got his attention.

He stumbled into the bathroom, opened the closet and exited with one little mouse stuck to the trap. The thing was screaming [as only mice can do,  I suppose] while my husband walked out the bedroom door to dispose of Mr. Mickey.

This is where I should point out that not only was it winter, but my husband was wearing boxer shorts. 

Only boxer shorts.

And was half asleep.

I followed him and saw him go outside to the common area.  I watched as he tried to pull the mouse off of the sticky paper.  

Tug-pull-curse-tug-tug-pull-curse.  Repeat.

No dice.

Still carrying the mouse on the paper, dressed in underwear [and by now, I am sure, freezing] he marched back into the house and grabbed a butter knife.

I stood in the foyer [being very dutiful you know] and watched him slam back out the door and attempt to PRY the mouse off the paper with a dull knife, in the moonlight, the whole while cursing the invention of sticky paper mouse traps.

Finally, after minutes of trying to pop the mouse off of the sticky paper, he gave up and FLUNG the paper, mouse and all, into the common area.  It landed upside down, on top of very high grass, with the mouse's feet stuck to the paper and just hanging there.  

It still hadn't fallen off.  giggle.

He just looked at the mouse, hung up 4 feet off the ground, squeaking loudly, mumbled a few expletives and returned to bed.

The best part is we went out the next morning and found the sticky paper in the same position as the night before with NO mouse adhered to it.

We repeated the process for two more nights [sans butter knife but with the addition of shoes and a coat for Pooldad] and simply frisbeed the mice out into the hinterlands, stuck to the paper.  

They stopped coming into the house after that.

It was like they KNEW crazy people with A LOT of glue lived in the grey house and they all got together and decided "Oh HELL no - don't go in THERE.  Didn't you hear what happened to Bob, Sally and George?"

I still laugh. heehee

Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Cause Taxes Bring Up Memories

I don't mind so much doing taxes.
The important part to doing taxes [now] is that Squirrel's financial aid and scholarships are based on them.


While doing our taxes and FAFSA yesterday I felt a bit nostalgic.

I discovered this post - and sent it off to Squirrel at college.

I hope you enjoy it.  I miss her so, so much.

Baby Please Don't Go

They don't call it a "love seat" for nuthin'

Friday, January 21, 2011

Someone Thinks I'm Perfect

I received a video email tonight from one of the most special people in my life.

At first I was a little taken aback by the title - then I realized, when I listened to the words, just what she meant.  She did send me the clean version, which I posted.

I have been crying for a half an hour.

The chorus goes like this:

Pretty, pretty please
Don't you ever, ever feel
Like your less than
Less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing
You are perfect to me

You're so mean
When you talk
About yourself
You are wrong
Change the voices
In your head
Make them like you
So complicated
Look how big you'll make it

This all from a thirteen year old that loves her Momma.

I love you Wallene. Thank you sweetheart.
It means so much more than you will ever know.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Email From the Squirrel

After I sent today's post to Squirrel she emailed me back:


You know there is [at least] a stuffed animal in her future.

Or Scooby. [Our little pony. Fit that in your dorm room girlie]

I love my family.  Too much. :D

I Am Guessing I Am the Cheap One Here...

Don't even ask.
They love eachother.
Good enough for me.
Our daughter, Squirrel, is back at college.

She is a pretty good kid and doesn't ask for much.  Really.  But she happened to mention the other day that she wouldn't get paid from her "work/study" job until the first of February.

No problem. Except we didn't send her off with any money to start the new semester. She was basically broke.

In all fairness - Squirrel did say she doesn't need money for anything - she is fed three squares a day [handsomely] and she has all her supplies [books - bought by herself! notebooks, coffee, get the idea] but really - you do need some walking around money.  Money for a snack or a movie or dinner out.

After arguing with her [because she didn't want us to send anything] I finally said "You have to do laundry.  Your Dad will send it Tuesday."

She gratefully accepted.

Then Dad didn't send it.

Why you ask? -"Well", he said to me, "I didn't know what amount to send."

I was so pissed perplexed I asked him if he was kidding.

Nope.  He said he didn't know what amount to send her and he needed to ask me.  He had been at work all day and apparently there is no way to contact me. From work. With phones. And computers.

My email and two phone lines are funny things.  They actually work.


So, your excuse is.......::slam::

I told him that he didn't need to ask ME what amount to send to OUR daughter and please get it done and "surprise" me.

He did.

Hoo boy.  Did he.

He came home tonight.
All proud of himself.
He told me he had sent Squirrel the money.

I asked "How much?"

He replied "$100"

::falling out of my chair::

Incredulous, I responded  "Are you kidding?  I was thinking 50 bucks.  I seriously thought you would go $20.  You sent her a $100! Dang."

This is what I get for asking for a surprise.

Next time I am sure he is going to send the kid a pony.
Via UPS.
Wait for it.

*This post doesn't come off as funny as it was.  We were actually laughing that we were so far apart on how much we thought to send.  Please know we aren't arguing about this - but even after 16 years you can still be oceans apart on the basics. Who knew? :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Got Nuthin'

No new post because some big meanie bloggerhead made me guest post for her today.

She said she couldn't blog because she is too busy moving. Whatever!

Come visit me over at Dribble and meet my friend Mynx.

By the way - the woman is also a fibber.  I don't cuss.

That much.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Because Pepto Bismal Pink Is Just As Sexy in 2011 As It Was in 1991

Jr and Momma, 1991
[the eggs on the floor are plastic]
No comments about how I paired this with turquoise.
Completely ahead of my time. ahem.
I even color coordinated the kid.
Scooby and Momma, 2011
Evidently I liked this outfit.
This time I paired it with yellow.
Who knew that was a fashion statement in 1991.
Wow. eek.
Still wearing it.
Now! With the added fashion statement of  legwarmers.
Don't be jealous.
Yes. That is the same sweat suit in all four pictures. [It looks brighter in the later pictures because of the camera quality. 1991 - Disposable/2011 - Digital]  The dang thing is over 20 years old.  In fact, my Mom gave it to me when I came home from the hospital when Natalie was born a few years before the pics of me and Jr were taken.

I can't tell by the tag who made it [that actually DID fade], but I can assure you, if I knew, I would be buying a whole lot more of their stuff.  

Although, these days, I don't wear it out of the house like years before.  

I simply don't need the paparazi following me.

You understand. I am sure.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Enchiladas a la' Betty [Wallene] Crocker

One of Pooldad's favorite foods [when we eat out] is chicken enchiladas.  Not being a huge fan I seemed to have neglected making them for him, well...I have never made them for him.

::bad wife::

When trying to decide what was for dinner tonight I actually suggested chicken enchiladas.

[ Why, yes, I am hoping for chocolates later this week, why do you ask?]

Since I have never made them I went online and snagged the simplest recipe I could find and came up with this one:

Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Then Wallene stepped in and offered to prepare dinner.

They look like this [ignore the picture on the website - they didn't spread the cheese enough]:

And this:
Tomato, lettuce and spring onion garnish with mexicorn side
These are so, so yummy. 

I don't know what I was thinking never having eaten one, but these are delicious.

And Wallene deems them one of the quickest, easiest dinners we have ever had.

She should know. She's the chef!

This is definitely a keeper Tadpoles.

I Told You Guys I Would Screw This Up

This is why I stink at getting awards.  I am no good at remembering following the rules.

Since one of the conditions to accepting the Petey Award [and keeping Bruce from hunting you down, hee] is that you have to mention the person who gave it to you in three consecutive posts on your blog.

I didn't have the dang award for one day and messed up.

I thought remembered incorrectly I was supposed to mention the person I gave it to.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Tee [who gave me the award] asking why I hadn't mentioned her yet.

Yep - you mention the person you received it from.


Profuse apologies for mentioning the person I gave it to [Hed] instead and a couple of fixes later and I think [think!] I have fulfilled my duties as a recipient of Petey.*

Bruce, man, I love ya' - but do me a favor.  Don't create anymore awards.  You're stressing me out. heehee

*No, my mentions were not consecutive due to Grimmy's condition - but this extra mention should make up for me bending the rules a bit. I hope.

I Figure....

.....if Ron can do THIS ....*

I most certainly can get off of my behind and file our taxes today.
You go Ron! Nicely done my friend.

Also, a huge thank you to y'all.  I know Marni appreciates all your good thoughts.

Have the best Monday you can Tadpoles! See ya' on the flipside.

::off to crunch numbers::

*Petey award #3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Four Legged Tadpole

Borrowed from Marni at It's A Pugs Life
This is Grimmy and he blogs with his Momma, Marni, over at  It's A Pug's Life.

I remember back when I met them like it was yesterday - in fact, it has been 5 years.  Their blog was one of the first blogs I read and was an inspiration for me to start blogging back in 2006.

I think partly because I fell in love with his face. That face. It never fails to make me smile, lift my spirits and elicit a loud "Awwwww."  My family usually knows when Marni has posted a new picture of Grimmy and his brother.  I am very vocal and the kids and Pooldad always want to see the newest view of their world.

Marni and I became fast friends through their Pug's life blog and we have spent many a day talking about our families, our work and our pets. At one point the Skippyfamily even considered adopting a Pug as we were so inspired by Marni and her rescue of Grim. Grim loves Marni like only a dog that has been saved can love his Momma and Marni adores him like no other.  It is a beautiful thing.

Marni doesn't post much anymore due to the busyness of life - a family that includes two great kids, her hubby and the pug brothers, plus work and all the other things that go along with that - but she remains on my blogroll because I love her and I am tickled everytime I see a new post from her.

When I saw the title of her most recent post I began crying before I could even click over.  I knew.  The little guy hadn't been feeling well lately and after taking him to the vet Marni shared the devastating news that he is sick. Very sick.  The family has some hard choices in the coming weeks and are doing their best to make Grimmy as comfortable as possible.

I am sure a good amount of us have pets or have had pets.  Very special pets - pets like Marni's Grim.  We all know what it is to face losing our beloved family members.

If you could, would you please go visit my lovely friend and give her some encouragement.  She really could use a lot of love right now.

Thanks Tadpoles.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Somebody Loves Me....

....or evidently I took pretty good care of my husband this week.

Look what Pooldad brought me home Friday evening:
I was so surprised as I am not really a "flower and chocolates" kinda' gal, so I don't get flowers often.  Aren't they pretty tho'?

I would like to share them with Tee* over at the Middle Side of Life because I think she could use some cheering up today

 And this is for Barb over at This and That.  She needs this more than anyone today.  Bottoms up girlie! 

*Petey Award #2


I was chatting with the lovely Hed the other evening and she told me a great story about her Grandpa going to play slots and winning a bunch of money.  It was so cute and reminded me of something similar that happened to Pooldad and me.

Pooldad and I aren't gamblers.  I can count on two fingers how many times I have been in a casino.  We rarely even play the lottery but will on the occasion of a larger jackpot.  We do live by the adage of "It only takes one ticket to win" so we limit our purchase of those At a time.

A few years ago there was a huge, multi-state lottery that reached into the 300 millions.  Since the state we live in did not participate in this particular lottery we decided to drive approximately 40 minutes away, to neighboring WV and purchase one.  It was a "date afternoon", so to speak.  Quiet time and a beautiful drive.

On our way there we thought it would be fun to stop at the casino in Charles Town and play some slots and maybe have a nice dinner.  Plus, we could purchase the lottery ticket there.

When we arrived I checked the bank account on the ATM and we decided that our limit would be $200. That would include slots, ticket, drinks and dinner. We figured we had hours of fun ahead of us.

Nope - it lasted 26 minutes.

The casino was packed!  Since we like to be next to eachother when we do things we wandered around until we noticed a woman stand up and walk away from a machine with an empty seat next to her.  We grabbed them.  I had sat in her seat and it was warm!  She must have been there a while.

Now, I don't really understand slot machines, but it is kind of fun and we only play the quarter slots.  I put in a couple of dollars, with Pooldad doing the same.  We hit the buttons, hit the buttons, hit the buttons...when his machine hit!

He was playing minimum bet and had won $40 on a quarter bet after using up about $4!  Out of his $100 he now had $136. YAY.  He felt pretty good so he sat and watched me.  What I didn't realize is I was playing the maximum bet each time [told you I didn't know what I was doing] which was 75 cents a spin on this machine.

All of a sudden the machine lit up, bells went off and the money counter just started to go up. And up. And just kept going.  It went on for so long that I took a second to call the girls at home and let them listen to Mommy's money accumulate! It was surreal.  People started to gather around to watch and when I glanced behind me I noticed the woman that had been in my seat earlier.  She looked so mad.  I felt bad, but um....

When the machine finally stopped I had won $480!  For a total of $8 I had walked off with almost $500. YAY!

I have to say we didn't expect to go in there to win anything.  We know that gambling favors the casino and we were willing and able, financially, to lose $200, but bonus! We won.  So happy.

I looked at Pooldad, he looked at me and we nodded.  It was time to get out.  We had brought $200 and were walking with the original cash plus $508!

Banner day.  We did buy a couple of those lottery tickets we originally came for and a drink to celebrate but we knew it was time to get the heck out of there.

That was five years ago and the last time we have been to a casino - but it was a really nice 26 minutes.

Note:  This post was also inspired by Teresa at the Middle Side of Life* because we have been wishing for the lottery to solve her money woes.  And also by Colenic who wrote a lovely post wishing the same thing.

*Petey Award #1

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Not Like I am Giving You My First Born or Anything

That would be sweater # 4 and 5.
HI Mynx and Tina.
And I am wearing Snowman earrings and necklace.
A gift from a very talented Tadpole.

I am a very grateful person.
I don't think most of you Tadpoles realize what I am given by the interaction we have everyday.
I am, for the most part, completely housebound.  I am actually stuck on one floor for the entire day. 
Yay for me! Go find my cane I need to trip rude people. [Pooldad start the car. hee]
I spend a large part of my life in this house, confined and immobile. 
Please know I don't regret it or resent it.
It just IS.
I don't throw parties.  I don't go to dinner with friends.  I don't attend PTA meetings [okay, I admit THAT one is kind of a gift...but, moving on], I don't attend my kid's concerts or my pals' birthday parties.  I don't have people in my home.
I can't. 
And this isn't a pity fest - please don't misunderstand me.

You are all entirely gracious and kind and supportive, but.....

When are you all going to realize that YOU ALL are my parties?  You are my chat over a cup of coffee, my shopping trip.  You showed me the spring last year when I couldn't move. Remember?  I even found an option to buy Girl Scout Cookies today. How great are y'all? [Admit it. We would all main line G/S cookies if we could.  A Thin Mint coma is a good thing.]

You all don't know what you have done, I think.

Don't you realize I want to give back?   Don't you see what you have given me and the only reciprocation I have is this damn computer with email, my blog and, maybe, a phone call? 

So when I say "I owe you" or apologize for not being there when you need me - I mean it.  

I REALLY mean it.

I know you are trying to be gracious and let me off the hook - but you all don't understand. 
I don't think I ask for much.  I don't ask for followers or comments. Heck, I didn't even count my posts until Bouncin' Barb mentioned it last year.  

I didn't start this blog for any of that, but I have made some wickedly grand friendships from it.

They are internet friendships - true - but there are so many of you I want to meet.  My hugs and love seem empty because they aren't there in person, but I mean them.

I do MEAN them.

If you knew me here in the pond you would know I would be hugging you if I saw you.

As I said, I don't ask for much - but giving you guys my love, support and friendship means a great deal to me.

Please don't take that away from me. I owe you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does This Post Make Me Look Fat?

Seriously.  I have a whole 'lotta stuff to cram into one post.  If I don't do it today I won't do it at all.

First off....[The best news is at the bottom of this post but it happened while I was typing it.  So, either suffer through everything and read it or scroll down and come back.  The rest is worthy. I promise!]

Happy Birthday to LA!  My wonderful sissy.  She is 51 years old today. I miss her and wish I was there to eat lemon curd and shortbread with her.  Or go to Denny's at 2 am and order a tuna fish on toast, with fries and a chocolate milkshake.  On a school night.  She is pretty cool.
My sissy has perfect hair. Always has.  She's purty!
And an even more amazing birthday is our Grandmother.  She is Pooldad's Grandma [Or Biz Non as we call her.] She is 99 years old.  Yes folks, this lovely lady is almost a century old and still going strong.
Happy Birthday Beautiful!
You are rockin' 99!
We love you Biz Non!
Now...onto an award:

Yes, somehow you guys seem to think I am deserving of awards.  I appreciate them, I do, but I am always so afraid that I am going to screw them up [Rules! I thought I was done with rules!] or a Tadpole I pass it along to doesn't it do awards and they will stop being bestowed upon others.

Make sense?  Well it does to me and it's my blog and my rules...oh, oops! Stupid rules...dang...

Without further ado - let's start with the "Petey the Pet Rock" Award.  It was created by a man named Bruce.  Who evidently owns a sharpie, a ruler, a scanner and has rocks in his back yard.

I was gifted this award by one of my bestest blogger friends at Middle Side of Life.  I love Teresa and we have become very close over the past two years. She has so many things she has to deal with and, in turn, finds the time to help, counsel and support others.  I love her and Ron so much. 

Now the "Petey" [looks like "Petry" to me Bruce - nice ruler work btw, but your handwriting is suspect - I am kidding. Don't come after me. Please.] 

This award requires A LOT of rules.  
Let's see if I can get them right.
Yeah, good luck with "memory girl" - Skippy don't do no memory....but I promise to try.

The rules...

  • You can only give it to one Blogger in Arms (BIA)
  • You must recognize the Blogger who gave it to you in at least 3 consecutive blog posts
  • You can take up to 3 weeks to pass on the award, but not more than 3 weeks
  • The recipient of the award must not have any more than 100 BIAs (followers
  • You must update the list of names of previous recipients with your own name before passing it on (see below)
  • You should give at least 3 reasons why you think your recipient deserves this award
  • You can choose to NOT accept this award, but (apparently) if you do, then Bruce will come after you
Previous recipients and wonderful bloggers include the following:

Becca at My Life
Mynx at Dribble
Bouncin'Barb at This and That
Thisisme at Southhamsdarling
Teresa at The Middle Side of Life
Skippy at I Make Soap

I thought long and hard about this - couldn't pick, even after having a long discussion with an Aussie Tadpole, but I have chosen:

The lovely Hed at Hed Above Water.

What isn't to love about this gorgeous woman.  She is one of the most forthright bloggers I have ever read.  She is astute, intelligent and an absolute friend.  A friend you WANT to have.  She has her own fears and concerns but she never fails to be there if you need her.  She is neat and a lot of fun. Go on over. Please.

Hed is really what blogging is all about.  You need to visit.  You will be a lucky person if you do.

I have a few more awards to give away, but for now I want to share the best news of the day, since this damn post has taken me 5 hours to write.  Yes 5.

Pooldad feels great and all is okay.  We are so happy that this is finally over and he can rest easy. YAY!

Thanks for everything Tadpoles.  You have sustained me and given us good thoughts, advice and love.

All is calm in the pond tonight. No ripples.

Love you.  Thank you again.

See you on the [AWESOME] flipside!