Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does This Post Make Me Look Fat?

Seriously.  I have a whole 'lotta stuff to cram into one post.  If I don't do it today I won't do it at all.

First off....[The best news is at the bottom of this post but it happened while I was typing it.  So, either suffer through everything and read it or scroll down and come back.  The rest is worthy. I promise!]

Happy Birthday to LA!  My wonderful sissy.  She is 51 years old today. I miss her and wish I was there to eat lemon curd and shortbread with her.  Or go to Denny's at 2 am and order a tuna fish on toast, with fries and a chocolate milkshake.  On a school night.  She is pretty cool.
My sissy has perfect hair. Always has.  She's purty!
And an even more amazing birthday is our Grandmother.  She is Pooldad's Grandma [Or Biz Non as we call her.] She is 99 years old.  Yes folks, this lovely lady is almost a century old and still going strong.
Happy Birthday Beautiful!
You are rockin' 99!
We love you Biz Non!
Now...onto an award:

Yes, somehow you guys seem to think I am deserving of awards.  I appreciate them, I do, but I am always so afraid that I am going to screw them up [Rules! I thought I was done with rules!] or a Tadpole I pass it along to doesn't it do awards and they will stop being bestowed upon others.

Make sense?  Well it does to me and it's my blog and my rules...oh, oops! Stupid rules...dang...

Without further ado - let's start with the "Petey the Pet Rock" Award.  It was created by a man named Bruce.  Who evidently owns a sharpie, a ruler, a scanner and has rocks in his back yard.

I was gifted this award by one of my bestest blogger friends at Middle Side of Life.  I love Teresa and we have become very close over the past two years. She has so many things she has to deal with and, in turn, finds the time to help, counsel and support others.  I love her and Ron so much. 

Now the "Petey" [looks like "Petry" to me Bruce - nice ruler work btw, but your handwriting is suspect - I am kidding. Don't come after me. Please.] 

This award requires A LOT of rules.  
Let's see if I can get them right.
Yeah, good luck with "memory girl" - Skippy don't do no memory....but I promise to try.

The rules...

  • You can only give it to one Blogger in Arms (BIA)
  • You must recognize the Blogger who gave it to you in at least 3 consecutive blog posts
  • You can take up to 3 weeks to pass on the award, but not more than 3 weeks
  • The recipient of the award must not have any more than 100 BIAs (followers
  • You must update the list of names of previous recipients with your own name before passing it on (see below)
  • You should give at least 3 reasons why you think your recipient deserves this award
  • You can choose to NOT accept this award, but (apparently) if you do, then Bruce will come after you
Previous recipients and wonderful bloggers include the following:

Becca at My Life
Mynx at Dribble
Bouncin'Barb at This and That
Thisisme at Southhamsdarling
Teresa at The Middle Side of Life
Skippy at I Make Soap

I thought long and hard about this - couldn't pick, even after having a long discussion with an Aussie Tadpole, but I have chosen:

The lovely Hed at Hed Above Water.

What isn't to love about this gorgeous woman.  She is one of the most forthright bloggers I have ever read.  She is astute, intelligent and an absolute friend.  A friend you WANT to have.  She has her own fears and concerns but she never fails to be there if you need her.  She is neat and a lot of fun. Go on over. Please.

Hed is really what blogging is all about.  You need to visit.  You will be a lucky person if you do.

I have a few more awards to give away, but for now I want to share the best news of the day, since this damn post has taken me 5 hours to write.  Yes 5.

Pooldad feels great and all is okay.  We are so happy that this is finally over and he can rest easy. YAY!

Thanks for everything Tadpoles.  You have sustained me and given us good thoughts, advice and love.

All is calm in the pond tonight. No ripples.

Love you.  Thank you again.

See you on the [AWESOME] flipside!


BB said...

Yahooooo! Good for PD. I'm so happy for all of you.

Congratulation on the award. You did real good. And Hed is definitely a winner with or without the award. Love her to pieces.


life in the mom lane said...

I'm glad PoolDad is better... when you hubs is sick it really puts you on edge worrying doesn't it?
Hed was an excellent choice!

Jeannie said...

Congrats on PoolDad! And the award! Sorry I'm one of those who don't really pass it on...either I would pass it to the person who passed it to me or I know they don't enjoy awards. I don't pass on those forwarded emails either. It's the rebel in me.

colenic said...

YAY!! I am so happy that Pool dad is better...that must be a huge relief for everyone over there....yay for the award....and I LOVE who you passed this along too...have a good night

that guy said...

you did great! glad pooldad is better.

hed is an excellent choice...

bruce johnson jadip
stupid stuff i see and hear
Bruce’s guy book
the guy book
Dreamodel Guy

qandlequeen said...

WOOO!!!! Congrats on the award AND for PoolDad feeling better!

Unknown said...

Add my congratulations on the award and it is really good news to know PD is feeling better. Hope you both have a great night and catch you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you don't look fat, but great post title to lure me over. Love that picture Biz Non and Wallene...precious. Love a calm pond. Enjoy.

Teresa said...

awesome news! so glad PD is feeling better.

congrats on the award. oh wait... i gave it to you. {grin}

i'm around. busy. not feeling up to snuff. got lots on my mind. but, hanging in there.

hugs... i love you, too!

not displayed said...

So does this mean you will sleep now?

Hed, excellent choice. Knew you would pick a winner.

Big hugs to you and Pooldad

Rudee said...

So glad to hear the evil stone is gone. I hope it stays that way. Keep hydrated PD!

Rebecca said...

congrats on getting Petey

Sandra said...

Congrats on the award. I'm going to go tell my husband what you have said here "verbatum!!!"
Have I ever told you you're a brat? And a good speller? Anyway, thank you for pointing out my spelling errors then running away shrieking with laughter. I did go and edit it because I was honestly feeling shame...I'm a writer. How can I not know how to spell 'verbatum?"....anyway, this comment is supposed to be about you! And PoolDad's 99 year old grandmother rocks! I'm going to be her when I grow up!

Southhamsdarling said...

Good news indeed about Pooldad. That's brilliant news! Congratulations on your Award, you little star, you, and good choice passing it on to Hed. She's got some good news today as well. Lovely photos of your sister and Pooldad's grandma. 99! That really is amazing.

Rick Watson said...

PoolDaddy? Seems like I heard a song on the radio by him :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, Skippy, I am so happy to hear that PD has weathered the storm. I am catching up today and a little late reading this, but extend my congrats to him. My dad had stones for several years and said the pain was incredible.

Anonymous said...

I hope you keep the snowman wallpaper all through January!!

Glad to hear the hubs is feeling better - you both can't be sick at the same time, doesn't he know that?! :D

caterpillar said...

Congratulations on the award, Skippymom...and double yayy on the good news......happy to know that PoolDad is feeling better....

hed said...

YAYYYYYYYYY!!! So I'm a day late sorry!

I'm so excited and proud and humbled and cheery and all that cool stuff YAY!!!

Happy birthday to Biz Non (love that nickname, my great grandma was Moo-Mama), and hope PD is getting better. Has he passed it yet?

Much (much!) love, hed

Yum Yucky said...

YAY! for Pooldad!!!! Give 'em a high five for me. And I love the pics of your family. Always do.

Teresa said...

i have to protest though... you have not mentioned me in three posts. LOL!!!


no i'm not...

i'm on a roll.