Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Not Like I am Giving You My First Born or Anything

That would be sweater # 4 and 5.
HI Mynx and Tina.
And I am wearing Snowman earrings and necklace.
A gift from a very talented Tadpole.

I am a very grateful person.
I don't think most of you Tadpoles realize what I am given by the interaction we have everyday.
I am, for the most part, completely housebound.  I am actually stuck on one floor for the entire day. 
Yay for me! Go find my cane I need to trip rude people. [Pooldad start the car. hee]
I spend a large part of my life in this house, confined and immobile. 
Please know I don't regret it or resent it.
It just IS.
I don't throw parties.  I don't go to dinner with friends.  I don't attend PTA meetings [okay, I admit THAT one is kind of a gift...but, moving on], I don't attend my kid's concerts or my pals' birthday parties.  I don't have people in my home.
I can't. 
And this isn't a pity fest - please don't misunderstand me.

You are all entirely gracious and kind and supportive, but.....

When are you all going to realize that YOU ALL are my parties?  You are my chat over a cup of coffee, my shopping trip.  You showed me the spring last year when I couldn't move. Remember?  I even found an option to buy Girl Scout Cookies today. How great are y'all? [Admit it. We would all main line G/S cookies if we could.  A Thin Mint coma is a good thing.]

You all don't know what you have done, I think.

Don't you realize I want to give back?   Don't you see what you have given me and the only reciprocation I have is this damn computer with email, my blog and, maybe, a phone call? 

So when I say "I owe you" or apologize for not being there when you need me - I mean it.  

I REALLY mean it.

I know you are trying to be gracious and let me off the hook - but you all don't understand. 
I don't think I ask for much.  I don't ask for followers or comments. Heck, I didn't even count my posts until Bouncin' Barb mentioned it last year.  

I didn't start this blog for any of that, but I have made some wickedly grand friendships from it.

They are internet friendships - true - but there are so many of you I want to meet.  My hugs and love seem empty because they aren't there in person, but I mean them.

I do MEAN them.

If you knew me here in the pond you would know I would be hugging you if I saw you.

As I said, I don't ask for much - but giving you guys my love, support and friendship means a great deal to me.

Please don't take that away from me. I owe you.


not displayed said...

Ok you owe me chocolate and hugs. Lots of them
And if you owe me then I owe you and those cancel each other out.
Because as much as you think I may have helped you through those long nights, I was loving getting to know a special new friend and that is a gift. You made me smile when I was miserable and if you really think you owe me, then write me a guest so I can pimp you out and take a day off at the same time.
Love and hugs to you xxx

hed said...

You owe me e-mails at 4 in the morning asking me "why are you still awake?"

Oh actually do that! Hee hee :)


Unknown said...

I post quite often how much blogging means to me and I have only been at it since last June. I have come to know a lot of people all over this planet and it gets better each day. I count you as a valued friend and enjoy reading your posts and am genuinly concerned when you or any member of your family is suffering for whatever reason. I'm not going anywhere so I will always be here to lend an ear, say a prayer or help in whatever way I can. Count on it Skippy.

Phelan said...

You want to share those pills with me? You are a great friend! And I say we are even.

colenic said...

I love this post...because I think that's how a lot of us feel....I appreciate you and everything that you do...the comments, the emails...I love seeing your posts and look forward to your pictures and your stories. I have been reading your posts forever ( I am not good at commenting but I actually was sad when you took down your first blog because I lost you for a little while and I hadn't really commented before) so I was happy to find you again and am grateful for the smiles that you bring me every single day! Love ya!

BB said...

Because I too am housebound for different reasons, I completely rely on your friendship and all my other blog friends. It does work both ways. I'm here for you and you are certainly there for me. You are as real as they come. A true gift. Thanks!

that guy said...

i concur...i cannot say anything that has not been said...

excellent post...

i agree!

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life in the mom lane said...

Even though I am not as diligent a blogger as some I always wait for my "Skippy" comments! You my Duke mom pal have become a good friend to me here in the blogosphere (is that even a word?) I value your comments and love hearing from you!Sending *hugs* your way!!!!!

ellen abbott said...

Why would anyone take that away? certainly not me. you can love on me just as much as you want. and I'll try to return the favor.

Celia said...

Will you send me your email address? Mine is

Southhamsdarling said...

That is such a sweet post, SkippyMom, and I am sorry to hear that you are housebound for most of the time. That's the thing about us newer bloggers (I started in Oct 2010), we don't always know the full story about our blogging friends, and I do consider you as a friend. I always look forward to reading your posts, and I thank you for the sentiments contained in that post. Like Odie, my blogging friends have become really important to me. Sending you lots of (((Hugs))) from across the pond!

Rebecca said...

wow you just inspired me as someone who occasionally gets pissed because i don't have the unlimited freedom i want i open this blog and read how you are completely homebound and makes me want to kick my own butt. so thank you for reminding me how lucky i am and know i am truly grateful i get the chance to know you.

Jumble Mash said...

What a great post! Isn't the blogging community just wonderful? I seriously get a thrill from every single comment I get. Even if it just says "hi!" Your comments and posts are payment enough!

Anonymous said...

I have always called my blog friends "friends" and my husband just doesn't get it. It doesn't matter - you are my friend even if we haven't met!

Hugs and happy weekend!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I feel housebound myself lately and the land of blog is a mystical magical place where true friendships are born. I can vent here and find support. I can share my utmost joy and know that there are people who are happy for me. Like you, I am amazed that it is so. You give back with every comment that is heartfelt and need give nothing else!

Amy said...

I am sending you a great big virtual hug.

Isn't this internet thing amazing...

Teresa said...

we wouldn't take anything away from you. heck, we'd give more if we could. but, if you feel like you owe me anything, it better include chocolae {grin}. everything's better with chocolate.

and pink.

love ya!

Sandra said...

I think you are one of the MOST authentic people I know. And for that, I love you.
I don't think YOU realize how much you bring to MY life.

noexcuses said...

I am hopping by from qandlequeen (A Walk Through My Little World) and I have to say that in three minutes...I am in love. What an incredible inspiration you are! And you say so much with your words! I'd love to have coffee with you sometime!