Monday, November 2, 2009

Have A Few Minutes?

The most inspiring blog I read is Eva's at 65 Red Roses. She has Cystic Fibrosis and although she received a lung transplant last year her body is now rejecting her new lungs.
She is an incredibly lovely young lady who keeps her spirits up everyday knowing that without a new transplant she may not live much longer. Her lung capacity is now below 16%. She is on oxygen full time but still manages to live her life, enjoy her family and friends and encourage everyone around her.
Since she is basically home all the time she loves to receive mail. I am hoping that one or two of you would be kind enough to drop her a note or a postcard to lift her spirits. I don't think she will mind me posting her address [as it is on her blog] and hopefully she will receive a bit more mail from tadpoles.
What do you say gang? Can you spare a few minutes and a stamp to drop her a line?
Her address is:
Eva Markvoort
217 Third Avenue
New Wesminster [it is written this way on her blog - but I don't know if it is "Westminster"
British Columbia
V3L 1L9
I would really appreciate any happiness you can send her way. Thanks tadpoles.

PS - From the US it is .98 cents for a letter or postcard - although I know I have a few Canadian readers - I don't know what the postage is from your province.


Yvo Sin said...

Haven't had time to drop by here as often as I'd like (haven't been reading blogs... just reading textbooks!)... but I'm going to jot off a note to her right now. I don't think I have any postcards at work but I'll find some bright paper.

You are awesome, J. I hope you know that.

Gail said...

How sweet!