Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free? Free is Good!

Life is good her in the Pond. My local grocery store [Bloom] is having a give-a-way until February 2010 where you collect one stamp for every $10 you spend. Collect enough stamps - and viola - free Cuisinart appliances! Bonus!! I figure I have to buy groceries, dog food and toilet paper anyway - why not patronize Bloom and get free stuff.

My first free appliance was the most points and it took us a bit of time to accumulate them [I think it was the toilet paper consumption that sent us over the top]- but here it is.

A food processor and blender - AWESOME! It is smoothie land tadpoles! And pesto!
Then today Pooldad picked up this cutie wafflemaker. Squeee!

[Donkey -from Shrek- "And in the morning I'm makin' waffles!" heehee]:
And bonus!! I found out what I was receiving from CSN.com to review on my blog. How happy is this little puppy? An orange teapot! You just cannot be in a bad mood when your kitchenware is orange. Can you?

Hope you all are having a great day. I am trying to look on the happy side of life - unfortunately I am in an extreme amount of pain today and nothing seems to be helping. I am seriously considering riding Scooby around the house to take the pressure off of my joints. I think he might let me. :)


Linda and Denny said...

I wondered why you disappeared on me--hope you feel better soon. That blender would also be good for frozen margaritas; I'll give you Don and Vicki's recipe.

Orange teapots? Oh Frabjous day!

Amy said...

My mom use to do something like that back in the day. I wish they had a program like that out here in the west. I love new kitchen stuff.

Sorry you are in pain today.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Yay for the freebies! Enjoy. Sorry you are having a bad day. It is over cast and dreary here with joint pain as a bonus!

Ordinary Housewife said...

Hope you feel better, Skippy. :~(

My mom used to save S&H Green Stamps and we used to go to an actual S&H Green Stamps store to buy stuff with the books that she had filled with stamps.

Also, her "good china" which I now have and which my family calls "the wheat dishes" my mom got one piece at a time at a gas station. For every fill-up you got a plate or a cup or a bowl.

Funny that some things are coming back! Again, Skippy, feel BETTER! Sending you good health vibes. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gail said...

Wonderful! I have always wanted a food processor.