Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who Do I Thank First?

Not the most attractive creature on the planet, I admit - I guess I could've called all of you bunnies or something - but face it. You are stuck with tadpoles and it is what it is. [Hey, think about it - that pic' beats the picture of the turkey I posted last year!]

HI TADPOLES! Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite circum[lupus]stances beyond my control I find myself incredibly grateful this year and for that I have you all to thank. Seriously gang - how I get through the day is a wonder to me - but y'all make it easier and for that? I thank you. I worship you, I want to kiss and hug everyone of you and I want Yvo to marry JR [hey Yvo? You started that!]....but since all of this is not possible...I will simply post my thanks this way:

I will start with my two oldest tadpoles [and before they berate me in comments for that - let me clarify - they read my old blog, not that they are OLD, jeesh...but I know you two and you would do it, giggle]:

Marni - Hey Miss Southern! You have the greatest southern accent - it's a Georgia thing, I know, but I adore hearing your voice on the phone. Your comments are always apropos, your emails lift me and help in words immeasurable. You have been here for it all haven't you? You know the whole story. Thank you my friend for being my friend, no matter what.

Yvo - My true New Yorker. I couldn't be more maternal of a tadpole if you were one of my own offspring and I am not even [quite] old enough to be your mother. You have, also, been here through it all from the old blog to this one and you know - and you let me know. Slap me down about head cheese girlie, I can take it. It may be the internet, but it would be a cold day for me and my family if you were to go away. I can't tell you how much you mean to me.

And for the rest of you verterbrates [I know a vet if you need care, hey!] I love you too -

Linda - I have been reading your blog forever but was never compelled to truly comment until your Mother became ill. I would have wanted a friendship forged on different circumstances - but I am fortunate it happened regardless. No one makes me laugh like you do - I ask and you deliver. Grateful? Thankful? I don't think there are words that can describe what you have given me in the past few months.

Christopher - [Jo and Jasper] What can I say buddy? I was one of your readers from back when - and it has been my absolute pleasure to see you grow, become engaged, buy a home, marry Jo and have Jasper. It is presumptious of me but I feel like an internet Grandma to your family but your blog writing and comments bring me more hope and joy than you will ever know.

Waiter? You are just the awesome. You make me miss waiting tables, hee, but better? Your love for you family is unrivaled and some of the best stuff I read on a daily basis. Your advice is always taken. And your quizzes? Go man!

Rudee - Sage woman. I think you absorb the wisdom of the ages while knitting - you are astute, to the point and one of the brightest women I know. I always smile when I see I have a notice of a comment from you - because I know you are either going to make me laugh or slap me back in place. Both are welcome and I thank you for that.

Diane - I couldn't even try to be as funny as you. I don't think anyone could, but dayum - your posts relate life in such a way I tend to think "Hey - get out of my head." And in your busy life you take the time to come over and tadpole your way into the comments with something kind or funny.

Gizmo - What can I say? You are the sweetest person I have met on the 'net. Your love for your friends, family and all God's creatures is so inspiring. You are a wonderful supporter of me in my life with Lupus and you have rewarded me in ways I can't begin to thank you for. But know I am truly grateful.

Ellen - you are a newer tadpole and a gifted, welcome addition. Your blog inspires me and your comments to me are always helpful and spot on. I am so glad you come around and that I have your blog to wander over to for the beauty and serenity your artwork provides.

Amy - What words can I use? Publish a book of your photos before I steal them all and become a gazillionaire!!! You can write one word and post a pic' and my whole day is made - I love seeing/reading the trials and tribulations of Thomas and Clara as it makes me remember my kids when they were babies [but yours are SO much cuter] and you are always so supportive as a tadpole. I am so happy in the scheme of things that you find a minute to come by and say hi in the comments. I always leave with a smile after seeing or reading anything you post.

Jeannie - Thank you for always taking a moment to read and comment. I take everything you say to heart as you know and understand. You are my sweetheart tadpole.

Kathy - I adore reading your blog and you are so kind to come around and comment with your incredibly busy schedule. Your heartache these past few weeks has become mine and I wish I could be there for you and pour a cup a tea and give a hug. You are such a welcome addition to the tadpoles. Bless you.

Yum Yucky - Just the best laugh of the day and a beautiful family to back it up. I love your blog and you are right there when I need a laugh or a piece of advice. Too great and I thank you.

Life in the Mom Lane - I couldn't forget you - ever faithful tadpole. You and me are the Moms aren't we? You are true to yourself and let me know when I have done right, done wrong and when I need to just forgive myself. Thank you so much for being my friend. Now, exactly what IS your name? :)

and Mare - you are an inspiring woman and a gift that comes around once and a while with something I need at that time. You know your stuff and you share which is so much appreciated. Hugs!

The past few weeks/months have been hard on me, but not a single one of you has let me down. You have all been there and helped me along. I will say it again, it just may be the internet to the rest of the world, but you all ARE my friends and I count on you to get through my long, lonely days. I hope that isn't too much to ask.

For your support, advice and love - I thank you.

Thankful for my Tadpoles.

I love you.


Gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jeannie said...

You are way too sweet! But thanks - I know it was the blogworld that got me through last year - (crossing my fingers that this year will be better).

I had a client/friend for years who was that rare man with lupus. He was on disability but dabbled in something to do with old film movies on the side while he cared for his invalid mother. He was the sweetest guy. He'd come tanning to treat his significant psoriasis. Eventually, his mother passed away and he left for Toronto to be with his love (who had commitment issues and sent him packing). BUT the government retrained him and he got a great job with a bank and the last I heard had earned himself a promotion.

ellen abbott said...

Thank you sweetie. Have a wonderful day.

christopher said...

Your posts always keep me grounded. There's just something about them, something real, something raw, something whole, and I always leave feeling like I've just had a conversation with a friend. I love celebrating the exciting times, and feeling your pain when things aren't going so well.
I love, love, love, your comments on my blog and your parenting advice, that isn't parenting advice. ;)
Your encouragement, and love, and just plain awesomeness has been a huge blessing to my life, and I am thankful for you, and Jasper's internet grandma.
Happy Thanksgiving Skippymom(internet-grandma)! I'm proud be to call myself a tadpole.

Rudee said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy said...

You made my day! I hope you and yours are having a great Thanksgiving.

big hug and kisses.

Life in the mom lane said...

it's Barb :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Thank you for all you good thoughts sent my way. You have no idea how much I have come to depend on all my blog buddies!

Linda and Denny said...

It's I who should be grateful to you. Your concern and compassion when I was trying to hold it together during my mother's illness and hospitalization meant more to me than you'll ever know.


Marni said...

Havn't been around much the past week and am trying to get caught up on my blogs....

love you too, honey!

Talk soon.