Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Rachel Ray Teapot Has Arrived

This post details how I came into possession of this lovely orange teapot from the Rachel Ray Line of cookware offered at Isnt' it cute? I was so excited that they sent me a teapot because I knew we would use it everyday and they sent it in orange - which is just about the happiest color imaginable, don't you think?
Unfortunately, that is probably the kindest thing I can say about this teapot. And that makes me sad, because, honestly? I really, really wanted to like it.

First design flaw?
The space between the handle and the lid. The lid has to be screwed off to fill with water. In our home I have the smallest hands - even Wallene's hands are larger than mine - and to be honest? My hand does not fit in the space comfortably to open it up. As seen in the picture I have to contort my hand to attempt to open and remove the lid for filling. It is not easy. I had the entire family try it and they agree. I measured and the space is a bit under 2".
Second oops?
When you do manage to open the lid and fill it for a few cups of tea this is an incredibly heavy teapot. We put in approximately 3 cups of water so each of us could have a cuppa' and even Wallene had a problem lifting it. She could, but I wouldn't suggest it for the elderly or anyone that is weak. You would need serious arm muscles to use this a few times a day. On second thought? You may be able to build up your strength lifting it on a daily basis.
Third disappointment?
The whistle. Teapots should whistle when they are ready, correct? And they should do so lustily - at least all the teapots I have owned did. Unfortunately not this one. Let me just ask that you not leave the room if you would like to know when your hot water is ready, 'kay? It has a weak whistle. Mae West it is not.
This is the latch [see it on top of the handle?] that opens the spout for pouring. Our spout lid was a bit scratched up [no worries there] but the latch feels so inadequate when you click it to open the spout top as though it wasn't made to the specifications of the sturdiness of the pot itself. I suspect it won't last long.
But! A nice touch is the latch does click into place so you don't have to hold it while pouring. But please note: be careful while pouring - if you have more than a few cups of water in the teapot it will dribble down the pot while you are pouring water into your cup and you will have hot water all over the counter.
Now, for the disclaimers:
1. I was contacted by the company and offered a free piece of Ms. Ray's cookware to review if I did so on my blog. I did not pay for the pot nor the shipping and handling. [Retail cost: $39.99 plus tax]
2. The person I dealt with at was very polite, nice and prompt with all my questions and concerns. I hope to deal with this company again in the future, either in a purchase or another review or give away.
3. I did notify my contact at the company after trying the teapot and told him I was not comfortable giving a favorable review as I did not like the teapot and if I was to blog about it I would have to be honest. I offered to either post honestly or not post at all and return the teapot since I was unable to fulfill my obligation. He was very generous and told me I could post a poor review, as that was the truth or I could not post at all. It was up to me. And he added that he did not expect the teapot back, that it was mine to keep.
We will keep the teapot - as it really is a happy little appliance. We just won't make more than one cup of tea at a time and will stay in the room to know when it is done. :)


Ordinary Housewife said...

Great review, Skippy! Unlike some other bloggers I know, you revealed that you had been given free merchandise. Soon it will be the law, but until then, lots of bloggers are shouting out recommendations left and right - how do we know they're not getting paid to do that?

All the things you didn't like about the teapot are the same things I don't like about ALL my teapots. I have one now that has a cool whistle, but everything else is exactly what you listed. Why is that?

I do love the color orange, though, and that slanted top is cool. It sure does look cute sitting on top of your stove!

Rudee said...

Good for you, Skippy. It is a cute little pot, but those are some dangerous design flaws. Cute isn't everything. I like my electric kettle. While it doesn't whistle, it does shut itself off once the water is boiling.

Anonymous said...

What is Rachel Ray thinkin.I like the colour though.

Jeannie said...

I can't believe they bother with antiquated boil on the stove kettles at all. I've used electric kettles my entire life and I'm 50. I love the newer versions out now with a separate electrified base and 'cordless' kettle. I wouldn't use a stovetop for anything but camping and I don't intend to camp ever again.

Linda and Denny said...

Yay for taking the high road and being honest! And yay to CSN for manning up and telling you to go for the truth.

It IS a cute teapot but form over function doesn't get it when dealing with boiling hot water. And a teapot that doesn't whistle? Pah!

Nicely done. You are a class act, my dear.

christopher said...

cute teapot! too bad it's semi-useless. i'd totally leave it sitting somewhere in my kitchen looking good though. :)

i also can't believe they still make stove-top kettles. i didn't think people used them anymore. we received an electric one (the kind with separate base and kettle) and it is seriously one of the best inventions ever.

thanks for the great review! i'll be sure not to buy one. at least not if i'm looking for a functional one.

Anonymous said...


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Great review! How do you get to be a reviewer of items? I'd love to review (and keep - LOL) a Dyson sweeper. hahaha! I have a Kirby and I hate it. It's too heavy for me and I can't do the stairs.