Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Support the Worm Industry

I don't know who the idiot Veterinarian is that is taking kickbacks from the worm industry but we were given two choices for the Squirrel's Independent Science Research project since Tadpoles were kicked out. [click the link first link to read about the project stupidity and the second for the denial. Thanks!]

Our choices?

Black worms or mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae are almost useless to her experiment so Black Worms it is.

Guess how much the lil' wigglers cost?


[Why, yes. YES I am actually SCREAMING at you.]

We need FIFTY.


Did you miss that? EIGHT DOLLARS A WORM

[throat getting sore].

This is just about my dinner budget for one night for one worm? Holy god.

Oh, and the Veterinarian that denied the original project was worried about who would take care of the frogs [who would be grown beyond tadpoles] once her project was over. The "cruel and inhumane" part of the denial remember?

I didn't think we were releasing lion cubs into the wilds of the Serengeti with no skills....they are EFFFFFFFFING FROGS. I am pretty damn sure they can figure out how to survive at our local pond.

I seriously think I need throat spray now because I am STILL SCREAMING.

We will now have GOLD STAR worms. 400 EFFFFFFING DOLLARS worth of worms.

My food budget for one month.

As I alluded to in the title - that Vet must be getting a kickback. I am almost sure it is from the website that we are buying these worms from.

Anyone want to chime in on how STUPID this is? And bet your boots I am going to be all over the net warning people away from this Veterinarian.

Two EFFFFFFFFINGS and a STUPID have now rendered me mute from screaming. You are welcome. :)

Please do NOT tell me to change the project or not buy the worms or whatnot - I have tried everything - the year is fading away and she needs to start this project sooner then later and she has to pick now. I am not an indulgent parent - the school is forcing my hand. I am angry and I have no one to listen to how ridiculous this all is.

I am going over to visit Linda and look at her sunsets at Myrtle Beach. 'Tis about the only thing calming to me right now. Well the pics and the drink she taught me to make ::winking at Linda::


Ordinary Housewife said...

Oh fer crying in the worm bucket. Are you REALLY going to spend $400 on worms? Can you sell them on EBay when the project is over?

You win Best Mom award in my book.

You cracked me up with "releasing lion cubs." Too funny :D

Hang in there. Parenting is fun . . . parenting is fun . . . say it out loud and you might believe it.

christopher said...

That's kinda insane... would they know the difference between these elite worms and say some that you dug out of your backyard? ;)

I'd sell them on ebay when you are done as some sort of 'super worm' and make up a special power they have, or that they are super good for fishing or something. lol

That's insane. You really should win the Best Mom award.

SkippyMom said...

I could hug you both Chris and Diane - I needed the laughs - parenting is fun, parenting is fun [I emailed you btw] and the "super worms" I already told my daughter we were going to experiment and see which of those suckers caught bigger fish - Summer project! - hah.

Thanks for the MOTY votes - but I think I am aiming for "Kept out of the Mental Institue a Bit Longer" Mom considering this stupidity.

Thank you. I laughed so hard - ebay? giggle....

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Geez, can't you just go to a bait store? I sell worms here.... 24 for three dollars. And the vet, is he going to take care of any worm mishaps should they occur?

Rudee said...

Are these worms harvested from golden soil? WTF? $8.00 a worm is insane.

On another note, I have to buy my son a suit for his interview with the Secret Service this week. He sprang that one on me Saturday.

SkippyMom said...

First, I must say YAY to Rudee's son - my beloved FIL was SS for 20 years - and yes it is hard, but a great job! LOVE IT!

And I said the same thing kathy - but they have to be B.A.B.Y worms that grow - and I totally forgot about the Vet taking care of them angle. I am so NOT making that call. EFF 'em. [see? still mad. giggle]

I do LOVE you guys - I knew I wasn't losing my mind over how stupid this is. I can't wait to find out the Vets name so I can post it somewhere - compassion is one thing. Psychotic is another.

Amy said...

Holy Freaking CRAP!!! (that's as bad as I get, remember I am a Mormon)

I hope you have a good Tax person. Ours is really good and would be able to find a way to write those suckers off.


SkippyMom said...

Amy you are so sweet! I never thought of that. write off..good.

Linda and Denny said...

I agree with Ordinary; after the project is finished those little buggers should go on ebay as organic worms. Hand raised, controlled lighting, environmentally protected, hand fed, climate controlled; yep, all the buzzwords to find a (sucker)buyer for those gold plated worms of yours.

Word verification is cophsod, which is necessary for bedding $400 worms.

Marni said...

Good giggly wiggly (NO pun intended)... that is flippen insane!

Jeannie said...

$8 a worm? Ridiculous - aren't there any bait shops in the neighborhood? How about your backyard? My puppy dug up a worm and ate it the other day - a nice big juicy one.

Rudee said...

Skippy--definitely go to when you find the vet's name and have at it!

sbinzel said...

Worm compost is excellent for gardens. You could start making it and then sell it in the spring when people are starting their gardens. You would probably make back your $400 fairly quickly and also decrease the amount of stuff going into landfills. A win/win situation!

ellen abbott said...

Shining a light on tadpoles is cruel and inhumane? Geez, what do they think the sun is?