Friday, November 6, 2009

Does England Have Swimming Pools?

Because I am moving. Family in tow.

I understand England has more stringent gun laws than the "Happy to have an AK-47" US of A.

Fort Hood yesterday and now an Orlando, FL office building today?

My country is out of control and I seriously am considering becoming an ex-pat.

I live in VA - home to part of the DC sniper's rampage [I remember trying to tell a kindergartener that there would be no recess that day and he replied "Because they haven't caught the bad man with the gun, right Mrs. G?" I wanted to weep.] and then the VA Tech massacre.

Ask me how many people we knew and how scared we were.

I need to understand this.
Don't ever think it won't happen to you - because it seems it is happening to everyone.

PS - YES I know Ms. Palin is holding a shot gun and not an AK-47. I just wanted a real picture of her and not a photoshopped one where they placed her with an automatic weapon. Found it.


Anonymous said...

The world's getting crazy these days. Take care

Gail said...
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Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am with you. I want to move to Mexico... my kids tell me it would be dangerous there. It is dangerous here.

christopher said...

Canada has better weather than England. And friendlier people, imho. ;) And a good amount of gun control. You just don't want to move to my city, we are the murder capital of Canada...:p