Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decifering the Doctors

I love the hospital I am in [inasmuch as you can love a hospital]. I especially love the team of Doctors that are taking care of me, not to mention the shift nurses and their CNAs. I feel very well taken of with just one teensy, little exception.

Every Doctor thinks another Doctor has updated with me regarding tests, biopsies, the pneumonia [who knew I even HAD pneumonia O-o!!] etc. It is almost comically cute if it didn't get so frustrating. Pneumonia? Helllllo!

Now Pooldad and I are tasked with just how much longer I will be in the hospital. Near as we can tell we are guessing about another week and a half. I still have a few more tests to be run and although I am really close to all the swelling going away [ouch!] in my legs hopefully that will be sooner than later.

I don't know how much sense any of this made, but when I am more awake tomorrow I will tell you all about the food and some of the funnier Nurses.


ellen abbott said...

Whoa. You know I don't really understand much what has happened. I know you suffer from a disease but I am so surprised, alarmed how fast you seemed to crash. It just seems to me that one day you were pretty much fine and a couple of months later you are where you are.

So I really hope you get better as fast. Good wishes.

christopher said...

Hey you! Yay for positive spirits! I hope the next week and a half fly by (without any more surprise illnesses like pneumonia!) :)

Michaela said...

Hi Skippy girl, Im glad you are in positive spirits. I glad you have access to the Net! Im sorry for not writing you more often. I feel like a bad friend. Im sorry about that. Last post, you were having a biopsy...did you get some results from that? I hope they can get your CHF managed because that would help fix your lungs and your legs too. (I used to be a nurse - just one of my many hats). Love and gentle hugs xxxooo

Marni said...

Miss you, honey. I would email but I would rather you concentrate on getting better.

Just know you are being loved down here in the South.

{{{{ Skip & Family }}}}

life in the mom lane said...

Skippy I am happy that you seem to be feeling a bit better :) When my MIL was ill we found the same problem, different doctors didn't realize that they didn't communicate to us fully- everyone always thought "the other guy" did. Suggestion: if you have not already done so, get a notepad/book and jot down what they tell you, and also what tests they do- then you have a visual you can refer to when a dr. comes in and they can answer/clarify/update what's going on. When you are ill it can be overwhelming and hard to remember what different people tell you.
Keep getting better & stronger! I (we all) miss you!!!

Rudee said...

Hospitals are fertile ground for great story telling (and germs). Did you pick up the pneumonia while there?

I hope you're out of there soon and so glad to hear the edema is better.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Hey sweet girl...I am typing just like you handed and only to you, no one else is as important right now.
Another commentors suggestion of keeping a notepad is a super suggestion. When my Mom was in hospital, we had to inorder to "get" what they were and weren't telling us.
Sorry you have pneumonia...icky crap. Well darn it all of it is icky crap...You're such a goodie and have such a super attitude. I envy your "upness".
love and hugs until next time my friend