Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is 8 AM Do You Know Where My Kids Are?

No worries...I do. But it just feels as tho' I haven't seen them in days.

After the Eldest returned home from her mini vacation in Rhode Island she immediately jumped into her volunteer gig at the local Girl Scout Camp. Long days in the heat led to early bedtimes all week, so we didn't see her much and last night she spent the night at a friend's house.

Wallene went to work with Dad on Friday for the Annual Yard Party while I stayed home and [it seemed] spent all day answering the phone for the litany of friends that called for her. By the time she arrived home she had not one, but two sleepovers scheduled for this weekend. She, too, is not at home at the moment.

You would think that Pooldad and I did something fun last night, wouldn't you? Nah....we spent all day yesterday watching the "Harry Potter" marathon on TV and I read blogs. Boring! We didn't even have something fun for dinner :( It was a complete waste of a day without children.

I did find an interesting blog tho'. I love reading food/restaurant review blogs [my fav' is FeistyFoodie] and eventhough I will never make it to the restaurants mentioned [Yvo is in NYC for example] I love the food porn. The blog I found is called Would I buy it again? The two gentlemen that write it live in Indiapolis and review local joints and a lot of fast food. What peaked my interest and kept me reading is the amount of food one of the writers eats. OMG - Although he has lost 150 lbs [yay him!] he still writes that he can eat a 8 piece bucket of KFC chicken. Wow. At a pizza buffet he ate 10 pieces of pizza! Really? I don't doubt him but isn't that a little extreme? Even Pooldad, who I consider a big guy and healthy eater, cannot eat like that, nor would he want to. :)

ETA: I had to change the # of pieces - it was 8, not 10. :) Still, wicked impressive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and all the comments! Indianapolis Eater was a monster, no doubt about it. We would go to McDonald’s and his order would be 3 Double Cheese and a McChicken. 10 pieces, I have never seen him do it, but I am pretty sure he could. Thanks for stopping by, glad that you enjoy our blog.

Gail said...

I could never eat that much!!

IndianapolisEater said...

Just so I don't look like a total glutton, the whole point of the KFC chicken post was that they've shrunk their sizes on their chicken pieces so much that eating an entire bucket of chicken is now manageable and that wasn't the case in the past. If they had kept their old piece sizes intact (I would say they started changing about 4-5 years ago), there's no way I'd be able to eat an entire bucket. Even in my weight hey day of 350ish pounds, I couldn't finish an entire bucket because the pieces were bigger. Now, it's basically like you are eating oversized chicken wings.