Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Quick ~ Wish You Were Here

ooooh! I have so much to tell and it is only Monday! :)
  • Beer bottle bag windchime [not ours, but pretty cool]
  • Minivan Nascar Race
  • Stalker [this is toooo good, can't wait to explain]
  • Beautiful weather, sleeping is divine
  • Miss Lizzie ROCKS!
  • So does the cute little thrift Store Lady - who wasn't at the thrift store
  • Nicest site neighbors - but a lot of them left this morning :(
  • It is absolute Pug-a-Palooza down here...I have never seen so many, so cute
  • We forgot towels. Who does that? lol [Pooldad owns this, he admits]
  • The produce is sublime - mmmmmmmmmm

Okay' I am going back to my beer. Hope everyone is having a great week. Talk to you in a few.

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