Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas in July

I am DONE! Yay! I signed up for a swap called the MEGA Christmas Ornament Swap. I had to send 10 handmade ornaments to 10 different people. Most were in the US but I also had Australia, Malaysia, Sweden and Canada [Is it me or does the postal system suck in CAN? No offense, but I think it does]. They weren't due until November but we were allowed to send early. I was in the mood for a little Christmas in July.

Anyway - above is an example of one of the ornaments I sent. It is a hand poured, glazed porcelain base with a Christmas themed rub-on. I kept this one because we have snowmen on our tree.

Last night I wrapped them all up in pretty Christmas paper, tagged 'em and packaged them to be mailed. I even decorated the envelopes with Christmas stickers. It was fun!

I hope everyone likes them. And with this swap I am completely finished with swap-bot.


Yvo Sin said...

That's adorable! I'm still so amazed at how crafty you are and whatnot. I suck at that stuff.

I quit Swap-Bot in April... it took too much time and money. I still owe you a package... but I'm happy to say it's 75% complete :D

Amy said...

That is really cute.

I gave up on swap-bot about a year ago. I agree with Yvo - too much time and money.

The only swap I still participate in is Shawnees Flirty Apron Swap.

SkippyMom said...

I have about 170 swaps done and it wasn't the money - but it was that I started to get flaked on and I hated it.

It was ridiculous. So I stopped with this swap.

I obviously have the time with the kids in school but it started to hurt a bit to put so much time/effort into a craft and then not receive something back. I am of the mind that is better to give then receive, and I loved the comments and ratings, but really - it hurt to not get the same consideration.

I know that makes me sound selfish, but well....

RVVagabond said...

The ornament is absolutely adorable! When we had a stick-built house I loved doing crafts, but in a fifth wheel there's only a little room for that so I picked beading as something small and portable. And I haven't done that in months unfortunately. Thanks for the smile, because that's what I did when I saw that little cutey.

christopher said...

that is so cute!

what problem did you run into with the canadian postal service?