Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scooby - 4 Wallene's Homemade Yummies - 0

You would think we would learn, wouldn't you? Nope.

I have written about our Chessie's pechant for baked goods. Seems he is now a houdini. In addition to the two plates of cinnamon rolls he consumed he has now added not one, but two apple pies .

He snagged one plate of cinnamon rolls off of the back of the stove. The second pan he got off the toaster which we thought was too high for him. Then we decided we would be smart and put Daddy's birthday pie in the pantry. Nope. He broke the door handle and managed to eat his first pie. Off Wallene went the next day to make another pie for Daddy.

This pie went on a higher shelf in the pantry. Ha! The dog laughed at us. He ate that one too. I have no idea how because that shelf is as high as my head and I am 5'8.

We have decided that the pie we are making tonight is going to be a chocolate mousse pie, which we can put in the refrigerator.

With a lock on it. :D heehee


Gail said...

Can you hobble this sweet eating dog? He made be a wonderful prince under a witch's spell and can only turn into a prince to eat baked good.

Rudee said...

Are you sure that beastie dog doesn't have opposing thumbs? He is indeed Houdini. Reminds me of a dog I had who wouldn't eat bread. One day, my husband left his sandwich on the counter and when he came back and took a bite, it was all bread. The guts had been stolen and the dog was licking her chops.

RVVagabond said...

Are you sure it's Scoobie and not Pooldad? Heh.