Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dog? You are Seriously Messing Up My Christmas MoJo

Yep! It is this one. Spot the Dot. The Nazi. Dr. Demento.

Quickly becoming a big pain in the behind.

Here's why:

Every year the kids hang lil' 4" stockings on their bedroom door handles. Each night, for 24 nights, leading up to Christmas I place a small gift in them [lip gloss, bath products, hair rubbers, socks, etc.] to give them a bit of Christmas before the big day. Kind of a Secret Santa sort of thing.

The problem is that Spot sleeps in one of the girls' rooms each night. I never know where she ends up until I go to drop the trinkets in their stockings. The minute I walk to one of the doors and quietly go to stuff the stocking I hear a growl from behind the closed door. No matter how fast I do it the growl escalates to a bark and inevitably wakes up one of the kids.

Which results in yelling from inside of the room to shut the dog up and go back to sleep. I think she gets a smack or two to get her to hush. [I hate that the kids are woken up, but it is kind of funny to listen to. giggle...and the smack is administered on top of the ten pounds of duvet the dog is laying under.]

You would think if the dog has THIS kind of hearing she would also have the sense of smell to figure out that it is ME on the other side of the door. Right? And a little factoid about the dachshund breed? The have a greater sense of smell than most other breeds. They use it to hunt badgers.

Not ours.

On the one hand I am glad she is so protective.
On the other?
It is Momma.

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Jeannie said...

I've never heard of a dog growling and barking at someone on the other side of an internal door! Not to mention that she should know your "walk". My dog knows the sound of my car driving in!

SkippyMom said...

You would think Jeannie, but honestly? Our dogs can hear our van from up the street....and we live in a very residential neighborhood.

I have no idea why she does it, but she does - and heaven forbid I walk IN to cover the kids up or turn off a light...she growls louder. [She is covered by their duvets and can't see me]

life in the mom lane said...

We had dachshunds when I was growing up- they can be really snippy!

I swear our little one had a Napoleon complex- she went after a doberman- all 10-15 lbs. of her....we had another one who was a little bit bigger, maybe 25 lbs. and he was just a lovable little lug :)

What a nice Mommy you are- little gifts each day :)I hope your kids appreciate the fact that most moms do not do that!!!!!

Rudee said...

Dachshunds are exactly like that. Heidi always growled at me and Dagmar never said a peep.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Spot is protecting her territory ... Oscar and Emmy told me this. They are my dachshunds and sleep under the covers with us. Oscar will try to bite my husband if he so mach as touches him. Nothing to do with protecting me...just his territory. Emmy has a sweeter disposition and will allow us to move her. Gotta love these dogs to tolerate them!

lesthook said...

One of my dogs is neurotic too. We laugh at some of her odd little ways!

Amy said...

Okay ...cute story, but my mind started racing when I read about your stocking idea.

Why didn't you post this last week? Now I am going to have to wait until next year to do it.

Yum Yucky said...

oh my goodness! I'm sorry for laughing, but I'm picturing this in my head.

And can I borrow this awesome idea and do it for my kids! We don't have a dog, so ya know. It's cool. :P

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I love your idea of the stockings on the door. People have such cool traditions. Your kids are lucky!

And I think you know how I feel about wiener dogs.

Tricia said...

Great idea for the kiddos! Your dog is too cute!

RVVagabond said...

HELLLOOOO!!!! You put your dog in an argyle sweater and then wonder why she growls at you? *shakes head*

Word verification is deackses. As in Skippy is playing without a full deackses.

Yvo Sin said...

I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! We fill each other's stockings too (with 3 kids, it's always been fun glaring at "who gave me post-its???" hahahahahahahaha. I like the small stocking idea though. I want to do that for my kids :)

Keywee doesn't like when people wear certain clothes. She knows it's you but she will let you know she doesn't like what you're wearing. Grandpa (bf's dad) in his crazy-rain/wet gear (yellow boots with yellow pants and giant yellow slicker with hood over his head) ... she goes NUTS over. Most people with a hood over their head, nuts. She doesn't like stuff blocking your head/face really. lol