Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Here! It's Here

Look! Isn't it awesome? And they think we may get as much as 20 inches! Woohoo! These pics were taken by Wallene at 11 pm. It has been snowing about 2 hours and it is not supposed to stop until Sunday. This is so great. Heehee.
Looking up our street.
Seymour keeping watch on the front porch.
Our Christmas decorations. Yay! Snow!
Straight out the front door.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I know we are going to enjoy the heck out of this :)


Amy said...

Sit by the fire and drink a hot chocolate for me.

Rudee said...

Holy smokes! You got a lotta snow last night. My brother just sent photos from Charlottesville where they're snowed in and thrilled.

ellen abbott said...

Better there than here! hee hee. We've already had our snow so I'm not expecting it again for about 5 years.