Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Cause I Can...I am the Momma

I have all the power when it comes to posting bad pics. giggle.
Yep! It was awesome. There is a dog in there somewhere :)
She wouldn't take this coat off.
Just fun. I love this pic', minus the -cough, cough -champange and beer.
I couldn't resist. My geeky kids.
Take above caption: Insert here. LOL
[and look! still wearing the coat]
[and if you look really hard Wallene is in there somewhere!]
I love to post pics with my posts. I usually try to find the best pics to represent my family, but I took so many goofy ones on Christmas that I couldn't resist posting them here.
Our son, bless his heart, was so sick [a cold] but he managed to come over for an hour and the girls were thrilled. Today is his birthday - 19 years old. Wow. His sisters made him a cake, but he has to work today and so we will eat it instead and think of him. He did get a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday when he opened his presents tho'. That was nice. Besides all his gifts he walked out with more cash [from various grandparents and great aunts/uncles] than I have in my bank account. This kid is rolling in it today. Somehow he managed to forget the huge package of food his sister packed for him. sigh.
Happy Birthday My boy, my boy. I love you so very much.


RVVagabond said...

Christmas chaos--it looks like so much fun! Ours was the polar opposite, but it was what we needed after so many days of stress. Thanks for sharing yours! And a belated Happy Birthday to JR.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, how sweet. Everybody looks so happy..... and that is the best gift of all. Happy Birthday to your son!