Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles Can Kiss My....

....big toe. You know I want to rephrase that, but I won't.

They signed Michael Vick today as their back up quarterback.

The argument that he served his time for his dog fighting ring doesn't fly with me. He had millions of dollars and abused his largesse and his celebrity to abuse dogs. For sport.


Had he finished his free ride degree at VA Tech instead of opting out early to enter the NFL then he wouldn't have to "fallback" on the only thing he knows and return to football to make a living.

Instead, the greedy NFL and the Eagles have decided that ticket sales are more important then doing the right thing - which would have been to have sidelined Vick forever.

How many felons do you know that committed crimes in their own profession [think white collar] are allowed to go back to their previous professions? I realize dog fighting isn't in line to betting on baseball or insider trading, but c'mon - abuse of animals?

Give me a break. I just hope a Lawernce Taylor type takes that little jerk out in the first play of the very first game he is in - and doesn't feel bad. Vick deserves every bit of it. Keep in mind that I don't want Vick maimed/killed like his dogs, but I want his career ended in the same way LT ended Joe Theismans' career in 1986 during a Monday night football game.

On a side note - does anyone think the Philadelphia Eagles will shoot Vick dead if his career is ended the same way Vick and his cohorts did when their dogs lost? Don't think so.

Rant over. Forgive me, but every bit of this is wrong.


Rudee said...

Like Shrek said, "better out than in."

christopher said...

i was really surprised when they let him back in. i honestly thought they'd take the high road on this one and not let him back in. :(

SkippyMom said...

Chris - I know. Me too.

Rudee - do you mean better my rant is out or that better Vick is out of the NFL? [Love me some Shrek]

Yvo Sin said...

Forgive you? For what? For speaking your mind and, f* that, the truth? I don't watch football much and if the Eagles make the Super Bowl, I don't care if they play the Cowboys or the Patriots, I'll root for the other team. WTF. *I* want him maimed like his dogs. You're a better person than I. I saw a picture of one of his dogs and just... no. Absolutely sickening (I can't ever erase that image, I really can't, and this recent blur of news brings it to the front again). I just.. no. There's nothing else to say except f*cking disgusting.

Gizmo said...

I'll say it - my lily white A$$!!! I'm not surprised the NFL let him back in -- they don't do anything about their current players' arrests/convictions. I am surprised the Eagles took this on....A career ending play, is too good for him! I wouldn't be surprised if some of his friends - bankrollers/ring supporters weren't on this very team!!!

Gail said...

That mild post was quite enjoyable.

SkippyMom said...

If I had a contest for best blog comment of the year Gail would win.

Come to think of it...I will have the contest...Gail is my front runner now.

Yvo, Chris, Marni, Linda, Waiter et have big shoes to fill because Gail's comment about made me pee my pants.

Good luck :) Love you all!1!!!!

SkippyMom said...

Oh and Giz? My lily white ass is a very close second.

Love you too!