Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shhhhh....Don't Tell

I just reserved a camping site in Fredericksburg, VA to take Wallene camping on Saturday night. Yvo she was THRILLED that you asked about the guest blog [the squeal? 5.6 on the Richter scale, 'kay?], but I am suffering cabin fever and need to get the heck out of here - so would you consider "Wallene Does Camp Cooking" instead of the dinner she was going to cook for Pooldad and me? :)

I can't wait to surprise her in the morning - it is a great campground with a nice pool, game room and AWESOME fishin' hole [our favorite thing to do together]. So it will be Wallene and me in the "wilds" of a KOA this weekend.

Can't wait. She is a great kid and very deserving of a little Mommy time.

PS- before anyone accuses me of doing this because the child has stuffed me full of sweets - you are wrong - she has been SO bored - as we only have one car, Dad is at work, Sis is at band practice etc. - that she has been baking her lil' heart out. So I figured a weekend fishing, swimming and playing cards [she is a darn SHARK at - I am taking bets on who wins the 500 Rummy tournament this weekend and don't bet on Skippy, kay?] we would have a great time. So not a payoff for the baking so much as I just want to be away from here and enjoy my baby.

PSS - for those wondering why the Eldest and Pooldad aren't going? They would prefer to sleep through the weekend. They have no desire to be awake before 1 pm. We don't want 'em. The fish bite early, y'know?


Gail said...

Have a wonderful adventure and make lots of memories.

Rudee said...

Good for you! It should be wonderful.