Friday, August 14, 2009

Date Night! YAY!

It is Date Night tadpoles! Has been cancelled.

The following is what I wrote in anticipation of tonight:

Woohoo! Tonight we will be going to Cheeburger, Cheeburger for dinner. I discovered this oasis of deliciousness at my blog roll buddy Grubgrade and boy I am one happy Skippy. You can read the details of what they serve here, and let me say - WOW! They have every topping imaginable for their burgers, their fries and rings are cut fresh everyday and their list of shakes and malts is huge! I actually had never heard of this franchise, but after reading Grub's post I checked and was shocked to see one 3 miles from our home. Excitement!

To give you an idea of their menu I already know what I am ordering: A 5.5 oz burger [they go all the way to a 1 pounder which is after cooking!] with onion, grey poupon and sauteed mushrooms. I will share a side of fries and rings with Pooldad and top the meal off with a Heath bar shake. I am drooling now. C'mon 5 pm! [PS - Yvo I am taking my camera and going to play you tonight, hee!]

After dinner we are going to see the movie "Julie & Julia". Although I hate paying $11 per to see a movie in the theatre Pooldad knew I wouldn't want to wait until DVD release so he planned tonight. I just wish we were still on Hatteras Island where we saw "Harry Potter" for $6.25 each. Here? Even the matinee is only .50 cents off!! So it really isn't a savings to go in the middle of the afternoon.

When the movie ends we are heading over to our favorite sports bar - Glory Days - to have a night cap. I know we will be full by then but I might have to "eat for taste" and have some of their delicious crab dip or their yummy nachos along with my bourbon and coke. Come to think of it their sliders are darn good too....hmmmmm....I think I will need to wear my leggings tonight in lieu of blue jeans. Stretchy, y'know?

Sounds like fun, eh? I just want to thank our live in babysitter in advance - Thank you Eldest!! - I can't wait!
PS - Although cancelled I left it up because it is a fun idea if nothing else.


Gail said...

Not cancelled...only postponed.

Yvo Sin said...

Sorry it was postponed!