Monday, August 17, 2009

.....and Skippy is Off...... the hospital. Seems my blood counts are low and it is time for an oil change - lol - well actually a blood transfusion - let's see if this time I can beat my old record of 5 1/2 pints. I felt like a billion dollars for a month when they did that - it was awesome. So I will popping into read, but not be posting/commenting.

[Funny side story: My father asked me on the advent of my first blood transfusion in 1997 if they drained blood and then refilled it with new blood. My father was highly educated, but um...obviously was not in the medical field. I just smiled and said no - they just put it in on top of the bad stuff. hee]

See y'all in a few.

Few quick shout outs:

Gizmo - Hope Cracker Barrel is awesome and I cannot wait to see what you quilt with the new frame [still so jealous ;)]
Gail - Hang in there and keep on painting - your pics are so great. And yeah - I am jealous of you too. heehee...I [will] HAVE NO BEER! giggggggle
Rudee - I can't remember what day the fair is but bestest luck. You will win - we all know it! I can't wait to see the ribbon.
Linda and Denny - Have a great trip. Enjoy Myrtle Beach, so great!
Chris - I will be back before the baby - but my best to Jo' and take good care of them.

For Yvo, Waiter. Marni and the rest of y'all keep on blogging and enjoy your week. I will miss you guys!


RVVagabond said...

That doesn't sound like a ton of fun, but if it makes you feel better then I hope it all goes well and you get lots of healthy, young blood.

Myrtle Beach is still two months away, but we'll enjoy our travels in the meantime. Gots to see friends and family before lazing on the beach, drink in hand. Mmmmmm.....

Marni said...

Sending good vibes your way. Hope it all goes well!!!

Anonymous said...

Take care and see you back on the blog when you get back.

Gail said...

You will be on my mind...hurry back.