Thursday, August 6, 2009

Found It! And Flip Flop Withdrawl

Flip Flop Withdrawl - I am suffering it!
But here is my cure! LOOK! LOOK! What I found!
I have to thank y'all for the great comments on the Bob post. Yeah, he was creepy and I do feel better now regarding my actions, but I have to say in no way did Bob ruin one minute of our vacation. It was a little stressful because he just wouldn't stop, but since we knew he was leaving and we were all hanging around together anyway it didn't really change a thing. I guess having teenagers this sort of thing comes with the territory, although I do have to say it was a first for us. Patricia did mention, in comments, that we have to be careful of strangers at campgrounds and I want to dissaude anyone of that notion. People that camp and RV are some of the nicest, friendliest and most helpful of any people our family have ever met. People at campgrounds are different then people on vacation at hotels or resorts - it is just a different attitude I guess. We are always careful, but in a pinch? I would rather camp then be in a hotel if I needed help.
I will give you an example of what else happened while on vacation. Our neighbors at the campground have a little girl [2 y.o.] and on their first day at the beach they did the responsible thing and after lathering her up in sunscreen they took her to the beach really early in the morning, before the sun was too hot [knowing a baby can't handle full sun-great parents!]. Unfortunately they didn't know lil' Miss Rose had an ear infection and she passed out on the beach. They came running back to their RV and we offered ice and whatever assistance they needed. Turns out it was necessary to call an ambulance. Only lil' Miss Rose's mother could accompany her in the ambulance so we gave our car to her father so he could drive the 40 miles to the hospital to be with his family.
[side note: My mother in law wigged out and wondered why we would entrust our car with a complete stranger - well, that is the nature of camping I suppose, but what else could we do?]
I write this story to point out we weren't the only ones that offered transportation to the hospital. One family waited to leave on their day trip with their 4 kids before they knew that Rose's Dad had transportation. A gentleman that hadn't even spoken to the family before this point came over and offered. So strangers aren't to be distrusted at first site, especially while camping - Bob the stalker could've happened in my own hometown.
PS - we got our van back with a full tank of gas AND dinner [which we declined] So yeah - Rose's parents rock and lil' Miss Rose is just fine and cute as a button.
Okay, where was I? Oh flip flop withdrawl. Simply put? I want to go back to the beach, now. Right now. :) [And I hate flip flops, but they were the footwear of choice - can you tell by the tan lines?]
Which leads me to that spectacular looking pop up trailer I found online that we can afford. WEEHAAA! Althought we have tent camped for years we have discovered that we may want to step up just a bit if we want our doggies to accompany us on our vacations. We missed them. And the winds? Wow - the winds were serious at the beach - we ended up with two snapped poles and several ripped ties due to the strength of the wind. [To be fair they did say it usually isn't that windy or that strong - 30mph+ - ] but we visited a lot of our neighbors and decided a pop up would serve us just fine for the next 5 or so years.
I have been researching furiously since we returned home and found this one for sale locally. It has everything we need and I hope it fits in our garage because I want to go buy it now :)!
And if we do? We are going back to the beach ASAP. We had such a great time.


Amy said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. And as for the Bob thing...very creapy. It actually made my heart skip a beat because I thought about Clara being a teenager!

Love the flip-flop line - I am sporting one of those now, not because we live at the beach, but because we live in an oven. Flips are the only way to go here 6 months out of the year.

The trailer looks great. I am trying to convince Steve we need one of those right now.

Glad your back. I tried to comment on a couple of posts from the beach, but figured you had comments turned off or my computer was being strange.

Gail said...

Did you have time to read any good books?

Rudee said...

You make camping sound almost enticing. I've never enjoyed myself, hate being out with the elements in the rain, etc. Maybe someday. Nah. I'll live it through your retelling!

I always wear flip flops.

Marni said...

Carl wants one of those pop-ups but it isn't in the budget... maybe when we get one we'll head to vir-ginny...

And flip-flops only come off my feet when it gets cool or I'm at work. I live in the darn things.

(My verification word is toens, too! giggle)

Yvo Sin said...

Heh, this past camping trip, BF and I were looking around at all the pop-up trailers nearby- because we brought the dog with us, we were 'stuck' getting a site on the trailer/rv side of the park. We briefly mentioned getting one eventually for future camping trips - I forget what the logic was, but it was fun talking about it. (We had a reason, I just don't remember it right now... because our tent now is sweeeeet)

Speaking of campers helping each other, I think our first day there, we noticed a guy at another campsite having car trouble. We (my friends and I) couldn't figure out just by looking at him what was wrong because he was moving the car and whatnot but then pulled back in... so finally BF came back from wherever, noticed they were having trouble, and went over to help them. Bear in mind, we didn't talk to any other people at the campsites (except me, when I walked the baby, little kids would come running up and ask if they could pet her), so we didn't know them from Tom Dick or Harry. After determining the cause of the problem, BF offered to take him to a nearby gas station to pick up transmission fluid or something... took him 40 minutes back and forth, but y'know, neighborly thing to do and all that. (And that's part of why I love him, I wasn't brought up to always be so forthcoming - not like I'd turn my back on someone who needs help, but I might not necessarily go and offer my help, if that makes sense) They wound up getting the car towed anyway though. I think an animal chewed through a line or something. But yeah, usually people who go to campgrounds to camp are friendly and nice and stuff because it just attracts a certain type of people

Question: what's the price range for a pop up trailer? Just out of curiosity if you don't mind...