Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guess Who is Being a Big Baby?

If you guessed Pooldad you win a prize.

Seems the poor soul thinks Wallene and I are going to perish [or something] while camping [gasp!] alone this weekend.

The questions I have been asked in the past 3 hours:

  • Are you going if it rains? [YES]
  • Oh, it is thunderstorming. Are you driving tomorrow if it is storming? [YES]
  • Phones. PHONES! What about a phone? What?...oh, yeah you can take mine. Okay.
  • Are there locks on the cabin doors? [YES]
  • Sure you don't want to take Scooby? Well, y'know...he is pretty big. [NO]
  • [Looking sadder by the minute] What do you mean you are leaving a day early and at 11 am? What? ['Cause I reserved an extra night. Love you honey, but gotta' go.]
  • Don't forget your inhaler, okay? [Um, duh?]
  • What do you mean y'all are going to Carl's Ice Cream without us? ['Cause we can and we will be there. hee!] Ask me about Carl's sometime. VA institution, worth it's reputation.
  • When I asked him for the quickest way to 95 south from his work [since I am dropping him off] he tried to map me onto BACK ROADS so as to avoid as much highway driving as possible. I rolled my eyes and said "No. Quickest way to 95. Not the Daddy route, okay?" He acts like I don't drive. I am the one that keeps our insurance rates low.
  • Do you need any tools? [NO]
  • I really don't think you will go without me. [I just waved at him, oh, so gently to indicate "Wanna bet?" hee.]
  • Why are you giggling? ['Cause you are funny?] What are you typing? [About you] Is this a blog about me? [You betcha']

Can't wait 'till he gets to work tomorrow and reads this. Hi baby! I love you! [Waving again!]

It is incredibly endearing. This will be the first trip I have taken since I was diagnosed - anyone remember the extreme roadtrips I used to take to my Mom's in SC? Yeah, so he knows I can do this, but good christ he is driving me nutsy. LOL. And I can guarantee this is really going to pick up in the morning. The man seems to forget that I raised two babies by myself before he came along and have spent many, many a long day, night alone while he worked. With Wallene [who is the most capable and protective kid I have ever met] we will be just fine.

Stand by for updates on the Big Baby. I can assure you they will be forthcoming. ;)


Rudee said...

And she can cook! You picked the perfect companion. So where are you camping?

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Have fun! And give poor Pooldad a break and don't do anything dangerous!