Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guest Post!

[Tired, worn out and sore arm - Pooldad has graciously agreed to guest post for me. Enjoy!]

So Skippy had a nice rant last week about Michael Vick. (Which I agree with, by the way.) Today's guest sports rant is about Brett Favre.

Does he really need the money? This is ridiculous. Here's the way I see it. I appreciate players that stay two or three years with (pick a team) and move onto greener pastures via free agency. That's the system. I get it. However, Favre spent 16 years with Green Bay. They are a small municipality that loves their Packers. Their fiercest rivals are the Bears and Vikings. So morals aside, he goes to the enemy. There really needs to be a line drawn in the sand. Favre had personal issues in Green Bay over the years but the organization and city stood behind him. This his how he repays them?

Favre is a first ballot Hall of Famer and though you are allowed to be presented into the Hall by any team you played for how could he not go in as Packer? But I digress.

Suppose the Vikings have a great year and make the playoffs. Suppose they beat Green Bay both times they play during the regular season. (Division opponents play each other home and away each year.) Suppose Favre really does retire as a Viking after this year. He would be eligible for the hall in 2015, along with Social Security and Medicare. (lol)

There would be Viking and Packer supporters in Canton to hear his acceptance speech. Did I mention these folks plain don't like each other? I seriously doubt Canton, Ohio is equipped for a riot. I'm not kidding here. It's supposed to be a game but "Fan" is short for Fanatic.

I'm really old school. I think you should retire with the team that supported you and made you a rich man. This is an integrity issue. I really think Favre showed a lack of class to Packer Nation.

Oh...what the heck. I have Skippy and the girls. I guess I'll move on. I feel better though. Maybe I should create a blog so I can cleanse my soul.

Best to you all--PoolDad


Gail said...

You do know this woman loves you, don't you? Maybe more than chocolate. I don't have any beer!

christopher said...

I agree Pooldad, I agree.

For me it happened when Patrick Roy left the Montreal Canadiens and went to the Colorado Avalanche. Not as big of a deal, but equally disheartening. Then again, nobody really cares about the NHL down there. ;)

Dana said...

Speaking as a Wisconsin resident, and previous Brett Favre fan, I agree with what you said. He has really become a joke to most of us here. A bit embarrassing to have supported and cheered for him for so many years and to watch him, now, fumble around from team to team is just pathetic. As for him ending up with the Queens - I say it's sloppy seconds. Have him.