Friday, June 19, 2009

What a Difference

You can all thank me later for how boring this post is, 'kay? :)

You know the problems I have with Washington Gas, right? Ridiculous - but I was amazed what a few changes in appliances have made in one month.

For April our gas bill was $265.xx. For May? It was $35.xx.

Thirty-five freaking dollars. Oh happy, happy day.

Now, obviously we used gas to heat our home in April [it was still really cold here]. And that won't change when winter comes back around. The heater is brand new and we are keeping it.

Still - in May? We replaced our gas dryer with an electric one. Happy, happy! I would much rather give my money to the grateful folks at Dominion power. We [obviously] turned off the heat and we turned off the pilot light to the gas fireplace [this will NOT be turned on again. This thing must suck gas].

Additionally - we have always washed all our clothing in cold/cold water except for whites that is hot/cold. It saves money and your clothes last longer. Believe me. It's true!

Also - Pooldad and I have curtailed our showers - a lot. We don't bath less often we just take shorter showers. I usually like really hot showers and will run out the hot water heater, but since it has become warmer I don't need that so much. Now, if we can get the Eldest on board we might be able to lower it a tad more. Oh, bonus? The kids are going to be at the pool most days this summer and they shower there - saves us more money.

I just could not believe a $230.00 difference in one month. Wow! :) Yay us!

Sadly the stupid gas company is still pestering us for an additional $465.00 in deposit. If we actually paid that they would have $1,000.00 on deposit for us. I don't think so - they have $535.00 as it is and that is all they are going to see from me!


christopher said...

That's crazy! And awesome!
Jo and I made some changes like that which really cut down on our gas bill. We went from just over 300 down to 100 from April to May and it should go down even more for June. I love saving money on utilities.
Cold/cold for wash makes a huge difference, as does hang drying clothes, but that's not for everyone.
Congrats on the savings!

Rudee said...

Well that's just amazing. At least it leaves a lot more money for you to burn whatever way you'd like.

SkippyMom said...

Like our new car payment Rudee? lol!

I wish I could "burn" it...[that's funny :)]