Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Son is Graduating on Friday

Too bad we won't be attending.

Seems Bee has other plans. Y'all know Bee as my husband's co-worker and that they split shift. One works 7 am to 3 pm and the other works 11 am to god only knows [usually a 10 hour day in the Spring.] They are supposed to alternate days and at the end of the month you should have 10 early shifts and 10 late shifts, right?

Bee makes the schedule. I have begged, borrowed and pleaded with Pooldad to PLEASE step up to the plate and ask to make the schedule every other month. He won't do it. He allows her to.

This month he works 3 late shifts every week and she works 2 late shifts. Which means she has 3 early days each week. 12 late shifts for him and and 8 for her. Not exactly equitable.

Here is the point. When I discovered Jr.'s graduation date I called her immediately and asked to switch his late shift for her early shift - so he we would be off at 3 pm, instead of 8, 9 or 10 pm.

When I explained that it was our son's graduation and it was at 7 pm in another county and we couldn't make it if he was late shift. She retorted "But Pooldad doesn't have a son." Um?

I replied that YES, in fact, WE do have a son and perhaps Pooldad doesn't chat about him at work. I also added that Pooldad had helped me raise him from before he was two years old until he was almost 14. She intimated that she didn't believe me and then said "Why should I believe you, he NEVER talks about him."

I don't know lady...because I birthed him? He is in our wedding pics as best man. I have a gazillion pics of him all over the house? Why does she care whether or not Pooldad talks about our son? Hmm?

Then she starts to hem, haw...and say "Well, I don't know...it MIGHT be possible."

I was so frustrated at that point I said "Well Pooldad never calls in sick or texts in sick and besides you only have two late days EVERY week this month, could you possibly work three late just this ONE week so we can see Jr. graduate?"

She freaked out and snapped at me "Pooldad doesn't call in SICK? Are YOU KIDDING?"

Huh? WHAT? Raising my voice I began a retort of "YOU must be kidding because...." and then I just caved.

I hung up.

For the record? Pooldad was ON CALL this past weekend. She never is because she couldn't fix/clean/help a pool for a wish or a prayer.

But I warn you now....DO NOT call me out about having a child - I am NOT making it up and NEVER, EVER question my husband's work ethic when your's sucks lemons lady. Just quit already and go back to bartending like you keep saying. GO AWAY.

And STOP LYING. My husband trusts me, with good reason and you will lose.


Marni said...

Oh. Mah. Gah.

She is a beeotch is she not? Words cannot express how pissed I am at the moment.

christopher said...

seriously... some people...
i'm just at a loss...


Yvo said...

I know this is a family blog and feel free to delete this, but what.the.FUCK? Missing graduation is not acceptable. Pooldad, I am talking directly to you - if you don't talk to Bee about this, FINE. But you better call in sick on Friday and escort SkippyMom to this graduation or I may come down there to yell at you. (I hear you're a lot bigger than me, and I'm not entirely inclined towards physical violence, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! No. Not acceptable.)

Sorry Skippy, I am putting my foot down. You should be there and everyone and their momma knows it, and that's that.

Congaratulations to SP!!!

Amy said...

You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!?!?! That is so WRONG!! I hope he plans on calling in sick on that day.

Christine said...

Whhaaaa? This person engaged you on whether or not you are making up a living being to get her to switch a shift?

The stupidity burns my brain.

Gail said...

Maybe Pooldad will step up to the plate.

Rudee said...

Sounds like Pooldad needs to speak up. You can have my Glinda quote if you want: "You have no power here! Now begone, before somebody drops a house on you! "

Practice saying it. We swears precious, it helps.