Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Magically Mystical...Watch Skippy Pull a Car Out of Her...


Here we go again. What is it about my husband and vehicles? He is the most neglectful car maitenance/upkeep owner I have ever met. 14 years and he has managed to run 3 cars to their death and have one actually catch on fire - and burn to it's demise.


Now his lovely SUV has gone all explodey on us. And being a one car family this is not a good thing. And when I asked him to tell work he would not be in to work tomorrow, because, know...this is A FREAKING EMERGENCY - he said he would work it out and he is going to work anyway.

Nuh uh. If I have to find a new car you best be on hand to help me out.

And this car you are not going to trash, neglect, ruin, run into the ground or basically just ABUSE. And? There will be NO fires. Been there, done that - don't want to do that again.

Okay..see y'all in a few days. I am off to find a new car. Sigh.


christopher said...

i like new cars. but i hate buying them. and i hate dealing with the salesmen. test driving cars is fun though. i bought a brand new 08 mazda3 a year and a half ago, and i hated dealing with all of the stupid salesmen, they are so sleazy, even the good ones. good luck with everything.

Rudee said...

Huh. Must be in the wind. On our way to the Humane Society today, we discussed buying new cars. Mine is due to be turned in come February, but we're hoping to get one of those new fancy Ford Fusions that get a bazillion miles to the gallon. I'll be able to drive to Virginia on one tank of gas. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm bad with the maintenance stuff too, but I do manage to get an oil change a few times a year. The rest of it, not so good.

Yvo said...

I think Pooldad & BF are long lost brothers or something.