Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Wallene, You've Done it Again

[Holding a birthday gift of a hand drawn pic of her fav' shark!]

I have no idea how this child pulls off what she does.
She is certainly special. That is for sure.
A few nights ago Wallene did something she wasn't supposed to [okay, she lied] and she was summarily punished. We don't take lying lightly in this household and she was immediately put to bed, 2 hours early, with a promise of more discussion about further restriction the next day.
Unfortunately for Wallene she had a huge project due the following day for history class. Although all the leg work for this project was done she still had to cut out all the information, pictures, etc. and glue it prettily on a huge board. She wailed all the way to bed about it and I finally said "You will get up at 5 am and you can do it in the morning before school. You shouldn't have lied and if 2 hours in the morning isn't enough, well, you will suffer the consequences of you actions." Big meanie, aren't I?
Wallene is pretty perky in the morning at a normal 7 am wakeup, but doesn't do 5 am all too well. I was fearing the worst.
I met her in the kitchen at 5:01. She managed to complete it, have breakfast and be on the bus on time. I didn't say so, but rushed is rushed and this wasn't exactly her best work.
For example: When asked to name three facts about Harper's Ferry, WV she actually wrote: "#2 It has great ice cream." oh no, no, no, no. [cringe worthy isn't it?] She has had the ice cream in Harper's Ferry as we have visited, but really? Couldn't think of something else?
Imagine my surprise when she arrived home with the grade sheet and discovered she had received a 99% on this [last minute/throw together] project! With a hand written note by the teacher - Just Wonderful! Thanks for all your hard work!
When I say Wallene is special - I guess I should say blessed or touched or something - she pulls stuff like this all the time. When are one of my "lessons" actually going to teach her? ah well.
Funny part is - I teased her about the 1%. I said "See, told you the teacher was going to take off for the ice cream comment." And she replied "Oh no Mom, Miss Fibbergibbons agreed. She just LOVES the ice cream at Harper's Ferry."
Wallene - 1 Mom - Fail


Yvo said...

Hahahahahahahahahhaha when will Skippy learn you don't mess with the Wallenes of the world *high five*

PS I used to routinely walk into walls and other immovable objects. Once, in the 10th grade, I had super long hair and was trying to look cool because the guy I liked was walking past me, so I tilted my head down and then flipped my hair back with my right hand. Only, see, I'd been walking along this wall that curved... and didn't see the wall sticking out in front of me... and slam. I knocked myself out. That was awesome. Of course he was used to it - this was the same guy that I once tripped over because I didn't see him sitting on the floor, and the very same guy that, I was sitting on the floor, tried to stand up when I saw him coming, but got my foot tangled in my bookbag strap because I was COOL and had them super long, and fell flat on my back as I tried to stand up. AT HIS FEET. I'm FALLING for you indeed!

Did I mention I spoke maybe 10 words to him? Okay, 50, over the course of being in the same high school for 4 years...

Yvo said...

PPS That photo of Wallene is to DIE for. I HAVE to show you a pic... it's somewhere... I'll find it.

Amy said...

OH my gosh - that is funny. You win some, you lose some (so I've heard - I'm still waiting to win some).

Marni said...

Grrr... hate it when they get away with that crap.

J-man was asked a question about the difference between two types of minerals... his answer? They are different colors.

Could have KILLED him.

Gail said...

How can we make a point, when things like this happen!

Linda and Denny said...

You actually tried to argue with a child thinking you'd win? Skippy, Skippy, Skippy.