Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been searching on line for a restaurant to go to on our vacation. We want to go to dinner our last night there and we would like it to be an extra special occasion. I have had a lot of fun doing this - researching different foods, reading reviews, perusing menus.

But one thing perplexed me. Seriously.

Keep in mind we will be in Hatteras, NC at that height of tourist season. Hatteras and the Outer Banks depend on tourists to keep the economy going, right?

What I found so odd were several of the reviews. Once you read through how the food and service were I was surprised at just how many people took exception with the prices.

For example: "A bit pricey" [mild comment - not too bad], "Too high a cost for too little food" [I read a lot of reviewers that complained about portions - hey! not a buffet, 'kay?] and my favorite "Two crab cakes cost us $35 when a lb. of lump crab meat retails for $25 and makes FOUR crab cakes. We felt ripped off." [Okay lady, stay home and make your own.]

I mean, really WTF? I didn't notice a great disparity between restaurants when it came to pricing - they all seemed comprable in terms of cost for similar meals and I expect to pay top dollar for a nice sit down dinner in VACATIONLAND. Just like I know my bread, milk and eggs are going to cost more because I am in TOURISTTOWN. And it wasn't just a handful of reviews that complained - it was a large portion of them.

I just don't get how people can bitch about something that is so freaking obvious. Or for that matter state how one dinner out ruined their vacation [I read that complaint a few too many times]. Really? High prices or bad service on one night ruined your week? Wow.

I am going to be happy if my legs hold out to walk on the beach at sunset with Pooldad. Once.

PS - THANKS for the book ideas - I have a great list going on. I will let y'all know.


Yvo said...

Some people complain about everything. Don't let the grumps get to you :)

lesthook said...

I am posting a link to Our State magazine. The may issue features the Outer Banks.Don't know how much help it will be but I make sure to check it when I am going to the beach.


Greenmare said...

man I'd go for those crab cakes if they are fresh like that! um! I think people just like to complain more now. No clue why, maybe they don't have enough hobbies? ;-)
you have a BLAST!!!!! and pick up some shells while you walk on the beach.